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Guide Boomer in his quest to collect coins, travel the world, and defeat mischievous Ballums! Use your mouse to change the world around you into mysterious Phantom Blocks with myriad uses: some blocks let you travel through walls, others let you bounce high, and some even stick to the walls! It's in your power to change the world; see where it takes you!

  • Help Boomer through over 30 challenging, puzzling levels!
  • Collect coins to unlock new worlds!
  • Steam Leaderboard support - race to the finish!
  • Use the Level Editor to make new worlds!

Visit the website at www.phantomblock.com!

Latest Blog

Phantom Block - 11/12/2017

Hello, everyone!

Phantom Block's new build (11/12/2017) is now available for download. It adds a few new levels. Given it's been almost a year and a half since my last update, it's nothing spectacular - but my career has been keeping me busy for the most part. I hope you enjoy it - keep changing the world!



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I finally changed my avatar, but that doesn't mean I have a meaningful user title.

What happened to your other game page for this game?
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