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Coming soon. Not sure when, but soon.

The game is 99.5% done. The final boss is done. The bonus dungeon is done, aside from the cutscene for when you finish it. We've come so far.

All I have left to do is some odds and ends for the ending and replace a couple of the placeholder tileset stuff I put in, and I'm basically done! :D

But there's something I've failed to address with all these nautilus charts: This chart has always charted my progress alone, and I'm not making the game alone. As much as I've done on my own, I could never have done all this without the super talented people who have helped me on the way!

And while I've been lucky enough to keep working on this even as the COVID crisis has continued, the same cannot be said for all of my friends. And there are still some art assets I need and some dialog that still needs to be edited.

So as much as I wanted to say "I'll call for testers on X day and then release this", I can't. Other people are dealing with the ins and outs of real life's struggles, and I'm not going to make a bad situation worse by asking them to hurry or giving them a deadline.

The game will be finished when it's finished. That could be next month. It could be longer. You all have been so kind and supportive over the nearly four and a half years that its been in development. I ask for your patience now, and for hopefully some volunteers to test it when it is finally ready.

Thank you all, and I apologize for the delay.

Oh, and one last thing:

Progress Report

Final Boss work, Finally

Just wanted to make a quick blog to let everyone know that after several months, the final dungeon is done! Here's our good friend the Progress Nautilus:

The final dungeon took so long because I decided each little area needed its own tileset. That was a bit overboard of me, but now it's done and I couldn't be happier!

This brings us to the final boss, which will be another multi-part extravaganza with several forms to battle.

Not gonna get into any details now, but if you want a small sneak peak, I'll put a silhouette of one of the forms I'm working on under this hide tag.

Thanks everyone! :DDD


Still Here, Still Game-Making

Just wanted to check back in with everyone and let you all know that work is still continuing!

Development slowed during the last month. With everything going on in the world, I had difficulty continuing, but I feel I'm just about back at my normal pace. The final dungeon is almost done, and I've added more polish to earlier areas (Downtown, City Hall, the Temple).

I had very much wanted an "early 2020" release for this game, but if I don't hurry, it's looking closer to "middle 2020." I'm going to try not to worry about it, and get it done at whatever pace I can, but I apologize for taking longer than expected. If I can get the tester's version out in the next month or two I'll be happy.

I'm very excited to be so close to the end! Thanks as always for everyone's patience and support! Stay safe in these dire times!

A secret you may or may not find. The Monkey's Paw will both bless and curse attributes when worn, based on answers you give this NPC.


What time is it? It's Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I wish I had something cute planned like the Evocations sending you cards asking to be their Valentine, but I wasn't that well prepared XD;  

Instead, here are some sneak peeks at my tileset work for the final dungeon (which I posted on twitter a couple of days ago).

It's been well over a month since I started work on the final dungeon and I'm about 30%-40% done with it. It's kinda big, but I'm trying to make each area of it look distinct and memorable, so that's taking a bit of extra time. 
I'm really excited to hear what people think of it when it's finished (and I'm really really hoping it won't be too big for most people's tastes, I'm trying to keep enemy encounters to a reasonable level as well).

There's also something else I wanted to talk about. A minigame opens up before the final dungeon where you can explore an underground mine which may or may not be illusory and you can collect tickets to turn in for goodies. I wanted the mine to look very different as you explore different parts, but I'm a bit tapped just doing the final dungeon.

To keep the project releasing in a timely manner and keep me from experiencing burnout, I was considering opening it up to volunteers if anyone wanted to help contribute. I'd need a floor tile, walls & ceiling, a door, and a couple of doodads for each area, kinda like this image below, but in a different style, different colors, etc.

So, what do you all think? Should I open this up to volunteers? Or just keep my nose to the grindstone and finish it myself? Please tell me what you think ^_^

In the meantime, I'll keep at it. I've still got to finish the final dungeon, do the final boss fight, polish up the script and send it to Sooz for final editing, put the endings in, and do the bonus hell dungeon. It sounds like a lot but I'm hoping I can finish it in the coming months.

We're in the home stretch and just getting closer and closer! I'm super excited, everyone! And have a wonderful Valentine's day filled with love and fun and game dev!


Holy Crap!!! Big News!!!

Hello everyone! Something amazing happened today! Laura Kate Dale, a games journalist and all around awesome person who I've been following for years now, featured Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening on her 25(ish) Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2020!!!!

The article exists both in written form, which you can read here, and in video form, which you can watch here!!!

I am so thankful, and happy, and oddly panicking, that my game's gotten this much attention! A huge thanks to Laura for including the game, and I'm so so SO glad she enjoyed the demo so much!!! A big hello to anyone that found the game from the article/video, tho most of you are probably on itch.io since that's where the link goes XD

But while that's the mindblowing news for today, it's not all that's been going on. I've been hard at work and have finished the Expanse Temple. Let's bring out everyone's favorite nautilus!!!

