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Heeey everybody, I'm here with exciting news! (what I think is exciting anyways)
DYSTOPIAN ZOMBIES got a massive update on many, many levels! I'm updating the main download now and it sure be available soon.

I urge anyone who has played to please give the new version a spin if you can and see how you like all the additions and fixes. As this is how I see DZ as a Director's Cut version because it has a lot of things I wanted to add originally. Included in that list is:

More enemies! There's now an addition of robots and raiders! Yay! Diversity!
Music doesn't loop and changes with settings
A whole new Light Rail station to explore as well as more buildings are explorable now!
Balancing with enemies, stats and items.
Added a new Follower to be recruited!
Two additional merchants have been added to North City Ruins
There's now two more quests to do(you still have to only complete three to continue)

Annd good news is that DYSTOPIAN ZOMBIES! is back in production and I hope to add a lot more content as I originally planned without cutting it awkwardly short.

Well, that's all I can think of right now so until next time! Be on the look out for more screenshots and development soon!

Thank you and please let me know what you think of the new version! :)