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The game is now complete! This should have been done months ago, but because of how life works and what comes up, I spent about 10 months between getting to the last dungeon and completing the game.

The demo doesn't appear to have had many accolades, with the 1 star rating, but the demo also had one crazy-simple dungeon. This full game will keep you occupied for a while!

There's not much storyline up front; this is one of those games that just progresses as you delve further into it.

Check this one out & have fun with it!


Here are just a few side tidbits about the game:

- Puzzles to get through in most dungeons
- Side-quests (five that are completely optional)
- The ability to pass through an area if you've already gone through it.
- Every enemy can drop at least one item, with a lot of enemies having their own custom drops.
- Powerful spells that can be found in addition to the ones the characters learn.
- "Escape" and "Teleport" skills as well. No need to spend hours crawling all over the world!
- Experience modifiers: characters earn 100%, 133%, 200%, or 400% of normal experience depending on who's alive at the end of battle.

Latest Blog

Re-emergence from Hiatus, 7/1/2009

Wow, hard to believe I haven't worked on this game in about half a year. A lot has changed since then, with life events and all.

Anywho, I'm on vacation for the next few days from work, and may finish this game up then. I left off with basically the last dungeon to complete, so I'd say I'm around 90% done, only because there's probably some additional stuff I have planned going in that isn't yet.

So yeah.. about 90% done now. As the one and only review of the demo says so far, the first dungeon is rather basic. Definitely not the theme throughout the rest of the game!
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Hey I just finished the game without finding any more glitches. It was pretty good but the ending was pretty weak. I don't want to submit an official review so here's a summery.
Great dungeon design
Excellent aesthetics, music, graphics, general feel.
Good, although not perfect difficulty curve, I never lost to bosses, just confusion in random battles and going where I'm not supposed to.
Humor was decent.
Parts that took themselves seriously felt awkward and poorly written.
Otto felt incredibly tacked on and unimportant.
Magic felt underwhelming, rarely useful.
Frenzy and the Pendant of spells broke the game hard.
Overall, I'd give the game a 3.5 / 5
Not bad, but not great either.
Thanks for the review, even if it isn't a full review lol.. yeah, even to this day I could use some work as far as writing and some types of scenes go - I feel since SoC that I have gotten better but it's still probably my weakest point in my own opinion.

I've re-played through the game for the most part recently and while some magic helps on some bosses, I was able to get by with a lot more just hack-and-slash than I liked. In some enemy battles, that's alright, but bosses should definitely test your party.

On a SoC standpoint looking back, my mechanics in general could have used a bit of work (i.e. spells and MP costs and what-all), and I think a difficulty downfall I have personally is that I don't really give enough more potent status effects (like paralysis and whatnot) to make their curative items worth looking at.. but this is what good constructive criticism is for and I thank you for phrasing the cons in that sort of manner!
About Forest Tower

I'm not really good at Mathematics skills, so I need help. My number is 85. Which switches I need to flIp?
You'll need all yellows, all greens, all blues, and one red for 85.
Glad that I finished the game. I have Few notes and question.

  • After I defeated the boss in the badland ruins, I traced my steps back to Cyrenia, since the monster fight consumed all my mana and I couldn’t use the teleport spell, but I couldn’t go through the forest and got stuck there. I would have been there forever if it wasn’t for a teleport scroll I had.

  • I looked everywhere for that purple slime, but never found it.

  • Is there any secrets in the islands (other than the windy one and one with cave-maze
I've played about two hours so far, and I'm not really sure how to organize my thoughts haha. I guess I'll just list what I liked and what I didn't like! Yay!

What I liked:
- That battle music: I'm not sure where it came from but it rocks!
- The fast leveling curve: Though this is a kind of double-edged sword. (see below)
- The home town: It's nice to return to town after a dungeon and load up on a bunch of great equipment that you couldn't buy before. Also the NPC's aren't too uninteresting...only a little bit maybe.
- Fast running speed! Like, zoom!

What I didn't like:
- ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK: This seems to be a theme with a lot of RM games I play, but when even the party mage's physical attack is more effective than her offensive magic, it's time to buff magic a bit.
- Over-leveling: It's pretty easy to over-level your characters if you're not careful. The random encounters add to this a lot.
- OH CRAP: In theory it's pretty cool that you can travel anywhere on the world map from the word "go". However, a little warning would be nice before running into an innocuous forest with monsters that decimate the entire party with no chance of escape. Good thing I saved. ;w;

Random thoughts:
- The mapping is mostly ok, if not a bit bland, especially in the dungeons. I'm no mapping expert, but maybe you should check out some mapping tutorials or play some games with really good mapping to get some ideas?
- I didn't really care about the story at all, but I don't think story is this game's focus so it's forgivable. Still, giving each character a little more personality in their dialogue would go a long way!
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