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Screenlife is the story of Donald, who wakes up in an unending nightmare. He lives a dull life in a small apartment, with a simple job. Every day, he's sent a message from someone who desperately needs his help, and his job is to reject them. If he doesn't, the Boss will show up and scold him - and no one wants that.


Screenlife is a short 10 minute horror game with lots of atmosphere made by the writer for the game COATS. while working on an upcoming title, Crackerjack, Screenlife was a short detour to get some creative juices flowing. The idea came from something a friend said to me. She said; "I never want to see what it's like living inside your head. It must be an unending nightmare". Sometimes, it is.

There are plans on expanding Screenlife to a second chapter (I know, it says it isn't episodic, but I consider it updates rather than standalone episodes) if there is enough interest. Let me know if you want to see me expand on this story (there is plenty left to be told), and what you think of the experience so far.

Genre: Horror
Average Playtime: 10 min
- Several custom-made movie cutscenes
- All custom graphics and sprites
- Spooky goodness

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
The plot sounds really interesting the boss is a murder for sure just sayin!
The plot sounds really interesting the boss is a murder for sure just sayin!

You can play it now and see for yourself. It's pretty short though, but I hope you like it. I tried to focus on atmosphere.
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This certainly leaves you with one or more questions about the plot.
honestly i just feel neutral about it.
some of the effects were pretty cool tho.
great job
The art, the concept, and the twists were all very interesting. The combination of drawn pictures and photographs and of read dialogue and dialogue that is heard really adds to the experience. I would love to see more of the story, but I do like that I had to interpret how the whole scenario started since it's not just given.
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