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Progress Report

2020 and still nothing. Am I going to give up on this?

Just to let you know that this game isn't dead and I ain't planning on stopping. Just... don't expect me to make any new strides on this game until 2020 or more right now. Because I'm struggling to find a good chokehold for the plot of this game.

That's the quote I've given since 2018. A lot has happened during this time. And honestly, I've been putting Concordant at the absolute bottom of my priority list since I have been making other games. Many of which aren't here and more so in itch.

Still nothing on this game? I would say yes. I haven't exactly started on focusing on the reboot at all. However, if I say I'll give up on it entirely. That's not the truth either.

That being said, there have been a massive tease and spoiler development for what sort of angle I'm going for this game now. So the foundations have been laid out.

Link to 0athkeeper 0

The story beat's somewhat massive twist can be found in this game 0athkeeper 0, where some characters of the final rebooted version of Concordant might have their spot. So if you want to know what sort of angle I will be going in a way, that game has the answers. Though you might be spoiled as a result, I left enough vagueness that it should leave you pondering on the whos and whys.

I can't promise anything after this point. For all we know, I might not be able to make this game to fruition at all.

So until anything new I can afford to share on this game, I ought to leave it be for now. Since this is my first and long-running game that never got any conclusive update on this site, I figure I might as well leave this update off.

Just letting you know that it's not dead at least but it's more on life support until further notice.

Progress Report

It's been... nearly a year.....

I can be sure of one thing though. It will be infrequent. So you can expect no updates in 1-2 months or more if anything personal were to happen to me. Just as a heads up.

It's been... almost a full year since this whole thing happened. Honestly, I couldn't be more upset at myself. But seriously though. This is kinda embarrassing.

Its not that I'm not working on this project. I still am. I won't make any excuses though. I honestly should have updated something. But ended up putting it off since 2018 has been a little bit exhausting for me working on The Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella, Restoration of Ephebe and this. The Boy Who Cried Turtle Arena Mode Alpha, which will be crossing over with Concordant to a degree.

Just to let you know that this game isn't dead and I ain't planning on stopping. Just... don't expect me to make any new strides on this game until 2020 or more right now. Because I'm struggling to find a good chokehold for the plot of this game. I have an idea with how it starts and ends and know the general outline of the story I wanted but the middle parts ended up with nothing but padded filler after padded filler and it ended up with no sort of actual substance. I've been rebooting and re-scripting this several times now that it ended up with more a blank than anything else. But I want to tell the story. I wanted to keep it not too complicated even if I'm almost tempted to.

Which is why I'm holding this game off for now. To prioritize on The Boy Who Cried Turtle first. And in a way, you can get a sneak peek at their new characterizations there. But as I said in the previous blog, I won't be posting anything The Boy Who Cried Turtle in detail here. I will hold myself to that unless some giant revelation or something changed my mind.

And I guess I need something that doesn't make it too difficult to digest to people. Since I do have a story. Just not a way that makes it simple to digest.
Complicated stories will alienate people too. So I need to find a way to make this work. So I'm gonna be circling around the thinking plot board for this one.


Transparency and Future Updates on Concordant

Let me start this off by saying these simple words.

"Mood Whiplash".

That's the current state I'm in right now when it comes to making this game. I've been undergoing a rollercoaster of emotions from depression to happiness to just outright anger and then tiredness. It comes and goes and it honestly feels like I'm feeling so random that it felt like I want to burn out and quit altogether. But in reality, I realized that I don't want to continue feeling these emotions. The reason why I felt this way is because I've been contemplating on whether I should drop this project altogether or discontinue it seeing as I'm just emotionally exhausted making something that, after careful hindsight, isn't really worth it in the long run.

Since I worked on Lily Renewal in between periods and The Boy who Cried Turtle, a game that I will never put on RMN because of personal reasons, I realized that Concordant is directionless in a way. Since I only wrote the beginning parts and the twists and the ending for the most part. I never considered the in between or the journey to that point, which is why the writing gets a bit stale at times. I've learned it myself after actually playing the games I've made and carefully read things through the original and the rebooted version.

