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This game is a fantasy RPG game with exploration and crafting aspects. In the beginning you create your character, choosing a class, gender and appearance. The battle system is fairly straightforward, depending on your class you will learn different attacks and be able to use different weapons in your battles. The world is set in a medieval styled world which has many places to explore if you're willing to look. The world also runs on a day/night time system which changed the world periodically, from night to day people and places may be different.

The game strives to involve the players in puzzles, various plot lines and ,mystery.

The main plot itself is centered around a soul who comes into the world on unfair circumstances, with the spirit world of spirits which they came from under an ominous threat, as well as the world they came into. Once your character has grown, their friend convinces them to go on a journey, thought they aren't sure where to, which opens a world of opportunities to your character.

There are guilds to join, mysteries to uncover, and myths to behold. This world is vast and just waiting for oyu to make your mark, your life!

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hmm hmm~ want to play this

Yes,I agree and i`ve been test playing several hours and its Good.Very good.
I love these kind of RPG s and it`s great.
Just ask him maybe you can `test` it.I can`t share something until he wants.
I like the sound of this rpg. In fact, I love it already!
It looks good to play
I wonder if its playable on JOIplay app on android cause i want to try playing it
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