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Way Too Addicted

  • Vaccaria
  • 06/11/2017 08:27 AM
Way Too Addicted
Screenlife Short Review

We follow the story of a man named Donald. His job is simple, and that's to refuse to help others in need. It is rather simple in hindsight, but the cruel reality behind it is way too warped as pleas tend to make him accept such offer. Who wouldn't deteriorate on such circumstance? Well, that's where you, the player, comes in.

Screenlife is a horror game that, to tell you truly, is something not easily understandable. It gives you some hints but in the end, it is up to the player on how he interprets it because for better or worse, we don't know the backstory of such scenario. The game also acts like every single game you find in the internet; it has an interesting story but the gameplay is pretty much going to put you in the edge.

Wrong choices can be 'right'. 'Right and logical' choices can be wrong. And the wrong choice can lead to death (absolutely). It's just like every single horror game that you may or may not have encountered but the difference here is how it is interpreted. There are numerous cutscenes that invoke the very essence of horror; the fear of the unknown. And this unknown is pretty much your 'boss'. And what keeps it at bay is what you do. To refuse the cry for help. Self-preservation at its definition.

It doesn't end there like every single RPG Game you've seen. There are times that the room's space gets warped at times. A perfect example was an event where the player had a nuisance with flies, which is game's penultimate scene. The fact that sitting on your computer while seeing, hearing the pleas of those who need help isn't comfortable at all combined with the fact that everything warps as much as possible.

It shows that you don't need to go to the horror to experience it, because it is there all along for you to realize that its there. The lack of ambient music makes it more disturbing than thought. After all, it is a horror game. In the end, as a story-driven game combined with a sense of direct threat and fear towards the player, it pretty much distinguishes itself from the rest that involves the player going through places, even so that a single room can invoke much more horror than a 'haunted' house.

And next time, try to check what's under your sheets.