I wanted to make a point or a message across and it kinda failed in more ways than one. So I got tired of it and worked on something else because if I keep working on Concordant, it will drive me insane and I won't be able to recover much from it.

That being said. Months have passed since the v.0.0.1 update. I'm feeling a bit better now. And I have decided to put one last gambling chip on this project. This is essentially my last chance.

Point is, I'm rebooting this for a third time.

This is the last attempt I'll be making for this game. I've left it on the dust for a few months now and I'm pretty much ready to tackle this one last time. But then this begs the question, "Why would you reboot this again? When you already did this twice?"

Well, the answer to that is that the previous 2 versions lacked any semblance of sense or coherence to the whole narrative and I made it too complex for my brain to keep track of every point in the game. I realized some characters were getting the weird writing treatment and others gets issues in terms of how it was executed. It ended up being a mess. I checked the script a couple of times and realized a lot of fundamental flaws in the logic of the game's rules and character mindsets. So I stopped and reflect on things a little bit more now. (And making a couple of games to keep my mind off of this one for now) After much deliberation, I decided to discontinue the two previous versions and decided to start fresh.

So, yeah. It's a longwinded speech there. But point is I'll be remaking this from scratch with major changes in the game. But I want to make certain points clear so that you have an idea on what you're in for in this new version and some questions regarding the old version. I'll be doing this via Q and A style so I won't write an essay's worth of text.

1. What about the two versions? Are they discontinued? Are they considered canon?

This is going to pertain a spoilery detail that I do not want to divulge in detail, but if I were to give an answer, I'd say Yes. But that is a tentative answer. I'll leave it at that.

2. Will this new version be a completely new story or not?

It will diverge from the original story, but in terms of how the setting and genre works, I will say that it will likely be the same.

3. What about the gameplay mechanics, music and art? Will they change?

That is a good point. And one I can address immediately. I'll put this in bullet points so I can go through things on rapid-fire mode.

- The Game will no longer 100% rely on RTP tilesets. In exchange, I will make new assets for the tilesets and some sprites here and there. The iconsets will also change alongside the environment. The characters will remain the same style wise but I will also add my own characters design in it as well.

- The game will no longer be Front First Person view. It will now be Side View in terms of how battles will be arranged. Which means you will see the characters directly in combat as well.

- Argument Break will still be a part of this game. But it will be a lot less forced and somewhat natural in terms of how it will be presented. I also discarded unique texts for each character in exchange for the usual message box, to make things easier. Art will still contain busts for characters and multiple choices. However, I'm planning on adding variety to Argument Break so that there are more options than just simply making choices like a multiple choice question.

- Music style will remain the same but with added tracks. I can't say if any of them will be original. But I will try to use less of the RTP / the community's assets (or use them as placeholders until I can get the music that fits).

- Support systems in combat will remain and will be improved from the last version. I will explain the details in a later update.

These are the general points I want to address for now. As for when this will be released, I won't make any promises. I tried making promises that I would finish this by the end of this year and it ended up backpedaling me to a wall instead. So updates will come when I do have updates. I can be sure of one thing though. It will be infrequent. So you can expect no updates in 1-2 months or more if anything personal were to happen to me. Just as a heads up.

Well, that's all I have to say on the matter. I still ended up writing an essay's worth of text. 1000+ words isn't too bad though... people tend to write more. Anyways, I digress. I can't say when I'll put up the next update. But I'm telling you guys this much. I'm not giving up on this game. I started it and I want to finish it. That's all.

I'll see you in another update. Hopefully the gap between updates isn't going to be so large this time.


Concordant the Reboot v.0.1 Demo can now be downloaded!

After months of working on this project, I think I can safely put out this v.0.1 out for the time being. You can download it now on the download page.

The file size is massive. Like... over 400 MB. Its actually due to the nature of the game's assets, music and the battlebacks that took up a lot of the mb's. So hopefully you'll enjoy it regardless of the file size.

