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Oh no, not another RPG parody indie game thinking it's really funny.

Welcome to a whimsical fantasy universe with princesses, knights and mages. Although, funnily enough, in this world the gender roles have been completely reversed.

In Journey to Northpass you follow the adventures of Sevrin, the noble warrior princess from a far away land, come to travel the curious world beyond the Barrenwoods. She is guided by a mystical mage named Amaury, who is on her last of her ten good deeds to let her spirit rest in peace. And let’s not forget the gorgeous, doe-eyed prince Hammett, who almost every woman in the land longs for, yet unfortunately often finds himself in positions of distress.

The lands don't just belong to womankind, however, as there are a cast of colourful characters to learn about to interact with from various original races- Let alone all the hostile monsters lurking in the shadows of the woods.

Unfortunately, they will all have to learn to work together to solve the case of the recent mysterious sightings- strange elementals appearing only to attack the living, destroy property and resolve unfinished business.

Can Princess Sevrin save the day and get the guy before it is too late?



Journey to Northpass features, or will feature:

· Original graphics; Sprites, tilesets, and dialogue busts.
· A default but attractive-looking battle system.
· A hopefully humorous and, despite its intentions, not too cliche storyline. Perhaps even touching at times.
· Original characters with a female-dominated cast.
· A lot of jokes based around the absurdity of gender roles.
· Usage of a few handy scripts, such as a questlog and quest markers.
· A royalty-free soundtrack.

Journey to Northpass is a game with left-wing humour aimed at a specific audience. If this does not appeal to you, the game may not be your thing. Please give your criticism with the target audience in mind.

Latest Blog

Bugfix patch 1

I’ve updated Journey to Northpass with all the bugfixes i’ve collected over this first couple weeks of it being out. Thanks so much to everyone for your diligence in finding these for me– I really appreciate it. The new download link should be up on itch.io and rmn. All my previous links will still work, never fear- they all link back to the same file.

There was a major bug I unfortunately had overlooked near the end of the game where a test event for playtesting the bossfight i put down that gave you max stats/a bunch of items- and it hadn’t been removed in the final release. This was really very silly of me and I do apologize. I’m aware it also was messing up peoples’ ability to hand in the quest for the challenge keys at the end as it screwed up those variables too. If anyone already finished but didn’t get to see that part, and doesn’t want to play again, message me and I will send you a clip of what happens there. I really don’t want to short-change anyone with their experience.

As for minor bugs– there’s so many tiny little things i’ve fixed these past couple weeks i’d be here for hours if i listed them. But I’ll say say, rest assured, if you’ve told me something is bothering you, it’s probably gone now. Things like the opening cutscene now being skippable, saves before bossfights, people missing an amaury conversation, etc.

I do hope that it’s all up and running again and that everyone is able to enjoy the game. Thanks for playing!!
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  • SgtSteffi
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  • 12/01/2015 04:14 PM
  • 01/28/2019 12:20 PM
  • 01/24/2018
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Neat premise, and the graphics are lovely. Looking forward to playing it!
Hey, I finally got around to giving this a go. It was an interesting little game! That said, I did find a number of bugs and stuff:

-Have the main character's sprite be set to blank so that she doesn't pop up for half a second when you start a new game; there might also be an option to begin as transparent in the system tab of the database (not sure if this is in XP).

-Check out text commands; you can better sync the dialogue and pictures in the opening. I'm not sure where XP has these, but there's likely a question mark icon or something similar when entering dialogue. You can just hover your mouse over the box and it'll come up in a pop-up on VX Ace, but I think that's a newer feature.

-There are some confusing pronouns in the opening text. I'm not sure why you refer to Severin as "they." I realize that this is a genderless term, but since the premise is that you've flipped traditional gender roles, I would assume she would still just be referred to as a "she." Incorporating "they" makes me assume that she's somewhere in between male and female, which is doubly confusing since you're establishing the premise there.

-Brown trees in Northpass Forest have a priority issue; I'm talking about the Northpass Forest east of Mirstone.

