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Weird and Unfortunate Things COMPLETE

  • unity
  • 10/19/2020 11:08 PM
Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening is FINALLY FINISHED!!!! :DDDDDD

You can download it right now here or just hit the download button on the upper right side of the gamepage! I'll be uploading it to itch.io and gamejolt shortly as well!

Any of your old save files should still work with this final version. Just copy them over to the new game folder and run the game! Let me know if, for any reason, your game save doesn't work when you move it over.

I am so happy to finally bring this game to completion. It's been five whole years since I started, and I feel like so much has changed since then!

There are too many people to thank, but I want to especially thank Sooz for doing an amazing job at transforming the endings' dialog to greatly improve the ending's impact, in my opinion, and putting up with me needing her to edit and write so much dialog! XD

Big thanks to all the testers, especially Malandy, Todpole, Sgt M and pianotm for going above and beyond with their testing!!! Big thanks to Maki for finishing all of the various poses of character art I needed, and big thanks to Racheal for some much needed script help!!! Big thanks to Lewmoth for composing the awesome final battle theme. Thanks again to everyone else who worked on the game! I was so fortunate to work with so many awesome people!!!

Aside from fixing any big bugs or problems that arise, I'm going to take a break from game dev for the most part, aside from scribbling new ideas on my sketchbook and practicing drawing. I need to catch up on playing other people's games for a while!

Anyway, thanks again! :DDD You are all amazing and I hope you enjoy the game!!! You're all magical to me! ^_^


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You did it.


You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Finally, something to look forward to this 2020.
Woo! Congrats! And thanks for letting me test!

Here's hoping there'll be no game breaking bugs. But we know that people have managed to see everything, so there's at least a few paths to completion.
Congrats on finishing it! I can't wait to try it I've been waiting ever since I saw it~
Woo! Cornatag! Great job~
Oh heck yes. Congratulations! I'm super stoked to play the full game.
Congrats. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as that Progress Natalus over there.
Guardian of the Description Thread

*Edit: If one will allow the indulgence, this game is...

YAY! You made it! Another finished game from unity :3
Already reposted ~
A truly momentous day! Congrats!

I'm gonna party with Party Nautilus.
Yay, even the nautilus is excited! :D

And if this isn't goty, I'll riot.

btw i've been having a great time playing the second half of the test build slowly.
Wait, why didn't I play this before?
Well now it's time!

Congrats, looks pretty cool! ^____^
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob

i think i might need to stream this one once i get outta my slump of non-productivity...

if... hopefully this might get me out of it (lol)
Realized I never checked out the Secret Place and it said to tell you if I did, so I'm telling ya, unity!

Nice place!

Used my Testing Saves to get there, so I dunno how long it'd take a fresh save.

Awesome remixes of songs, and thanks for the new game idea! And all the Praise on other games! ... If I'm gonna make that game, I guess I gotta write it down... Totally would like to see games with that idea too! :)

Hmm... Secret Place Game Contest, with or without prizes. Hmm. *shrugs*

Secret Battle is Tough! Very fitting! Needed strat and just a little bit of luck, and the rest of the Special Place items. Wow. That's an interesting reward. Super useful! :)
You're magical to me.
Thanks for all the cheers and well-wishes, everyone! This is the best reception to a finished game I've ever gotten, and I'm so happy everyone seems to be enjoying the game!

I've updated the game to v1.02, which fixes a few minor issues and typos (big thanks to Knightowl for finding a lot of these :DDD)! If there are any problems, bugs or anything out of the ordinary, please feel free to post here or PM me!

Thanks for finding the super secret area and having a look around, Malandy! :DDDD I had a lot of fun developing it. ^_^
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