A side note that this demo may lag if your current processor is slow. Keep that in mind. I will address those issues in a future version if I can, but for now, this will have to do. After 1 years and 3 months of working my butt off for this game, I can finally release this game out to RMN. I've been really hesitant on putting this out. But ultimately, I shouldn't be so terrified of it. If anyone plays it, gives me feedback and helpful advice, hopefully it will help me improve the game as much as I can.

So, what's next? Well, I hopefully planned to ensure that if I have the time left for this year, I will ensure that Chapter 2, 3 and the finale will be completed. I can't promise you that I will release this, as I keep on promising before with last versions and I ended up rebooting the series entirely. I'll hopefully be able to add more elements of dynamic animations using default or the community's assets, make some of the current plot elements more interesting and ensure that more of that support function is utilized to assist the player the best they can.

Thanks a lot for following me on this ride and I hope I can promise you a true, final version for this game within the year. If not, next year.


Thank you for the 10000 + Be a Part of Playtesting

First off, I would like to say thank you very much for simply looking at this project. Having 10000 pageviews is something that I least expect from this project, let alone any projects I've done at this point. I already thanked you for 1000 views, but to get this much is somewhat surprising for me. So, yeah. Thanks. Really appreciate it a lot.

But let's get to why I'm making this post. I finally got around to polishing the last of Chapter 1 and I'm almost ready to put it out. However, I need feedback so that I can make some minor changes to either the combat, the events and some mapping gripes I had that I need feedback on. (As mapping, admittedly, is my weakest aspect)

Which is why I'm opening up a discord chat for people to want to follow the development of the game. There's nothing there at the moment, but I'll be updating more details as time comes along (and if people wanted to look at it).

I'll be putting a testable version there so you guys can play it and experience it yourself a few days after this post.

I've placed several screenshots on the image featuring some of the mechanics in the game, so there should be some start on that front. I'll keep you updated constantly there as I'll only be posting major announcement posts in this part from here on in.


Once again, thanks for everything and I hope to continue working on this the best I can.


Progress Report: Beta Release Demo - Concordant the Reboot

Hey. Been awhile since the last progress report. While I have been working on this project in which I took a lot of time fleshing out some of the core elements, its time for me to actually release a base beta demo for the game once I actually got a final test pass from critique and feedback.

I've showed some of the base beta demo to my friends for them to give me responses, but my feedback's really scarce. Which is why I would like to extend to you guys here, if you want to, to test the beta product before I release it here as a download. If you want to, I will give you a discord channel exclusively for feedback on Concordant and you can give me your opinions, your critiques on directing the game to be even just a little bit better, which is why I'm asking here.

But enough of requests for now. Time to show you how much changes I've made in the game right now.

While the "I don't know where we are" setting is still in place, the game will pretty much follow the same main and supporting cast, with additional supporting cast. Meaning, I have to do all the sprites for them to fit the game. It is a time consuming effort, not only to make sure it looks right movement wise but to make sure that it looks similar to the concept. There are also some move route issues with some events, but I'll eventually fix that. So if there's something that seems off on that front, you can tell me, but I'll be aware that I will eventually fix them on the main demo release.

In addition to some of the new features added such as Argument Break, which is simply choosing the correct response to the one giving the argument, I also made sure the game is balanced so that grinding is as minimal as possible but also made it difficult enough to ensure that the game isn't too broken or too easy. This may not be the same for all of you nor will it be balanced enough for your tastes. The only way to know is to actually play the beta and let me know so I can make some changes.

I kind of also forgot to mention this on the main page, but if you complete encounters on a set area, you will be rewarded with items which may help ease the game slightly. So something to keep in mind.

If there's nothing else, then I'll open up closed beta test if you wish to. That's all for this progress report. I won't promise you on a release date for the demo version. But I would estimate maybe by February or March you will have the demo put up here.


