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The Kingdom is considered the best place in the world. It is ruled by any king who Emerges. The Outside is the rest of the world, which the Kingdom rarely associates with.

Play as the Kingdom's best fighters as they venture to the Outside on a quest of vengeance. Battles involve traditional, turn-based combat; fight with 5 characters at once, and utilize many powerful skills against difficult enemies that employ strategies of their own.

-Many varied locations.
-A silly, yet serious-at-the-same-time story.
-Custom assets, including graphics and music/sound effects.
-Quests, both story and side.
-It takes around 8 hours for a regular run. Probably 16 to complete everything.

itch.io page: Revolting Kingdom

Latest Blog

Game Released!

Finally, this game is done. Years of experimental shenanigans and improvements have led up to this.


Please let me know if you run into any problems (hopefully there are none), and feel free to give me some feedback about what works, what sucks... too hard, too easy, too serious, too cheesy, etc. I've gotta say, it's been a fun and wild ride making this game, and it was the perfect opportunity for me to improve my graphic design and music making skills.

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  • 11/21/2015 01:17 AM
  • 02/19/2019 03:47 PM
  • 02/03/2019
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A small comprehension so far:
Apart from some wrong descriptions with the crafting, it is ridiculous to farm "Rare Flowers". The chance to get them is very low, the best chance is getting them at the "Bumping Tree". I haven't noticed drop chance so you only get this as a reward for winning a fight. And you need "Rare Flowers" for nearly any crafting.

You have so many drops, but mostly you need those "Rare Flowers" and "Spirit Chunks". The chunks can at least be bought and have a reasonable chance to "drop" after fights in the dungeon.

Your reserve character should get a part of the EXP, not only when you finish a sidequest. And I have no clue what the rewards for these are (or if I really get them). Example: party level > 20; reserve = 11.

From the chests in the Forest/Graveyard I only have got one equipement yet (I was farming crafting materials).

I really get nuts when my party gets stunned etc but the same negative status effects don't hinder the enemies from attacking or hitting.

As I can't craft the last necessary item for one sidequest, I finally venturered to the "Outside", but can't find the hidden switch for the 3rd door. I searched the map step for step.

I won't commend your story.
Thanks for giving the game a try. Sorry about the issues.

I wonder if there are many others who are having the same progression issues. I'll definitely make some changes for better convenience, if that's the case.
Perhaps tell me where to find the switch for the 3rd door. That is where I am stuck now.
Perhaps tell me where to find the switch for the 3rd door. That is where I am stuck now.

As you enter the area, walk 3 spaces down, go 4 spaces right, and press space.
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