-I think I didn't get any copper from the rat quest in the inn.

-Actually, a good quality of life improvement would be to pop open a dialogue box after each finished quest and outright stating your rewards, as I wasn't sure what I gained a lot of the time. You do this sometimes, but it would be cool if this were consistent.

-You can walk on the hospital roof in Geadal if you approach from the top right.

-Throw weapon is a pretty useless skill, but I guess that's a potential characterization? If Severin's story arc is supposed to be from a naive princess to a hero, then it would make sense to give him a useless starting skill, but Severin still felt a bit naive by the end of the game. The story didn't focus on developing her other than revealing her sexuality/reason for running at the end of the game, so I'm not sure that having this skill is an effective form of characterization.

-The fire elemental is kind of a difficulty chokepoint, so it probably shouldn't come after lengthy dialogue. Too, I found that I won that fight through dumb luck; the elemental happened to miss a couple of times.

-The 50 gold healing pots are pretty useless. They were healing for about the same damage as the fire elemental was hitting me for, and the game isn't dungeon-based, so you can generally use inns to heal on the field.

-"Stunning" truncated in the Thorntwist Vale story dialogue

-For some reason I can't go into the temple to visit the Stygian priestess after completing the quest from the person who gives me a self-portrait; I was able to get in before that, though. I might have sequence broke by going to Sycamore a little early. I think that there might be a boss fight with an ice elemental that I missed there since I saw an ice elemental sprite with Pretentious later in the game.

-Some of the fadeins seem pretty slow--going up to the merchants in Sycamore, for example.

-Aloe seems to vanish in the middle of the chief's house in sycamore when she leaves; she also shows up in the workshop before you talk to her in the chief's house.

-At level 9 my stats were cranked way the fuck out? I had max health and mp, for instance. I also got there very quickly from fighting all the Tarlings as I searched everything in that cabin.

-I got four surprisingly effective stone maces from the earth elemental; I also got four of the dodging accessories and four of the royal armors (not sure where I got these at all).

-The Pretentious fight is an endless loop if you beat him, which was easy because of the weird level cap stat boost.

-It wouldn't let me go back and rescue the dragon from Northpass Forest as soon as I had the keys. The door opened when I went back after beating Pretentious, though. I get having the ability to save anywhere is nice for the ending choice, so I understand why you would withhold that reward, but then the 1,000 coins you get seems totally unnecessary since you've beaten the game at that point (unless I'm missing something).

-You can't interact with Karaktor's sprite until you beat Ratpun.

-Severin's battle sprite was missing for a good chunk of the game.

-A few of the quests didn't grey out after I beat them; I also couldn't figure out how to complete the quest where the Stygian asks for a gift; that could just be missing something, though.

-The bars from the Pretenious fight stay on you if you get into other battles.

Aaaaaand, here's some actual feedback:

-A lot of the art is really gorgeous. The character portraits in particular are great. I especially liked Mistletoe's design. I also thought the unique dialogue boxes both looked great and were a touch that made characters feel a bit more special. Any time you used picture cut scenes, such as the lore section with Pretentious, looked great. The battle sprites are also top notch.

-Conversely, some of the sprites and mapping could have looked better. I felt that the sprites clashed a bit with the tiles because of the lack of shading on the sprites vs. the textured look of most of the tiles, and the sprites were very small on the screen. These are issues that I've had problems with in the past; if you've played (or just looked at the screens of) The Heart Pumps Clay, I did a similar thing, and the conclusion I came to is that it's better to keep a consistent style. I would have loved to see you embrace the cartoony look of your battle sprite/character portrait work throughout all aspects of the game's art. Also, sometimes, the tiles don't read super well. For instance, the doors in Sycamore didn't read as doors to me.

-There were some pretty awesome mapping locations, though. I loved the way the first couple of maps in the trial in bizarro Northpass looked. REALLY cool atmosphere all around there, with the backwards samples in the music and the broken up text/portraits. I also really loved the look of Apostrophe's (don't remember where the apostrophe was in that) realm. That looked GREAT.