1st Year Concordant Anniversary - What you should not be doing

Well now. We're finally here. 1 year into this game's post. This has been a really fun experimental project for me to work on. But because of a lot of personal stuff that happened, I haven't been working on it as much and it's a slow progress. To make things even worse, my entire script progression was kind of mixed up in between creating the other endings, so I don't have a base for what the general plot progression goes through for Concordant. In addition, I've been severely demotivated on working the current iteration because of mapping, errors and due to MV's recent update builds. And so, to sum it up in one sentence:

"I'm overscoping and I'm screwed."

And because I hit such a dead end, I have absolutely no choice but to actually do the unthinkable at this point.

Reboot the series again.

This doesn't mean I will cancel this project entirely. I just feel like I don't like the direction the already convoluted and messy story I'm making during this iteration. Take this as something you shouldn't do when you're developing something.

I'm actually going to scope down what I can and can't do and limit the features down, which sacrifices some variety, but will make me have an easier time putting more use to the smaller features that I plan to implement in the game. This means the game will be much, much shorter and wouldn't have all the intended features, but at least it feels like a story and has some coherence to it than being directionless. I noticed that when I was playing the current iteration of the game.

Also, I would remove the ability to be more passive and change the genre to be something more RPG-oriented. Simply because I underutilized this and it makes extremely little sense narrative wise other than utilizing a spare/kill feature.

So, yeah. That's the big announcement. Take the next iteration to be the new version of this story, discontinuing the last one. If you want evidence, I'm working on that new iteration for a bit, this menu should be a sneak peek. But this time, I can't promise you on a release soon. I'll probably get to that when I update this on the next progress report, when I had the chance to continue working on this game.

Keep in mind that that's all a draft. Some things like layout will change and a lot of elements will be added and replaced, such as actually having the skill menu on the game. (Something I regretfully removed in the last iteration)


So with that announcement thing out of the way, I guess the last update for the current (and possibly final) iteration would be the Gladiator Mode I promised. I'll put that download down and it should be available here when this post is up.

Progress Report

Bug Issues, Progress Sharing and... “Gladiator Mode”?

Well, it has been quite awhile since the last development blog. I thought I might as well share what I can tell you right now. Coming up to the first date of the release of this game’s page (a.k.a, the 1st anniversary of Concordant, which is on November 27th.)

Note: Sorry, I was pretty exhausted, so I didn't have the time to put this out for a long while. My stomach's been having a bit of a "bad rush job" at the moment.

There are noticeable issues from when I played some of the route since there are a few snags in the eventing order during the Council Room event. So I will have that changed at some point in the game. In addition, there are several balancing issues in the game from some sections being too easy and some lighting issues that I need to fix. Once that’s resolved, I’ll add that alongside with the patch on v.0.6. (Yes, I decided to have the version 0.6 instead of 0.8 released since one of the routes has a “different” take on the game as a whole) It takes some time to have it to work, but once it does it should hopefully have less event issues in the game.

In terms of plot, one mistake I did with this game is that I noticed the plot early on is too slow to progress and some events with some of the characters makes some of the later plot points a little bit of a disjointed mess, which is something that I tried not to put in the game, but not realizing it until it’s too late.

In addition, I noticed that I added way too many plot points and themes in the game which ends up being rather inconsistent with the overall game’s intention. So after some consideration, I decided to plot out the whole script by writing all the different routes in the game to check how much I can get this game to work itself in its own way and… oh brother… I almost wrote up to 30-45 pages of script interactions alone. And this doesn’t count the free time interactions in the pacifist route and looking at plot holes that I’ve written in the script. I was supposed to have someone check that for me, but he’s preoccupied so I have no one to help me on this, which is a little bit frustrating.

Regardless, I need to press on and try my best to make this game the way it is and just try to rectify some of the flaws I had in the game. Not to say that I’m taking the defeatist attitude, but I’ll try not to make sure the game works in a way that would follow what I kind of envisioned.


