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60% Version 1.11 released!

  • unity
  • 03/20/2019 06:12 PM
Hello everyone! ^_^

Got a new version of the 60% Release uploaded. The biggest fix is that I've overhauled the encounter rate for the school, which is the biggest area and wore out its welcome for a lot of players due to the size and amount of encounters. Now you'll encounter about half as many battles and the enemies give more EXP (and the bosses more obols) to compensate.

If you're still playing the initial 60% release and haven't gotten to the school yet, you may want to download version 1.11 and move your saves over for a smoother school experience.


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Got any Dexreth amulets?
Thank you! I hadn't gotten that far yet, so I'll hop over to this new version.
You're magical to me.
Hooray :DDDDDD
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