It's LAST DUNGEON TIME!!! (Okay, technically it's "story-driven combat-free segment that I didn't put on the chart and LAST DUNGEON TIME!!!") I'm getting very close to the finish line, but I've still got a ways to go, mainly because I went somewhat over-ambitious for the final area and its got a lot of tilesets that I'm working on XDXD

At any rate, I'm so excited and pumped and motivated, but I'm also freaking out from the positive press! Thanks so much for joining me on this crazy journey, everyone, and I'll keep working to get closer and closer to that finish line and get this game out sometime soon this year!


Too Tired for a Title

Thanks to insomnia, I'm really out of it today, so I'll just post a quick update and then be on my way. Vedim Fun Zone finished, now it's on to the Expanse Temple. Take it away, Progress Nautilus!

After the Expanse Temple, there is a short area that I didn't put on the chart because it doesn't have any enemies or anything. After that, it's final dungeon time and then postgame bonus dungeon!

I'm feeling both jazzed and motivated by how close we are to the end but still feeling that "so close but yet so far" sensation when I look at the list of stuff I still need to make and do. Ah well, one step at a time!

BONUS: Here's a sketch of the bonus boss that Sgt M suggested, the Nautilus, brought to life to battle the player!


City Hall Complete!

Nothing huge to report, and the title pretty much says it all, but I've finally finished the City Hall portion of the game! All that's left is the Vedim Fun Space (which I've already got some of it done), the Temple, and then the Final Dungeon! :DDD (Oh yeah, and the Bonus Hell Dungeon).

Due to popular demand, let's bring back the game meter nautilus!!!

As cool as this is, I'm not sure how quickly I'll be able to finish this. I'd like to have it done by the end of the year but something tells me it's gonna be more like early 2020 before I can wrap everything up. We'll see, though ^_^

While you're here, if you like Weird and Unfortunate, and are in the mood for a murder mystery with puzzle elements, the demo for Rainfall: Final Messages dropped a couple of months ago and got criminally low attention. MakioKuta, Racheal and Indrah have been working on it off and on for years and I'd love for it to get some more attention, so if the gamepage looks at all interesting to you, please give it a try ^_^

Thanks again for following this project, everyone, and I can't wait to bring this project to completion :DDDDDDDDDDD


Crawling Right Along

Not a huge update today. Just a little progress report.

So, it's been about two and a half months since the last blog. I thought I've been working pretty slowly (and I have, for the most part), but I was surprised at how far I've gotten, probably due to consistency (I've been able to work on it almost every day, give or take). Here's where we are on the progress meter, with the new progress marked in green (and accounts for everything except eventing some of the scenes):

So, looks like I'm doing better than I thought ^_^ A lot of stuff for me is still up in the air right now, so I don't know if I'll be able to continue to work so consistently (and I keep getting tempted to do a side project to let off some steam) but who knows, if I can continue at this rate maybe I can finish everything before the end of the year?

Thanks for following the project, everyone, and I'll keep at it :DDDDDD


Sewer Saga and a Rambling Dev

The sewer is a short area to give the player a cooldown after the huge school dungeon and the vedim area within it. Just relax as you navigate the smelly surroundings. Regain your chill after all that crazy mess that happened beforehand.

Can you find all the graffiti RPG Maker game references?

Between the 60% release and now, all I've worked on concerning the rest of the game is the sewer itself and the downtown tileset. Honestly, an equal amount of time has been spent fixing bugs and correcting stuff with the already finished 60% of the game (thanks again for all of the feedback :DDD). There's also a secret password menu (only in the latest version of 60% release) for people who want to replay the game with all the expense-speak translated, though it's not exactly useful until the full game is out. press Q as the game starts before any dialog appears. but what's the password? beat the game when its released to find out

So, what's left to do in the game? Let's revive that game progress meter I made waaaaaay back when, redrawn for kicks.

So is that a lot or not much? Hard to say. I'm just taking it one step at a time, and we'll arrive at the end sooner or later.

Honestly, after the 60% Release, I thought I'd give myself a break and do something fun, like a short yuri game or something. But I dunno, I failed in that because all my ideas needed longer games to work, and the one idea I thought of that's short doesn't really sing to me, so I'll just keep plugging away at this game for now. Not to say that I might not need a short game distraction to give me a break from all the weirdness of this project later down the line, but I'll try to stay focused.

Thanks for reading my rambling and following the game's development :DDDD


60% Version 1.11 released!

Hello everyone! ^_^

Got a new version of the 60% Release uploaded. The biggest fix is that I've overhauled the encounter rate for the school, which is the biggest area and wore out its welcome for a lot of players due to the size and amount of encounters. Now you'll encounter about half as many battles and the enemies give more EXP (and the bosses more obols) to compensate.

If you're still playing the initial 60% release and haven't gotten to the school yet, you may want to download version 1.11 and move your saves over for a smoother school experience.