In addition, the amount of interactions during specific routes are only limited to only a few battles. During the more pacifist sections, I might change that a bit here and there, but those options are only meant for limited situations only, so I'll have to make due for now.

In addition, I made a second pass of one of the routes’ script so that when I put it in the game, the story won’t be too “exposition” heavy and remove several points where I felt like it’s redundant or it doesn’t make any sense.

Now, as for art wise, I’ve made some sprites in the game from the big ones to several edits and a few other changes I need to make in the game as I’m playing it over again and watch for different plot inconsistencies and check for different issues I’ve seen so far.

In addition, I’ve been revamping some of the battlers in the game which I intend on making a polish for the different COMBAT situations, since I noticed some of the older ones aren’t up to par. So I made some modifications to it as I tried to change the pose and position of the characters in the game. I haven’t been really good with dynamics, but I suppose I would try my best to attempt practicing through different ways I can find the different enemies satisfying.

I’ve also made some battleback edits for the game. Some haven’t been to fit the style of the defaults so these are considered as “greybox-level” changes at the moment. Once I’ve made a lot more modifications in the game, I might consider polishing them and adding them to make it the way I wanted to.

Also there are now multiple facesets over than two different ones for the following characters:


In addition, I’ve also made different elements to skills in the game to make sure different skills affects differently in the game as well as adding one of the most dangerous status effects in the game. "Silence"

When you are silenced, your entire skillset is blocked in the game. This is because most of the skills you have are under the act function. Silence binds the act function. But it does not bind the resolve function. And resolve have very small pool set of skills in the game, so your actions in the game is limited. Few skills can remove it (using another action called Resolve) or using a dispel herb. (But most of the time, you'll use dispel herb essentially)

Why am I telling all this? Well, it’s because in one specific route, your character will be “swapped” with another character. That other character is essentially a reverse of your current character. It isn’t weak and it has a variety of broken movepool sets in the game. And this character will essentially be featured in what you may call as “Gladiator Mode”. The gladiator mode will be switched over to the name of the character playing the game once 0.6 version is released, fixing some of the patches and adding a new route to the game.

- Here's a sneak peek on what's to come in the 0.6 version in one of the routes.

Although, Gladiator Mode, currently, will have a separate release. It will not be a part of the Concordant release at the moment. But it still has the same skills and essentially follows the same COMBAT scenarios as in the game.

Now this might be confusing as to what Gladiator Mode is, so I will answer some of the questions in a q and a style format to make sure I can explain some details regarding it.

What is Gladiator Mode?

It’s essentially a battle against nearly ALL of the cast of the Concordant series in the game “unchained” and in their full potential. Essentially one of the more “harder” battles in the game to those who wanted to do turn counting and planning for specific battles because the enemies hit relatively brutal.

You will essentially be healed and are allowed to save between every battle. Though you only have a limited amount of items in the game and you cannot restock during the battles, so make sure to use your items sparingly.

Will this be a part of the Story?

Debatably, yes. Though it might not be released until the full 1.0 version. Essentially, this counts as a “post-content” game. Though if I say anymore, it would be spoilers.

Is there any other fights other than the Concordant Cast?

Actually, yes. And this is something that I’d like to ask all of you who developed RPG Maker games here on RMN or otherwise. I would like to consider having outside “crossovers” with different RPG Maker enemies in different series. I can make the enemies in the game as battlers in my own style provided I agree with it. If there isn’t any or enough for the game, this idea may be cancelled/scrapped.

There are specific ones I considered as well, which I may need permission or else I probably won’t get the ok to put it in the game. But just to get an idea of what I already considered as a possible character “battle” cameo in the game.

Puppetmaster from Brave Hero Yuusha is considered as one.

Series I have considered, but decided not to put any in the game (unless I changed my mind) mostly because of permissions and personal reasons:

April was a Fool (Though this is not an RPG Maker engine game)
After A.I.L.A Genesis
Master of the Wind

Also, this isn’t canon to any of the between storyline at the moment, if you wanted to ask anything about plot relevancy.

