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December Progress Report - Tintreach

December 2015: Kentona wanted a game to feature.

This is the second of three blogs I plan on writing for the development process of Aubade, I think I'll save characters, all the world lore and stuff for next time so I guess I should just share my thoughts surrounding this project and moving forward. Aubade is the first part of a duology of games I'm planning on making with the follow up being called Serenade, Aubade being the 'morning' part will be a love song to the games that I played as a child; mainly Final Fantasy 9, Golden Sun and Phantasy Star IV, that have influenced how I develop and approach game design with Serenade being the same to games that I played later in life.

To be whipped by the winds of the west

On to development news; it's looking like getting a demo out will take a little bit longer than anticipated which is only due to the fact that I've been working more hours than I thought I would but I'll be able to dedicate a little more time to development after the holiday madness dies down. I've settled on what I want to include in the demo and where I can cut it off without it being to abrupt, which sadly doesn't include my favourite area of the game, and I've made strides on fleshing out the game in areas where it was lacking a little before, mainly battles and how the classes will interact. Speaking of which, one of the bigger changes I've made is switching over to side view with an ATB system pretty much because I think it feels right. I've figured out on how to get VX Ace to use a 16 x 16 iconset so now the icons won't overlap the selectable area and fit in a little better with the line height and spacing.

And spiral through another day

So this happened. Thanks to Kentona for the main page feature, even if I'm still not entirely sure how it happened, and to everybody for their kind words and support so far. It still amazes me the reaction this has had. Until next time.


November Progress Report - Rival de Paestum

November 2015: Libby bitched about not having blogs for BoB #12.

What a mess, does nobody clean around here?

Never know how to start these things, I think I should start off by saying thanks for the initial reaction and kind words. I don't think either of my two previous projects made Buzzing Games so it's a bit of a shock to see this topping the list, especially considering that Aubade only really exists as a way for me to actually release something on Ace and recycle ideas/little snippets I've had for RM projects over the course of the past few years before moving onto MV rather than letting them go to waste. Initially it was a little hodge podge and a bit over the place but I'd like to think I've boiled it down into something cohesive.

Hey little spirit, can you stand still for a second?

Guess there's nothing else but to actually share information about my game. The story picks up about a fortnight since the Sun last rose, crops are beginning to fail, people are beginning to panic and most worryingly of all the Heliacal Knights, an order dedicated to protecting the sun and those under it's light, have went missing bar one. You play as Rosalba, the last remaining Heliacal Knight, as she seeks to discover what happened to her order and whether the sun can be raised once again. Joining in on her quest is Taren, Demon Hunter extraordinaire, and some guy called Pots.

Rosalba, Taren & Pots

So, yeah. I plan on keeping this short and sweet and hope to have some form of this released in time for the new year, whether that's a demo or the full version remains to be seen but you'll get to try something at least. Bye~

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