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Guide Boomer in his quest to collect coins, travel the world, and defeat mischievous Ballums! Use your mouse to change the world around you into mysterious Phantom Blocks with myriad uses: some blocks let you travel through walls, others let you bounce high, and some even stick to the walls! It's in your power to change the world; see where it takes you!



  • Help Boomer through over 30 challenging, puzzling levels!
  • Collect coins to unlock new worlds!
  • Master the power of the eight Phantom blocks!

Visit the website at www.phantomblock.com!

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Thank you to RMN for featuring Phantom Block!

If you enjoy the game, don't forget to post a comment and visit us at our Discord channel.

Have fun!


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I had to stop bragging about winning the 2019 RMN Stanley Cup Playoff Pool.

What happened to your other game page for this game?
The last level, just, no.

Some of the levels require you to have wicked fast timing, it's too hard. However, I did get thru all the levels except the last level. Unfortunately, I am not gonna gravity juggle some goomba across that far. Just, no.
I loved this game. So good.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
This has Eversion written all over it.

In a good way. :3
Your game looks amassing but it doesn't start and gives the following error message:

Phantom Block.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

I think it's a 64-bits executable. Could you make a 32-bits version available?
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Why does this have so few comments and downloads? This game is brilliant, and I say that as someone who usually hates puzzles in games.

I really enjoyed playing through this and recording a bit of it. I have nothing but praise for this game (even though it may sound like I'm frustrated later in the video, that's just because of my disdain for puzzles and not the quality of the game).

Everyone needs to play this. It is very good.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
About time this lovely game has been featured on RMN!
I have started my journey to get my first 4/5 before dreaming any bigger than that. Gradual and steady does it... hopefully.
I love this! It's super adorable and charming. The controls are fluid, the graphics are cute, the music is good, the level design contains a mix of puzzles and obstacle courses, I love everything about it!
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