If you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears on what I want to add in the game. Doesn’t mean that I’ll add them in the game, but I’ll consider it for now.

How many characters do you play as?

Only one. And I won’t say who and why because that’s also spoilers until 0.6 is released.

When will this be released?

On the same time v.0.6 is released.

Is this released from the same patch or on a different one?

Different one.

Will you have an early beta version playtest for this, so I can know who I’m playing as earlier?

If you wanted to, you can send me a message or comment and I can send the early file for you to test. I can’t stop you from not spoiling who you’re playing as but I highly advise not to spoil who it is you’re playing as.

If there are any other questions for Gladiator Mode other than the ones mentioned above, I will add them to the Q and A as soon as anyone asks.

And that’s it for this progress report. Next time I’ll cover a progress report, I’ll be covering on some of the more “plot-twisty” and “spoiler” elements of the game. Since that’s the one where I’ll be talking about the most in regards to the “pen-ultimate” ending.

Progress Report

Progress Report 0.8 - Reflections, Changes and Other Shenanigans BTS

Well, it has been awhile, isn't it. I have been pretty busy and preoccupied with TBWCT-S01 and classes that I haven't been going through this project in a long while. But now that I can work on this for a short time again, I can update you on what's been happening in this project.

First of all, thank you for just looking at this series. It's really small (and has its flaws and all), but I'm surprised a lot of people had seen the game page as well as a few downloads here and there. This may not be the best project I worked on, but I'll try my best not to disappoint. I hope.

Now some of you must have noticed that I have added a synopsis of the game where I already had a description earlier on. Well, I've been making edits and changes to text here and there and finally rewording some of the words to make things better, since this 0.5 version I didn't plan ahead and take into account connecting this version's events to the ending that I had planned. So it took me a month or two to just simply do some reworking and tried playing out the scenes as much as possible in order to get a lot of writing for the other 3 routes that will appear on version 0.8.

Warning: Don't open this if you don't want to be spoiled in the game.

If you played this game, 2 out of 5 episodes complete is roughly the three routes that are done. (I'll have to re-change that to 3 out of 6 (or 7) now at some point.)

These are the three that showed up in v.0.5

- Gibson and Goblin's journey across the "True Realm" - <Gibson's Route>

No Images Here.

- The Face-Off against the Will of the World - <Fading Away Route>

Still using the old UI for this one since it's the only picture I can put up at the moment.

- The Puppet's Handiwork or The Puppet's Masterpiece - <Genocide Route>

Um... Yeah. Let's leave it at that.

Wait.. why does the Minotaur have a different HP than the others?

The other routes that needs to be done are:

- The Revelation of Despair - <Schetcher and Group Route>

- Two Sides, The Specter of Strength and the Will of the Kindred Soul - <Ahsak Exclusive Route>

No pictures for this, otherwise it would be super spoilers.
Huh. Spoilers on top of spoilers.. wow..

- The Mirror that Reveals A Second Face and it's second counterpart, The Mirror that Reveals the Ultimate Despair - <Pacifist + Puzzle Route>

No images for this one, but more because I'm not done with it yet.

This isn't a part of the route for this one. I'm just putting this here since it just adds a layer of it all into one.

Two of the three have all been written. And I changed the genre to visual novel for a reason now. You'll know when you'll play the game on the 0.8 version, but you can speculate why though. Regardless of the negatives, I hope it's going to be alright.

The mapping still needs a lot of work. There are a lot of issues I'm planning to fix on the side, but otherwise, I'm adding up a few maps here and there in order to make the whole dungeon for one of the aforementioned routes. I still need to add a layer to the story a bit more, but I hope that the end result will be worth it. I've also been doing lots, and lots, and lots of playtesting on some of the routes and that was actually so much fun and addicting. It is quite hard on my part, so hopefully it will be hard on the rest. I still need to test one battle since I'm having a hard time getting that part on the correct balancing scale of damage as well.

