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Abstract: "Save your Mother" is the final version of a highly successful RPG Maker game; originally created within one month for the "Quest for Fun" contest. The original version won the first place and was downloaded by 39288 people before the download was removed at the end of the contest. This new version improves on every single aspect of the game, including a rework of many key components in preparation for the game's commercial debut, but still staying true to the charming spirit of the original game. Nearly three years of work and love has went to making the game as lovable as humanly possible!
Genre: Fantasy
Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace



Alice Andersson, a world-renowned scholar, faces a dilemma of grand proportions when her mother falls gravely ill. No traditional cures have been able to save her; not even the most unconventional methods have worked! Join her as she discovers the legend about the Elohim Cube, a mystical artifact that might be their only hope. Long lost to the sands of time, the Cube is said to possess incredible healing powers. Over the ages, many have attempted to retrieve the cube, but to no avail. All were foiled by the long and arduous path that leads to the cube, and in turn, salvation. Will you be able to unravel the mysteries of the Elohim Cube?

The game takes place in the same Megaverse as all my other projects, as such there is a rich and robust world to build with the mythos of over 15 years of game making. The timeline for the game takes place about 500 years in the New World after the Old World was destroyed by the War of Gods, if anyone is interested or well versed in my mythos.


There are quite several colorful characters in the game, here are just few important ones.


Alice is the main character of the game, as well as the avatar the player controls throughout the game. She is a renowed scholar nicknamed "Silver Scholar" due to the coloring of her hair. She uses her knowledge and skills to find out about the legend of Elohim Cube as well as making use of it in solving the various tasks that wait inside.


Jenna is the rival you meet early into the game. She wants to obtain the cube as well for her own sake, though she wishes to sell the cube and earn a fortune from it. Jenna is unlike Alice, very streetsmarts girl and doesn't shy away from using dirty tactics. She and Alice are against each other but for no personal reason but rather them both having a common goal.



Elisa is the mother of Alice who has grown ill. Alice knows that nothing can cure her mother but the Elohim Cube, she has already tried everything but no ailment has worked, not even out of ordinary cures. The game ends if she dies.


Save Your Mother! is a turn-based RPG with puzzle elements. While this combination may seem all too familiar, the fast- paced combat scenes and intricate characters set this game apart.
Rapid combat with epic special moves!
Hand painted cutscene art and character with a variety of emotions, blinking and mouth movement complements the intense and emotional plot.
The inspiring but eerie soundtrack will evoke a variety of emotions from fear to happiness and will set the stage for intense battles and emotional story scenes.
Unlock the special "hardcore" mode to add challenges and replay value!
Steam achievements and Trading Cards are included, so happy collecting!

Praise for "Save Your Mother"

JukanHirokutora says:
"Definitely one of the best RPG maker games I played!"

Misami-Chan says:
"This game is outstanding!"

thatbennyguy says:
"I really enjoyed your game "Save Your Mother". It was a joy to play, and it really did deserve first place. Hope you're using the prize money wisely!"

Artoken says:
"I just played it and like it! I didn't feel the time running by xD, nice work!"

Latest Blog

Version 1.1


This chant may have interfered a bit with the neat song in Trixie scene

SFX chant in Trixie's room now fades out when the music begins playing


Straight up bugs that are now squashed

  • Leaving Ice Cave during sofcore mode could leave the snow effect on, this has been fixed.
    Fixed issue where gallery didn't count certain pics properly towards the achievement
    Game turned tutorials off by default regardless of what was chosen, this has been fixed.
    You were able to open same secret chest in softcore and hardcore modes, this has been fixed

See bellow for a reason

  • Reverted the safeguards from Final Pancake


A feature that had been requested makes return

  • Enabled option to skip the intro

Since Day 1 Final Pancake has had problems that were massive, game breaking ones. It's about time we accept that some moves are just too awesome to be portrayed within videogames and move on.

Removed Final Pancake from the game, instead Trixie now teaches "Final Fisting"
If you were taught Final Pancake in earlier version, passing through Gates of Heaven teaches you Final Fisting


I noticed that after the previous update, the enemies didn't do their special moves enough, this rectifies that and other minor balance issues

Adjusted the likelihood of Ungolia's Bone Crush
Adjusted the likelihood of Lady of Ice's Absolute Zero and tied it to her needing to be 85% hp or lower for it to trigger
Adjusted the likelihood of Jenna's Orbital Strike and tied it to her needing to be 50% hp or lower for it to trigger
Adjusted the likelihood of Mongo's Mongo Crush and tied it to him needing to be 65% hp or lower for it to trigger
Lowered Jenna's agility to 65 (was 69)
Adjusted the likelihood of Abyss Absolute Zero and tied it to him needing to be 85% or lower for it to happen
  • Completed
  • Commercial
  • Tuomo_L
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 11/21/2015 03:50 PM
  • 03/24/2017 08:32 PM
  • N/A
  • 3727
  • 2
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