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The Bamford Tenement is an open world experience that centers around a quest hub called the Bamford Tenement.

You play as Clouse: a wanderer who decides to settle down in a tenement in the middle of Washington DC. Little does he know that the inhabitants of this old building are a bit on the strange side.

Almost every character in the tenement has a quest arc that will push the player to explore the large open setting of the game as well as encounter many new allies and enemies.

This is my first game, and I really tried to put all I knew about game making into it. If you have any suggestions, they could end up in the next game I'm making.

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Alpha for the Sequel is out right now

So I've finished the Bamford Tenement, and people seem to really like it. Which is awesome: I'm very happy for the support I've gotten for this game. I feel like I'm now justified in my decision to begin working on the next Bamford game, which is Bamford: Paradise.

Right now, the game is in very early alpha. But you can have a chance to play the alpha version by going here: < http://rpgmaker.net/games/8508/ >

It's not finished yet, but I'm working towards getting it done by the summer. I'd appreciate any support you could give me on that game while I'm trying to get it all wrapped up and polished. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who supported me on this game and have a great day!
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  • DoctorRocket
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 12/05/2015 06:14 PM
  • 05/21/2017 11:51 AM
  • 09/08/2015
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my goodness. I don't believe I'm anywhere near finished but... your quests are well made. the fact that I've gone through 20+ without a single conceivable bug is also amazing. the characters are all funny and interesting too. sunbow is best clown your mapping isn't amazing but it's definitely solid. The only things I can say is either give Clouse more skills, and make scripted encounters a little more interesting (i.e. give them a unique skill; event some mid battle dialog). other than that, you've got a pretty nice first game here.
I'm hooked! Going great so far. The characters and their stories are interesting enough to keep me playing for the past few hours. :D A little problem though...(spoilers ahead)
when they found out about the tenement being auctioned, there's an error. Same popup with Daylen15. (T_T)
It's a nice game i couldn't stop playing it. But i had a problem (spoiler)
When Dante called us to a meeting in the lobby ( final quest i think) after the dialogue when Beowulf says "Onwards Soldiers" the game closes and an error appears. i hope you can fix it beacuase i want to finish it T.T and this is what appears
I'll get working on it: I wasn't aware of this bug, mostly because it's very late game. But I'll look into it when I get the chance.
I'll get working on it: I wasn't aware of this bug, mostly because it's very late game. But I'll look into it when I get the chance.

Much thanks! :D
It really is an enjoyable game, and I can't wait to finish it. ^_^
Thank you so much!!! I'm really happy :) Let's finish it!
I did a new download with the slightly updated game.

I tried to fix the script error at the end of the game: it may have worked but I'll have to go in and see what else I can fix.

For now, see if in the new update, the last quest is playable without the extreme script error.
I had a problem with the update:
The script error it's fixed but after the same situation at the lobby all get's black and i can't see anything, but the game still running i can walk with Clouse to the next floor but nothing changes it's still black (then in darkness i walked to the nightmare world of minerva and back to the real world and the light turn back to normally and continue the final quest)Maybe the error happens with me only, there's also other errors like some mission that never turn complete (with green light) (flying blades of beauty, dante needs his cheese and skeleton's key). Hope you can fix it, i'm almost at the end :D (sorry for my bad english)
I tried to fix the script error at the end of the game: it may have worked but I'll have to go in and see what else I can fix.

For now, see if in the new update, the last quest is playable without the extreme script error.

Script is gone! :D

But same issue occurs with Daylen15, the screen is blank. I could open the menu, walk around and everything, but can't see anything. :3

My only missions that did not turn green were Annette's Dilemma and Dante Needs His Cheese. But I assumed it's because it's still incomplete. :)
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Ver 1
General 7H 10M+ Dropped (a glitch stopped me from progressing further)
a lot of grammar mistakes,some glitches and pathing errors.
random battles i didn't care for,obnoxiously selfish npcs.
This was a bit annoying...but to be a little more detailed
honestly i did not enjoy most of this game and the random battles didn't help things if only there was a accessory or something that negated them until i wanted them again.

especially with the battles themselves being really dull. standard sprites,skill names/effects.
there is a unnecessary amount of weapons and armor in this game.

the quests in particular were fine but it becomes annoying when that same person keeps asking you for more like a addict asking for cigarettes or money to waste on drugs.
the muffin man was the worst offender of this if were to choose.

things i did like (spoilers)
Eve,everything about her from her personality to her quests were satisfying :D

you room upgrading :D

... >.>... (i can totally think of at least one more thing i am sure.... <.<...)

The fairy! she was a adorable character! you just want to pet her! :D

assuming all the errors are fixed i would consider this a okay experience.
I really enjoyed this game! Good job, Doctor Rocket! I loved the story precisely, I would love a sequel!
Awesome to hear! I'm actually working on a sequel that will be in alpha stage soon, so I'll be sure to put that out.

I really appreciate your support. Thanks for that!
Oh my, the ending! Haha!
It was random, but good. Makes me want to play a sequel game. ^_^

I do hope that the dialogues for the other characters would change after certain events. Eg, I noticed that they started to address Clouse as the owner after they saved the deed, but the dialogue option pretty much were the same. Would be fun if a random dialogue/comment were to appear if we talk to them multiple times or something. :)

I'd also love to see a stronger background story and/or stronger relationship for each character in the sequel. Oh, and the other green haired guy- I'd like to see him again. ^_^

I personally enjoyed playing this game. Good job! :D
I appreciate your feedback: I'm working on a second game right now which will be released much quicker. It'll have 4 parts and I'll have to release part 1 as soon as I can get it up and running.

There will be stronger relationships built between characters and more stuff involved: like perhaps achievements and a crafting system. With this new game I plan to do a lot more of what I didn't do in the original Tenement.

But it's still in development, so please stay tune for that! And thank you for your continued support.
I love this game so much. It's some of the most funny game i ever played !
Glad to hear it! I really appreciate the support.
Glad to hear it! I really appreciate the support.
EDIT EDIT EDIT: Ok so I have completed majority of the quests. I have only 1 quest left to do according to the quest journal. But I have some questions...

1] It says to give Dante some cheese. I have already given him lots of cheese before, I dont remember how much though. How much cheese do I need to give him in order to complete the quest? Is there a specific amount?

2] In the tent of the old man on the roof, there's something I need to use at the grey sign thing(???) but I don't have it yet. What is it & where do I get it??

3] Where do I get the gold key for the iron chest on the first floor of the tenement??

4] I got a lot of key items for a cat in my inventory (fish, ball of yarn, bell). I got these mostly from the parallel world. Who do I give those items too??

5] And last question, What is the purpose of the inaccessible part of the Dark Forest, the big corporation building with the receptionist and the harbour area with the big warehouses and tents??

plz reply soon coz I really want to finish the game and also coz I'm tired of climbing up & down the tenement stairs.... :P

First off, it's neat to see that people are still playing this game. To be honest, I can't remember a lot of it.

But I'll try and help.

1: Dante's quest is just meant to get you money as long as you bring him cheese. It's indefinite.

2: That sign requires an item called "The Mysterious object" which is found in the reinforced chest in the storage room.

3: The gold key is given to you at the end of the Final Quest after you complete all the other ones.

4: Go back into the Parallel world and go to the Lobby where you'll find Minerva. That's who will want the stuff.

5: they become important at the very end of the game in the final quest.

Hope that helps!
Loved this game: it's fun, the characters are well developed.
Loved this game: it's fun, the characters are well developed.

Thanks! I appreciate you saying so.
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