-The music was well-chosen; it matched the whimsical feel of the story and the fantastical setting.

-The sound effects were generally a bit low in the mix, though. That made a lot of the weight of the actions feel diminished. This could have been intentional, but this was especially the case with the standard attack in combat. I would have liked to hear more impact in that sound effect, but if you were intentionally deflating that, then that's fine.

-I liked how each area felt unique, not just within the game's own world, but they felt unique in general. I liked how every new area was a surprise.

-Making the game primarily occur in towns was a cool design decision, and the quest system works well with that. So does the low level cap. One thing you might consider doing is removing xp from random encounters. I understand the need to have extra copper if people spend it on useless stuff, but I think if you had experience rewards from quests (which I think you do, but I didn't check), then you can have the player reach the level cap by simply doing every quest, and this would further put the focus on questing. No biggie either way.

-Many of the puzzles and quests were a bit uninspired--the first challenge, for instance. I would have liked to see a bit more thought put into their design. The general rule of thumb is that they were easy, so they were never distracting, but they weren't super engaging. I think the quests worked the best when they were dialogue-focused.

-I like that the best armor in the game is available early on. I like when a game gives you lots of options with currency. You might look into an SNES game called Lennus 2 that does something like this. In it, there's a very large city that has close to the best equipment in the game early on, and the game is structured so that the city is a hub that you hang around for a while. You have to get a translation patch for it, but it's a very interesting RPG--weird mechanics, cool art style, weird music, neat atmosphere all around. For your game, though, I found the cost to be a bit too prohibitive given the small quest rewards. It also required a bit of backtracking to get (though, like I mentioned, I somehow ended up with four of them).

-The ending really reminded me of the ending to a Gameboy rpg called Great Greed, where you can marry whoever you want. This includes one same-sex marriage (maybe more; haven't played that since I was a kid). Can't really recommend that game that much, though; it is on Gameboy, after all.

-Some of the characters were really charming, especially Amaury. Her dialogue was super fun. Conversely, I felt like most of the characters didn't have enough onscreen time to leave much of an impression or showcase a clear character arc. I was also a bit disappointed in Severin; she really felt the same as a character from beginning to end, and she's who we spend the most time with.

-I also felt that Amaury got shortchanged a bit towards the end. There's a pretty big gap between the last time you see her and when she makes her appearance in the final battle (unless she appeared in that Stygian Temple that I couldn't get into). I would have liked her presence to be more consistent considering her importance in the story.

-I think the writing excels in small dialogue moments where you're not constrained by the plot. Smashing up the tavern, seeing the bizarre second version of the play in the Stygian town, conversations with talking furniture--these were all things that were really enjoyable.

-Conversely, I found the game suffered a bit in terms of plot progression and adhering to a central theme. The final boss was really a "that came out of nowhere" moment for me, but I think that might have been because of cuts that you made so that you would finish on time (and, again, I probably missed a scene in the Stygian temple). However, you could have more prepared the audience for the antagonist by underscoring his misdeeds. For instance, you tell us that the elementals are up to no good, but you don't really show them doing anything mischievous or show the results of their mischief. A cliche example would be giving the "big bad" gravitas by showing a city that they had destroyed. Beyond the game's lore and Pretentious chopping down Oak (which is good but happens RIGHT before you fight Pretentious, so that line of tension ends up being super short), it's hard to see Pretentious has having a lot of gravitas.

-With regard to the theme, the game is operating mostly based on a "what if" scenario where gender roles are reversed. This mainly shows off some absurdities of traditional gender roles (Karaktor being the quintessential example). Pretentious being the masculine equivalent of the temptress was nice, too, as the lore of the world itself was built into that overarching theme. However, how do mages really fit into that? This is a major plot point with Amaury, and it's important in the lore; you see several mages--the librarian, the fountain mage (who hates her fucking job, haha), the husband of the leader of the smog town (blanking on names, sorry!). This was a cool thing, but I don't see how it fits into the overarching theme. I kind of feel like you might have two separate ideas here that you've melded into one game, but I can see their edges grinding together a bit, if that makes sense. I felt like there was more heart in Amaury's story, so I wonder if you were constrained a bit by the gender-swapping rather than inspired by it. Though, I do think that Pretentious was an inspired villain in terms of background (just needed some more onscreen oomph).

