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Rise of the Third Power freeware version permenantly going down today at 5:00 EST

With our kickstarter successfully concluded, I'll be removing the freeware version of this project later today. So if you'd like to check this out before it's no longer available, now's the time!

As with Ara Fell, we'll be putting up a link to the Steam page when the new, finished version of Rise of the Third Power launches.



Rise of the Third Power Announced, Kickstarted!

Hey everyone! It's not exactly been a big secret that I've been working on a commercial version of Rise of the Third Power, given the same overhaul as Ara Fell, but here's the official announcement.

Rather than inundate you with information here, I'd encourage everyone to check out our ongoing Kickstarter campaign for (aside from the obvious reason of just wanting to get funded) an exhaustive list of details about characters, story, game systems and more.

Please also wishlist Rise of the Third Power on Steam!

We'll be leaving the download link on RMN up for now, and will remove it in the near future. So if you've been meaning to check out the original version from 2007, now's the time!

Feel free to drop any questions here. I'll be happy to answer them!
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