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An awesome Zombie game - Jtrev23 Reviews

  • jtrev23
  • 01/06/2016 02:47 AM
I was asked to review this game by the developer “Infection Files” on RMN and I have to say that I was pleasantly amazed by this game. I have to say that while I’m normally not a huge horror fan, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. For the record I played this game to completion in 2 hours and 1 minute according to the internal game clock.


"Dystopian Zombies" is a great game with too many genres to include in one sentence. Obviously, it functions as another zombie horde survival game in which the player is given limited ammo and supplies and must scavenge the area constantly to survive. It also functions as an action-based shooter and fighter game with the option to switch between a short ranged weapons and long range weapons in order to fight off the player’s enemies. Finally it is also contains the open world aspect as well and allows the player not only the freedom to explore any zombie infested area they desire but it also gives the player the ability to choose where they start their journey. I love the open world aspects especially it allows the player to play the game at their own pace and get them to learn though their own experiences. Now this is a demo still so I won’t judge too harshly but I did feel that the order between character selection, intro, and gameplay could be fixed better. As it stands right now, the player chooses a character before they even understand the backstory or find out which location the player is starting from. While this does little to hinder the actual gameplay it is something that could cause the player to disconnect from the story or the game altogether. Other than that though the game is spectacular and has me waiting for the next update.


All parts of Dystopian Zombies’ presentation help add to its dark and mysterious atmosphere. Even though the graphics are a mix of RTP and purchased assets, everything from the zombies to the futuristic tiles contribute visually to a post-apocalyptic world setting. The same is true for the music as well. Although the looping through of the one song does get old over a period of time, the music chosen not only fits the theme really well but also helps the player feel as if they are in the world of the game. As for the story, while this game doesn’t have any crazy twists that set it apart from other zombie games I would say that the situational humor and irony within the world helps set this game apart from other games. (Take a real good look outside of the Fast food place and the dialogue inside, trust me you’ll see what I mean). Also, since it is an open world game, the player can spend a countless amount of time exploring the map and becoming immersed in the game. With the full screen mode on especially, the player can easily become immersed in the game and I would say that is mostly due to the game’s spectacular presentation. The only thing I really dislike about the presentation is the menu options. It’s simple and works as it should but the UI is strange and takes some getting used to. This is more of a personal preference though and doesn’t represent the rest of “Dystopian Zombies’ ” presentation.


I would say the prime source of engagement comes from the fear factor of being attacked by a zombie. This game can easily become a button-masher and when the player is surrounded by a horde of zombies they are total engaged in the moment for fear of dying and losing the game. As for the gameplay though, I have to say that I was rather surprised by the combat based battle system and the variety of equipment available to the player. I used Amsterdam in my playthrough and I loved being able to fight up close as well as from a distance with the tow different types of weapons. Unfortunately ammo is limited and thus the player has to search everywhere find items they ca use or sell for more ammo. As I mentioned earlier, scavenging is key as at least of a third of the items the player collects can heal the player by a certain amount, which is definitely needed in this game. Having these supplies and ammo be limited though helps force the player to strategize when they plan to use the items and how much they should save for a later use.


There are a few small bugs and glitches which will be notified to developer directly.


Playing Dystopian Zombies is an awesome experience which I invite everyone to try. Even though it is a demo the game still has a lot to offer not only with exploration but plenty of battles too. I say play it if you like Zombie Games, Survival Games, Action/Combat based games, or Third-Person Shooters. This game caters to all those genres in some way and I'd say if you love those types of games, you'll love "Dystopian Zombies"!



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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Thanks again, man! I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much! :D

DZ is getting an update soon with fixes and some other small changes.
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