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Small Extra Update

  • unity
  • 12/29/2020 06:35 PM
Another new update already, but most of this applies to the post-game, and is really only worth a re-download if you're foolhardy enough to attempt the bonus hell dungeon (doing so is not recommended unless you really want a challenge).

-Map terminal added to the crossroads area (between Fulgham, the road to the school and the area after the clinic) to help players find their bearings if they go exploring

-The enemies in Makyo drop more EXP and obols than they did previously

-The bonus boss at the bottom of Makyo is now weak to Eldritch because someone mentioned it and I found it funny and ran with it

-More details added to the floor of the Makyo underwater area to make it easier to tell rooms apart.

-A couple new NPCs added to the super secret dev room area, as well as another charm you can receive.

-If you break all the seals in the pots in Makyo, then go beat the last boss again, there will be a very very tiny change to acknowledge your deeds. I'm not going to say what it is, but it's still not worth the trouble, really.

This'll probably be the last big update for a while, though I'll try to keep squashing bugs and typos.


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Cool! Gonna see what's new! Hope you don't find more bugs / typos!
You're magical to me.
Thanks! :D
Awesome! You should get a well deserved break!
You're magical to me.
Thanks! :DDDD I will, I'll be taking one for awhile :D XD
Quality of life improvements are always a good thing.
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