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It hits a certain sweetspot

I must add a few things before I can go into detail.

1. I played this on android using JoiPlay, so don't expect to encounter the same issues I did in case I mention any
2. I didn't get to finish the game because I accidentally deleted the wrong Folder
3. I played the entirety in nightmare mode.

Weird and Unfortunate Summary:
Psychic Bat-woman receives a distress Signal and is on her way to save the day.
On her way she meets a diverse cast, Gunslinger Karen, your typical loli Madoka and ordinary guy Lamar. (Boost his defense seriously)


Difficulty: Almost good
After getting a taste of easy mode the game will ask you how you would like to set the difficulty in comparison. The game really eases you into the difficulty that way.
Sometime in the later portion I switched to easy just to see the difference. Random Encounters deal up to 4x as much damage, while your own attacks deal up to 20% less damage to them. HP remains the same as far as I can tell. Enemies are way faster in nightmare mode and may strike first and more often. You can actually die from random encounters so plan your actions carefully. Unfortunately some skills negate the need to strategize entirely for random encounters and render items useless again.
(Spoiler): The ability to heal even after dying as long as you win the fight itself. The ability to regen MP during and after battles. You can keep your health and MP full throughout most fights even in nightmare mode.
Otherwise I would thoroughly enjoy the difficulty Setting.
As soon as you get a second party member the nightmare is over.

Avoidable Encounters:
I really like being able to see the encounter bar increase and brace myself for some action. However when I see the enemy onscreen and it feels more like a chore. I want to get loot stuff and not be bothered but my long snake party usually gets attacked while I try to avoid them. Later part of the game is more annoying because enemies are placed rather than random.

This game suffers from something many other games do, littering. Its post apocalyptic sure but even more so important objects should be scarce. I never felt the need to loot out of necessity but only my incredible OCD.
Few items are locked behind locks with cleverly hidden codes etc. You have to decide, skip possibly important items or get done with it and spend a lot of time clicking sparkly items on the ground.
They're also spread throughout every corner of the worldmap so my desire to explore is nil. It feels a bit like a chore. Fewer Items and better placement would make this more fun.

Honestly no. The littering triggers my OCD too much. It would be a chore to replay this anytime soon. But if you can ignore the useless items then yes, it has high replay value.

The Graphics:
They look really neat. Plus points for not being another anime copy-paste.
The graphics remind me a bit of Dos-Era games if they were higher resolution and more polished. It certainly doesn't look like your average RPG.

Sound and Music:
Techno. (Trance?) That kind if Music. It was unexpected. But it is very fitting most of the time.
Helps set the mood for this game quite a bit. It makes the difference between Horror and strange&unfortunate. Very neat.
The only problem I have is the extreme difference in volume sometimes. It becomes obvious when playing on the phone how quiet some parts are and then a sound effect blasts your ears off.

It starts off very simple but manages to make you want to figure out more on your own. Stays the same throughout the game. Its nothing entirely new but well done. It stays fun and interesting throughout.
It has unexpectedly much of varying levels of sweet and cute things incorporated in it.

#Personal comments#

I spot myself some Ara Fell reference. Am I right? Bonus Points for you. Finished it just a few months ago.

Minus points for constantly bashing your helper who doesn't bash you at all. He's a bit too patient with the party too making him look like a pushover when he should be something to be feared.

The fight with Phritotch was the best part of the game so far. My current position in the game being 4 Tablets away from the big bad. She has a mean gimmick to summon fingers and man does this make the battle hard!
I kept having to deal with the army more than herself. This fight went back and forth with 5 Summons butchering my party and getting rid of them all and my team patched up again. I lost the first attempt because of another mean Gimmick, the one hit kill skill that renders my two of my fully healed party members dead and two more crippled. Unfortunately it happened before I could get rid of her summons. 1 Phritotch and 8 Fingers was a traumatizing experience.
I wish other enemies had similar abilities to spice up their battles. But it was just slowly taking down huge amounts of HP for everyone else. She was the only fight in which I had to really strategize and use Items like my life depended on it, which it really did.

Final Verdict:
In the end It deserves at least 4 stars. It has some annoying aspects but that's all they are in an overall great game. The difficulty is just enough to make you regret taking your enemies lightly, not enough to despair for hours over unwinnable situations. It is overall an enjoyable experience.