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Hello! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I thought I'd make a walkthrough on the game just in case if anyone is stuck on any of these puzzles. This walkthrough will not be providing hints, however, just full instructions on how to do each puzzle. There will also be an ending guide when I finish the game!

1. Prologue

a. "WE SEE" Puzzle

In order to do the "WE SEE" puzzle you must stand in front of the painting on the wall (initially in front of "WE SEE") and go one step west, one step east, one step south, one step east, and another step east. Press enter on the tile you are standing on and you will see that there is a loose floorboard. In order to pry the tile you will need the pocket knife. The pocket knife is in the top shelf of the cabinet. Pry the floorboard open. You will now have the letter and the broken key. Go to where Melrose's art supplies are and grab the glue. There is a self switch so you may have to interact with it twice in order to get the glue. Go to the item menu and combine the glue and broken key. You may now leave the room.