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Big news!

Surprise, I'm not dead! I just had a lot of demons to deal with. Depression is a monster. Not to mention losing a huge portion of the game to an unfixable script error. But I finally got the drive to work on this back after I discovered a backup that gave me a chance to revive this project. Yay!

So, first things first, I will not be able to continue the Android release (for now). I'm not skilled in Android, and the script I was instructed to use is fussy. Plus it is a huge undertaking to try and make an app compatible with most Androids. I eventually plan to do an Android release, but probably not until I develop this game further.

Second, I've nearly doubled the length of the game demo. There's now some puzzles in the mix. The one in the tower may be a bit hard, so let me know what you think. Also I completely revamped the skill acquisition system, so earning skills is less generous and more balanced. And, of course, there's significantly more story this time! I hope you enjoy it. I should have the updated upload up very soon!

EDIT: The link is now live! I had to use Google Drive due to the large file size.



Okay, this just sucks to high heaven. I've been infected with the most god-awful virus I've ever seen: Cryptowall. Long story short, it encrypts and scrambles all of your files, then demands a pricey ransom to "rescue" them! (A 200$+ ransom that may or may not actually unlock the files!) Evil. Pure &%@$%@# evil. I'd love to shove its writer into a pit of venomous, man-eating snakes. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Rant over. The game is "safe" in that it was not directly infected, but I need to make sure it's CLEAN before I release any further updates... It'll take about a week to rebuild and clean up everything, but I won't give up yet! It'll take more than a virus to kill my spirit~!

Progress Report

Progress: Slow but steady!

Hello, everyone! Sorry there hasn't been much in the way of content updates lately, but don't worry; I'm working on a huge update that will add about two hours to the demo! This will include a part of the quest system I've been working on, two optional characters that may (or may not) join you, and side-events! Don't give up on me, and keep an eye out for that update in a couple of weeks!


Promoted by RPG Maker MV! A Thank You to All!

So, this just happened yesterday: This game got featured on RPG Maker MV's Facebook page! I'm so surprised and flattered! Let me just say this; to all my fans and followers, thank you so much! I promise to make this game worth your time!


Online WebBrowser Version Available!

An online version of Chains of Fate is now here! Check out the link here! This is an early release, so please report bugs and glitches. Thanks and enjoy~!

Progress Report

Android Version Now Available!

Okay, here's the scoop. Due to the HUGE variance in Android systems, it is impossible to create a "universal" APK that works on every device with 100% certainty. Using a Crosswalk export resulted in high compatibility, and near-perfect speed, but resulted in a strange glitch where the SFX will stop playing. Apologies for this.

Even so, I'm proud to say... enjoy! :D Find it in the Downloads section of the profile!

Progress Report

Android Demo Coming Soon!

After much trial and error, I have successfully created an Android APK of this latest demo update! (Don't worry, Apple-lovers. An iOS release is in the works! :D) You will need to enable 3rd party apps in order to play this APK. Also, bear in mind that due to this game's complexity, this game WILL lag greatly on low-performance phones/tablets. The music will change on all Android devices as well, reflecting the original songs instead of the pitch-modified versions in the PC demo. Tested on Lenovo Tab 3, Samsung Galaxy 4, and Samsung Tab 3. I will upload the APK once I finish trimming the files to a more manageable size. (It should be ready by 12/30/15!)
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