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New Version, Big Overhaul to Temple of Rebirth

  • unity
  • 12/24/2020 01:38 AM
Turns out, I got a bit over-ambitious with some of the dungeons in this game, and the Temple of Rebirth was the worst offender. Supposed to be an interconnection of multiple paths that lead to the different ends of the temple, it instead was just too big and too confusing to navigate, plus it kept hitting players with encounters, making them lose their bearings.

I have heavily modified the Temple of Rebirth, stripping out the multiple paths. Now you reach each end of the temple by a single path, and anything else is a side-path for treasure. Because the temple no longer loops around, there are helpful NPCs at two of the dead-ends who will warp you back to the center, should you desire.

To make exploration easier, the temple is no longer an Encounter Bar dungeon, and all encounters are on-screen. You are interrupted much less frequently with battles. And to help navigation, there are now three map terminals spread about the temple which will show your location and the location of the two switches you need to hit to proceed.

Lastly, because there is no more need for wisps of light, they have been replaced with EXP wisps, a new wisp for this dungeon only. EXP wisps will give you a small amount of EXP when collected to reward players for exploring the temple and to even up the EXP difference due to the fact that there are now less battles. The same amount of treasures are still available, some of them have just been shuffled on to other maps.

If you haven't already beaten the Temple of Rebirth, I would *highly* recommend you download this new version and move your save files over. Old save files should all be compatible, though there's one thing to note: if you're already in the Temple of Rebirth, I'd recommend returning to the heal/shop area on your old file and save there before transferring over. Otherwise there is a very slight chance you could get stuck, if you happened to save in the exact place where I put a new map terminal (unlikely, but still possible).

Other game fixes:

-Map terminals have been added to other particularly difficult-to-navigate areas: Downtown, the last stretch of Fulgham Grove, and F2 of City Hall.

-Monkey's Paw HP Regen Curse no longer drains HP while you walk. I didn't realize how much that made the Regen curse the most terrible thing XD

-If you have too many Fortune Tickets in the final area, a Mushroom Vendor will show up in the Mind Mines entrance and offer to take some off of your hands. He appears if you ever have 35 or more at a time, and will trade them first for a Prism Pellet and then for a random item. This will prevent players from being locked out of the mines by allowing them to dump excess tickets.

I would like to give a shoutout to LetsPlayer The Voice of Dog and his commenters as a lot of these changes came from or were inspired by comments they made. Thank you!!!


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I can see how these changes are good!

Thank you, "The Voice of Dog and His Commenters"! And Unity as well!

Wooo! Map Terminals! Maps are cool! And not just for the Temple of Rebirth too!

Cities are tricky places to navigate that even monsters need maps. Yep. Especially with Expanse materials blocking places.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
I mean the monsters probably aren't used to cities in general, much less Daybreak in particular. I'd need a map in certain areas of my own city and I live here!
Thanks for update, reposted already ~
lol...I just got through the old Temple of Rebirth a couple days ago :)

It was indeed big and confusing, but I eventually got to know it well...

You're magical to me.
Glad you got through it okay and sorry for any confusion XD :DDD
Glad you got through it okay and sorry for any confusion XD :DDD

Oh no worries, it was a lot of fun cracking it, a real challenge.

I can definitely identify with encounters throwing off my bearings though; I was sure glad to see the monster meter turn yellow! On the plus side, my party went up a few levels during the grind :)

Good call simplifying it a bit.

You're magical to me.
Thanks! :D Glad you had fun ^_^
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