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Big news!

Surprise, I'm not dead! I just had a lot of demons to deal with. Depression is a monster. Not to mention losing a huge portion of the game to an unfixable script error. But I finally got the drive to work on this back after I discovered a backup that gave me a chance to revive this project. Yay!

So, first things first, I will not be able to continue the Android release (for now). I'm not skilled in Android, and the script I was instructed to use is fussy. Plus it is a huge undertaking to try and make an app compatible with most Androids. I eventually plan to do an Android release, but probably not until I develop this game further.

Second, I've nearly doubled the length of the game demo. There's now some puzzles in the mix. The one in the tower may be a bit hard, so let me know what you think. Also I completely revamped the skill acquisition system, so earning skills is less generous and more balanced. And, of course, there's significantly more story this time! I hope you enjoy it. I should have the updated upload up very soon!

EDIT: The link is now live! I had to use Google Drive due to the large file size.


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I greatly reduced the file size and also fixed a glitch in the tower. please redownload the game if you have the version I released a few days ago. Enjoy!
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