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Hello, I am proud to introduce new game “Trapped Summoner”. The obvious question is what makes this particular game special.

First of all the battle system. The standard battle system from RPG Maker VX ACE is pretty basic and has been around for a while. Actually ideas about novel combat system was what started development of the game. During the course of the game you will encounter various creature that you can capture and then summon during combat. Before going into battle it is crucial to evaluate the composition of enemy troops select the creatures you will summon and position them at strategic points. Each creature has its own unique role and abilities making a plethora of potential combinations for your small army.

Secondary it is various deadly traps. Believe me they will keep you at the edge of your sit. Some of them will require speed and mastery of control, while others will challenge your intellect and common sense. The traps were created specifically for this game and I invested a lot of time into them, but believe me it was worth it.

Thirdly it is the storyline. Adventurous Del makes his living by finding and selling expensive artefacts. But at one point he bits more than he can chew, when one of the dungeons he explores turns out to be more than what he expected. Deadly traps, vicious monsters, elaborate labyrinths of caves… Clearly getting out of it will not be easy. His food runs out as is his hope to ever see daylight. He is at a point of nervous breakdown when suddenly he discovers a large ruby in one of the caves. Mesmerized he tries to take it but upon touching it he receives a strong electric shock and falls unconscious. Having awakened he finds he is no longer alone. The spirit of a girl named Amelia is now living in his head. They make a pact: he will help her find a new body and she will in exchange help the hero in his endeavour.

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Played a bit of the game, definitely unique among other RM games I've played. It was pretty tough at times but I can see where strategy comes into play during combat. Best of luck with your Greenlighting, you got my vote.
Hello hiromu. Thank you very much for your kind words and your vote!
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