-Overall, though, I do want to underscore that I enjoyed myself, especially with small moments--seeing the art for the buff ass rats or for the bird with a knife, for example. I think that the larger arc has good moments, such as Pretenious's lore before the Styigan town and basically all of Amaury's scenes, but Severin needed more attention and the plot felt rushed once you get to Sycamore. Anyway, I wrote way too much. I hope this is helpful!
Hey, I finally got around to giving this a go. It was an interesting little game! That said, I did find a number of bugs and stuff:

Aaaaaand, here's some actual feedback:

First of all I just want to say thank you for how in-depth this comment was- it's honestly a review in itself and I appreciate the time you took to make this feedback and consider everything in the game so carefully, so thank you. I'm going to try and go through the comments I wanted to make in order-

First of all, thanks for the bug reports, they're super useful, and a lot of them I hadn't actually had anyone spot yet so that's an extra. Your experience with maxing out your stats and getting loads of the armour was actually due to an embarassing bug I left in that i'm patching as we speak that's tripped up a couple of players- it's a test event i made to test the bossfight i forgot to take out, a really silly oversight on my part. It unfortunately also seems to mess up the ability to hand in the challenge keys quest too, so that's what that was. That also is what was stopping the battler sprite from showing up (don't ask how!) but I fixed everything now. As for the other little bits of feedback there I'm going to run through all of them and see what i can implement tonight.

As for the story/art feedback, thanks so much for your kind words <3 It was very helpful to get some honesty on what could have been better without it being biased against progressive material, and i'm going to take the advice on board next time I write a game or a story for what I could have presented better. I'm still learning how to present a narrative in general and knowing what hit a sour note is good, as you can get really tone-deaf to it when you've sat in front of the same project for a couple years.

There's definitely a gap between the final conversation with Amaury in Nosht, and the bossfight conversation, that's for sure. It's something I noticed in one of my final edits that needed work- and i attempted to pad it out with a short conversation that shows Amaury trying to hide from the player and not wanting to speak to them, as if reconsidering her morality, etc, after commenting on Sevrin helping everyone so modestly. However this was more of an easter egg and I realise now that was a mistake to make that a 'findable' thing instead of an obvious thing. I think i'm going to move that one to a more blatant spot, even if it doesnt entirely fix the original issue.

Overall i'm really glad you got a positive experience in general with this game! That's all i could hope for and thanks again.
Cool, glad it was useful! I've kind of given up writing actual reviews if I'm writing to a developer since they tend to get distilled down to the number of stars and that kind of crap really doesn't matter.

I think that one of the coolest parts about the RPG maker community is that RPGs take a considerable amount of effort, and I feel like with something of this magnitude done by a single person, the developer's personality really comes through. Sometimes the results can be, umm, interesting (which is kind of fun in its own right), but sometimes you get games like this, where your sense of humor really comes through. I think that's what I enjoyed most about Journey to Northpass, and, now that you've released that bugfix, I'd totally recommend this to people looking for a casual RPG with lots of charm.

It's too bad that you're not super present on RMN, as I think this is the kind of game that would get a lot of love from a number of the regulars. I hope that it doesn't get lost in the huge mess of games on this site.
That really warmed my heart to read, thank you so much! I hope it doesn't get lost and settle to the bottom too- i'm trying my best to circulate it right now with mixed results! It's a great compliment that you think the regulars would enjoy it, seeing as they've most likely played so many RPGs by now, but I hope they do enjoy it if they pick it up.
Every time I beat Pretentious, the game loops back around and makes me fight Godrun again. Is there any way to fix this?
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