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2020 and still nothing. Am I going to give up on this?

  • BerryRMN
  • 12/14/2020 02:13 PM
Just to let you know that this game isn't dead and I ain't planning on stopping. Just... don't expect me to make any new strides on this game until 2020 or more right now. Because I'm struggling to find a good chokehold for the plot of this game.

That's the quote I've given since 2018. A lot has happened during this time. And honestly, I've been putting Concordant at the absolute bottom of my priority list since I have been making other games. Many of which aren't here and more so in itch.

Still nothing on this game? I would say yes. I haven't exactly started on focusing on the reboot at all. However, if I say I'll give up on it entirely. That's not the truth either.

That being said, there have been a massive tease and spoiler development for what sort of angle I'm going for this game now. So the foundations have been laid out.

Link to 0athkeeper 0

The story beat's somewhat massive twist can be found in this game 0athkeeper 0, where some characters of the final rebooted version of Concordant might have their spot. So if you want to know what sort of angle I will be going in a way, that game has the answers. Though you might be spoiled as a result, I left enough vagueness that it should leave you pondering on the whos and whys.

I can't promise anything after this point. For all we know, I might not be able to make this game to fruition at all.

So until anything new I can afford to share on this game, I ought to leave it be for now. Since this is my first and long-running game that never got any conclusive update on this site, I figure I might as well leave this update off.

Just letting you know that it's not dead at least but it's more on life support until further notice.