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The game is now complete! This should have been done months ago, but because of how life works and what comes up, I spent about 10 months between getting to the last dungeon and completing the game.

The demo doesn't appear to have had many accolades, with the 1 star rating, but the demo also had one crazy-simple dungeon. This full game will keep you occupied for a while!

There's not much storyline up front; this is one of those games that just progresses as you delve further into it.

Check this one out & have fun with it!


Here are just a few side tidbits about the game:

- Puzzles to get through in most dungeons
- Side-quests (five that are completely optional)
- The ability to pass through an area if you've already gone through it.
- Every enemy can drop at least one item, with a lot of enemies having their own custom drops.
- Powerful spells that can be found in addition to the ones the characters learn.
- "Escape" and "Teleport" skills as well. No need to spend hours crawling all over the world!
- Experience modifiers: characters earn 100%, 133%, 200%, or 400% of normal experience depending on who's alive at the end of battle.

Latest Blog

Re-emergence from Hiatus, 7/1/2009

Wow, hard to believe I haven't worked on this game in about half a year. A lot has changed since then, with life events and all.

Anywho, I'm on vacation for the next few days from work, and may finish this game up then. I left off with basically the last dungeon to complete, so I'd say I'm around 90% done, only because there's probably some additional stuff I have planned going in that isn't yet.

So yeah.. about 90% done now. As the one and only review of the demo says so far, the first dungeon is rather basic. Definitely not the theme throughout the rest of the game!
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Perhaps this is a little too basic. The first dungeon is an INCREDIBLY generic crawler with random battles (which are almost always a bad idea as they're unavoidable and they can actually punish the player for exploration). There's only so much you should do because Final Fantasy 1-3 did too, or because it's a basic RM function.
But hey, my first game was essentially the same thing sans random battles (they were all enemies on the map that followed you and initiated battle when you touch them).
Sounds good. *clicks download button*
Why have I only noticed this game now? Downloading.
Probably because it went the last ten months without me working on it, and I haven't really "advertised" it that much, lol. Hope you enjoy!
This game is pretty fun... I'm stuck at the switches though, can't figure out the puzzle. :(
I must agree with Kedanna, decent game........stuck at switches
If it's the switch puzzle in the "forest" tower, you've gotta pull enough switches to match the number that the tablet at the north wall of the room shows. Upon entering the room, the number is set between 25 and 90. Reds add 1, blues add 2, yellows 4 and greens 8. So if you ended up with 43, you'd want to flip five greens down, a blue, and a red.
Having trouble with the puzzle In the Desert Tower with the black ball. Figured the ball was suppose to be placed on the tile in the corner to open the gate, but does not work. Could you give me a hint or the answer to this puzzle...thanks..
I think the problem I had on that is I only programmed one way for that one to work. I've realized after looking through it that there's a shortcut through the way I mentioned. Anywho.. the correct way to push the black ball is right-down-right-up-right-down-left-up-left-down-left-up. Not sure exactly why I programmed it like that, but it was over a year ago so.. haha.

Just realized an alternate, simpler path that will work also.. right-down-right-up-left-down-left-up.

It's because I programmed it to work not through the black ball itself (which would have been the SMART way), but through the tile left of the broken pillar.
can't figure out water shrine puzzle
Thanks for the answer to The Desert Tower black ball puzzle. I actually had figured it out later that night,(feel like a tool,lol), anyway...again thanks...great game btw...
I wish I'd made a guide for this game while I was creating it lol. I remember that water shrine place being kind of a pain in the rear. I'll go through it in a little while though and try and post up the "path" through it.
I completed the switches puzzle, but had no idea what to do after that. I was running low on resources and decided to exit. One exit toke me out of the tower. Then I used an exit scroll to get out of the forest as well, but ended up stuck in a wall with all the progress since entering the tower lost.
^ That's an oddity there.. I hate hearing about people having issues in bugs (I like correcting them but hate when people have them) but I've checked my code and found double redundancies and am unable to replicate that issue.. I'm curious myself to what could have caused that.

PS - I now have a hints and tips section up, it details up through the Water Shrine. I haven't gotten to anything past that yet but I imagine I'll likely have this hints and tips page completed tonight.
pls help, im stuck at the west 1st floor. it say the number is set 52 to 55, i dont what to do now...pls help..
I'm assuming you're talking about the forest dungeon? You have to flip down the correct set of switches to equal up to "Today's lucky number" - if the number is 52, that would be all six green switches (which add 8 each) and one yellow switch (which adds 4). If the number is 55, it would be the same, just with an added red (1) and blue (2) switch.
I found a glitch. When you're told to go north, kelan's house's door is a black void and you can't enter. It's strange. I've got a screenshot if you want to see it for yourself.
Also I'm having trouble with finding the key for a side quest, is there supposed to be a clue? Because there doesn't seem to be any way to figure out where it is, thanks in advance.
EDIT- disregard the plea for help, I loaded my game and immediately found it 3 steps from where I saved =S
Haha, good catch on that glitch, I just checked the event myself and can believe what you pointed out. Thanks! And yeah, I gave no hints on the key, but I tried to make sure it wasn't too hard to find - i.e., you don't have to go far from home.
I've discovered 2 more glitches. One is particularly worrisome. If there is a timer sequence and you leave the room before time is up, the timer will not go away, meaning no more random encounters. This can be fixed by returning to the room with the timer.
Also, I'm not getting any random encounters in the water temple, random encounters everywhere else are fine, but i spent about 10 minutes in the water temple and never got one.
Wow, no idea how I managed to build that level and not include the encounters, LOL. I'll leave that as it is for now, and I'll patch it later on tonight - that level is probably more fun without the encounters anyway. ^_^

I think I might have known about the timer thing already, but I don't think I saw it being too big of a deal. I might patch that though just to make sure.
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