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July 2017 Progress

  • zDS
  • 07/07/2017 05:45 PM
For quite some time now, I was waiting to have certain steps done for an update on this. I fear for those who do not know me may have forgotten this little game I made and assumed it to be a just a relic of the past.

Cope Island is not dead. It's only gotten bigger and better.

In the past couple of years, I have had waves of distractions from this. Two jobs, immigrating my wife to USA and marrying her, personal life drama, Three Ghostly Roses, RMN event games and other fun stuff, and now just recently getting a dog.

It's much later than I expected or wanted, yet I could not be happier that it's taking me this long. I've learned tons over the past few years, especially with making Three Ghostly Roses. My vision for this island game is finally what I deem complete, all that's left for me is to make it.

Before, I had showed off a big update about the game. This may be alarming to some, but I scrapped that and began remaking the game from scratch. (with a lot of help from the previous build so it went fast) I learned enough from Three Ghostly Roses and other projects to see places that need clear improvements and well, I thought it was a good time to do so.

When I release Cope Island's new version, I don't want to find reasons to go and remake the game again. I want it to be done.

Now, this is actually the THIRD time I'm attempting this game. It's very early regarding maps done, but the data, audio, and most the graphics are quite complete. If I sit down and work at this a little everyday, I'd honestly be done in no time. Yet, that still does not distract from the fact that there's still a LOT to do.

I have 97% of the enemies and battle backgrounds to make, and about 97% of maps to make. None will take me long if I actually work on it. Which I certainly will now that my life is SOMEWHAT calming down. I have a very clear vision of what to make ahead of me.

I was waiting to have a little more UI and maps done before showing off my big new reveal, but I think I should post some teaser images nonetheless.

Those two are indeed very animated in game, I'll post the gifs eventually. The title has fog in game, but that looks better animated than still so I just showed the picture without it.

Early mockup of battle background and enemies. No UI yet as you can see.

I have a lot made for natural maps, but I'll show those once I have some maps done so it's not just a graphic test map.

I am highly considering making a whole new game page as soon as I have enough to show. The game has went through a drastic change twice and is going to be commercial. Or I could just give this one a makeover and take down the old images and just have a IGMC download. Not sure yet. I do want to post consistent updates and me communicative about this rather than dead silent as that helps no one.

Thanks for reading, I hope to have a big update soon! I do want to have a demo out eventually as well.


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Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Those screens look nifty! I loved the original Cope Island, so to have a chance to play it again with hand crafted visuals is exciting, to say the least.

We're kinda in the same boat, actually. This is the third time I attempted to make Prayer of the Faithless, so I feel the pain of remaking an entire game.

I'm not sure if it's better to hold on to this page or make a new one. I've seen both occur here, and each has their advantages. It may be better to make a new page, especially if you want to keep the old download up for posterity.

Good luck! If you need someone to run though what you have, I'm fairly easy to contact!

Honestly, if it's changed a lot, a new game page would probably be better overall. You'll be able to keep the two versions separate from each other.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
:o :D

I'm elated to hear you're picking this back up! Can't wait to see what you've got in store. Till then, keep up with life and best of luck. :3
This sounds great dude. Hope it goes smoothly! Also, congrats on your decision to go commercial with it. That's something I'd like to do some day.
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