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"I once heard a philosopher say that we live not in one world, but in three.

The first is the physical world, a world of things we can see, taste, smell, touch and hear.

The second exists within our minds. It is made out of our feelings, ideas, and desires; our hopes and fears.

But the third, he said, was a mystery. Was it a perfect world that we could only attain after death, a sort of heavenly afterlife?

Or was it possible to reach it in this life, even if only for a moment?"

Such were the musings of our protagonist as he found himself mired in a curious cavern of fire. He had no idea how he got there, or even who he was, to be honest.

And that voice telling him that he might soon be dissolved wasn't making him any more comfortable.

Of course, there was a way out. There always is.

But what lay ahead? And what would he find?

The Third World is a story-driven game that incorporates both elements of both the RPG and visual novel. (Hey, I write the kind of games I like playing! ^_^) Follow our protagonist - and the unlikely friends he makes along the way - as they set out to explore the bizarre world they have been thrown into, recover their memories, and eventually come face to face with a reality that is stranger than their wildest dreams...

What to expect:
- Various levels to the story: just as soon as it seems to make sense, something new comes along. Or does it?
- Mysteries to be solved and memories to be recovered...
- Collectible cutscenes - you can replay them any time you like if you believe you have missed out on something important...
- No random battles. Every encounter is a storyline-based boss or mini-boss fight, and with few exceptions, there is a trick to winning each of them; it's not just "Press Enter for supreme victory!"
- Multiple endings!

Disclaimer: This game is a work of fiction. All resemblances to existing persons, places, events or beliefs are either coincidental - or, if you enjoy such things, allegorical.

Latest Blog

Rewriting is such sweet sorrow, Part Deux: Faith No More

One of the aspects of The Third World that I don't have to tinker much with during this phase of "rebuilding" is the characters.

Perhaps that's because they were the centrepiece of the original concept notes; perhaps it's because the story revolves around them. Nonetheless, after much deliberation, I have found it necessary to make one significant change: the heroine's name, which was "Faith" in the earlier draft, is now "Florence".

As justification for the name change, I offer the following parable or allegory. Read it as you will.

Once upon a time, there was a Jewish gentleman - let's assume he's Conservative but not quite Orthodox - who was designing a fantasy role-playing game using RPG Maker 2000.

One of the central characters of this game was a young woman whom he called Rachel. He chose this name because (a) he liked it, (b) it had a symbolic meaning in the context of the story, and additionally (c) it was an obscure literary reference that probably only he would get.

Unfortunately, one fine day, this gentleman was browsing through his Twitter feed when he received an unpleasant surprise. Apparently, a new "minor celebrity" had emerged on YouTube, who was virulently anti-Semitic, and whose channel featured interviews with so-called "scholars" whose stock-in-trade was the worst form of conspiracy theories; phantasmagorical constructions that would put The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to shame. Worst of all, said "minor celebrity"'s name was Rachel. (Her surname is irrelevant to this story, but if you insist on one being provided, let's say "Steele".)

With a heavy heart, our budding RPG maker decided that he could not, in good conscience, use the same name for the game's protagonist. So he searched high and low for an alternative, and decided that she would now be called not Rachel, but Rebecca.

Sometimes, things just work out that way.

The End


So goodbye Faith, and welcome Florence. I hope you enjoy your journey through The Third World.
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  • 12/17/2015 05:19 PM
  • 07/18/2019 05:06 AM
  • 07/04/2020
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Hello, recently downloaded the game and its very good cause of more strategic than full strength battle, hoping for the full version release. Btw, i got stuck with sarah's past, dont know where to go after ive unlocked the doll at basement and secret room at east of the house, a lil help would be appreciated.
"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
Thanks a lot for your feedback and glad you're enjoying the game so far! Have you examined all the objects, even seemingly unimportant ones? I'm away on vacation now, but I'll try to give you a full solution ASAP! Sorry for the inconvenience...)=

EDIT: Here's the solution, if you're still stuck! :D

Walkthrough for Sarah's quest:

1. In the first room (the one with the Inspector), search the bookshelves. The one near the crystal contains a scrap of paper with a code on it. (The code is contained in the story that the paper tells.)
2. Use the crystal device to receive a recorded message from Sarah's father. This will also unlock access to the rest of her house.
3. Go past the barrier (now lowered) into the next room.
4. In here, search the flower bed. You'll find a key marked "Taylor".
5. Next to the flower bed is a bookshelf. Read the books there to view a memory of Sarah and her mother. Note her mother's name carefully!
6. Below the bookshelf, there are two robots in the small room. Talk to the one with the mask (CY-71) and opt to recruit him. (This isn't compulsory, but it makes the battles in this section a cake-walk.)
7. Head to the room north (the one with the bottles on the table and the double-bed.)
8. Here, interact with the bottles (just stand in front of them and hit the action key) to get a clue about who murdered Sarah's father.
9. Near the door with the barrier, in this room, is a bottle of water. Pick it up, especially if you haven't recruited CY-71. Otherwise the upcoming fight will be nearly impossible to win.
10. Check the portrait on the wall in the same room. You'll get a message about hearing something unlock.
11. Interact with the barrier that blocks your way north and enter the code from the note (it's 5 2 3 4). This will take you into a room with four crystals.
12. Interact with the crystal to your right for a BOSS FIGHT! If you have CY-71 in your party, just keep attacking.
If you don't, use the bottle of water to stun the Guardian Robot and then fire away (and hope you get lucky!) You can't interact with the crystal to your left yet, so leave this place for now.
13. Go back to the room with the flowers / robots and head east this time. Play the piano to lower the barrier into the tiny hut.
14. Enter the hut to find yourself in another room (from another world!) and look around if you want. However, you can't view the crystal yet, so head back out.
15. Now go back to the flower / robot room and head south. The barrier here can be lowered if you know Sarah's mom's name, which is easy if you were paying attention at step 5. (If not, it's Zoe. If you picked Leena, well, that's a joke. ^_^)
16. Interact with the crystal to hear another recording from Sarah's father.
17. Now head back to where you fought the Guardian Robot to hear yet another recording from Sarah's father Yuri. He loves to talk, doesn't he? =) This time, he'll tell you a strange story about a woman from the past named Honoria.
18. With this information, head to the room with the piano and the dimensional warp hut (^_^) and enter the warp. You can now hear a recording of Honoria's lover, Major Taylor, telling us about the mysterious enemies of Trogopolis.
19. Now, head back to the room with a small green-roofed hut (where you viewed an earlier crystal) and enter the hut.
20. Talk to the statue sitting in the throne. When she asks you who she is, remember what happened at step 17 and say "Princess Honoria". This will allow you to hear a recording from the Princess (who is the spitting image of Faith -
this is intentional and a plot point, by the way!)
21. After all this (phew!) head back to the room with the flowers and robots. Next to the mirror is a crystal ball.
Interact with it to hear the final recording from Yuri Endun.
22. You're done! Head back to the Inspector, confront him with the truth (you should have guessed it by now, but Yuri spells it out quite clearly, and step 8 gives you the other clue), and get ready for a BOSS FIGHT! Use Sarah's newly-acquired "Light Pulse" skill to blind Inspector Ghau, and then give him a good beating! (If you have CY-71 in your party, you probably don't even need to use Light Pulse.)
23. And you're done. Congratulations, you've solved the biggest puzzle in the entire game! It's all sailing from here.
Adventure game with a heavy emphasis on plot. There are a few fights but they are extremely easy. From what I saw in the demo it is very linear but there are a handful of puzzles here and there. I've played a few other games on this site that are similar to this, though this game is rather basic. Not a bad game though, and if it does get finished I might want to play it.
"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
Adventure game with a heavy emphasis on plot. There are a few fights but they are extremely easy. From what I saw in the demo it is very linear but there are a handful of puzzles here and there. I've played a few other games on this site that are similar to this, though this game is rather basic. Not a bad game though, and if it does get finished I might want to play it.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I am working on making the game a little less "basic", and the fights do get a little more complex later on, but otherwise you've pretty much nailed it.

Things are going a little slower than I planned, but it will be finished someday....not too late, I hope. ^_^
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