I have been doing some mind-math puzzles here and there as well to add to the game on one of the routes as well, to make up for the lack of mind-bending puzzles on the previous routes before. But in exchange, these puzzles have less of a field-relation to them. So most of them will probably require you to use your brain than just getting to one place and do that puzzle by pressing one button and the like. It's likely multiple choices and name inputs, I believe.

And if there's one thing that I am having a hard time putting together it's short and concise wordings to anything I said and actually trying to make a natural interaction between the characters. Some of the characters may say a lot of generic lines here and there and it's likely because I'm having a hard time characterizing them. I'm trying my best to make sure they have their own "character" in the game with its own spice of innocence, humor and struggles.. but it's really hard. Regardless, I can applaud people who can do that so much better than I could.

But enough self-reflections and criticizing my own faults for a change, I can tell you that the writing is at 80% done. Once I've finished most of the necessary elements in the game, I can start eventing and re-test all the battles in the game. Once I've tested that, and evented everything else, version 0.8 will be done and I can actually start on minor polishing stage before I can release it here. Basically, 5 episodes out of 6 (0r 6 out of 7)

Once 0.8 is done. Version 1.0 will be more of an "update" of sorts, but the final story component update for the whole game. Essentially one of the endings but alternated for the final ending to be unlocked. That final ending will actually require a twist, you need to literally learn all but one route in the game to get this ending, which serves as a true ending and the final route in the game.

Though to be honest with you all, this project actually started out as an attempt to make a project about humans and other races working together to escape their world and beat a mad person. After a few months of making the old version, the one where it had little effort in completing, I had stopped and considered a lot of the flaws in it. So I ended up changing the story's overall theme and whole premise partially into something different. And this is the result.

Anyways, this progress report is getting way too long. So I might end it off with this little thing here:

Updates are still coming along. But it will take time. And I can't promise you a release date for the 0.8 version, but it'll come out.

That's all folks. Thanks for reading this long Progress Report.

Progress Report

Progress Report Demo 0.5 - Finalization

I'm glad I've gotten a week off to relax and really make this game now. Honestly, I've been so busy these last couple of months that production has been delayed for 5 months now. But now that I can work on this again, I can showcase some of the sections off for version 0.5 alpha's release.

There are a lot of major stuff to change, such as the menu screen, which I changed from the previous image ot give it a more streamlined look.

I had to move the gif here because of rules.

Also, have a chicken scene.

The best thing I can tell you right now, is that... well.. there are no random encounters in this game. You'll have very limited encounters to actually plan and strategize or even use your skills. But as long as you observe and "collect" Souls to get stronger, which is an extra mechanic feature in the game, I think you'll be fine.

In addition, there's also some easter eggs I plan on putting in. I plan on having the release coming down at some point between late May - early June.

Also, big thanks to SumRndmDde for the awesome fast speed script which makes going through the game SO MUCH (apologies for the uppercase letters) faster. Considering how massive version 0.5 will come out.

There are still some areas that need testing and from my really tiny circle of testers (2 testers so far), we had some feedback, but not really in-depth, but I might be able to just let it slide for now and leave it at that.

I've also been trying to sketch some scenes at the moment. Warning: These may spoil a part of the game.

Make of it what you will, but I still have several other scenes to make and some changes. I also need to proof read it, though I have one of the testers actually assisting me on that, though probably we won't fix all the errors until at least after the demo is released, so it's not a priority for now.

Anyways, thank you for looking at the game regardless, reaching 40 downloads is something that I never expected at version 0.1 alpha. I hope that once I ironed out the details, I can release 0.5 soon.


This addition is a small thing, but it has something to do with what version would version 0.5's HUD would people want to play on. Would you like to play the Yanfly version, or the Moghunter+Yanfly version? I can't really decide without actually fixing some of the errors in the game regarding the game version.

You can look at the pictures to see the differences in the game.
These are just test battles, they may/may not be in the game.

Woo. Palette swap.

I suppose that's it for this special progress report.
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