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When God ended the world, not everyone was saved. They called it the rapture, and whoever survived the rapture got to live on not as humans, or angels, but beings with a prolonged life span. In the year 435 AR(After Rapture) A ruthless emperor knew that after 1000 years God would one day come back and reclaim all who survived. The emperor wanted to purge the world of sin, and make all who live on the planet pure and ready for the third coming.

You play as Troy, a decorated soldier working for Claudio Lanphastar, the emperor of the Holy Land of Lumeria. One day he gets sent to a rural village to purge the people who dwell there. Seeing the horrors of his acts he decides to question the supreme emperor and gets exiled.

Not only does he seek redemption, but, he seeks to put an end to the suffering his home land has caused to the world. He won't rest until he does so.
Explore a world filled with people who are living under fear of the Lumerian Empire, and play as the traitor who seeks redemption! This is the story of the end, the story of atonement and justice.


This is the sphere grid system, a system which allows you to customize your characters to greater extents.

A battle fighting a huge spider!

The winter village of credomile, the place where the demo starts.

Here is a small snippet of the soundtrack used in the game.
Revere OST

Troy Rapella
As a boy who grew up in the crimson fields of Nia Khari he had long dreamed of being a hero of the world. Eager to join the Holy Army he aspired to be a man of justice, and a man who's eager to spread peace and harmony throughout the world. His dreams were crushed by the ruthless emperor after he was sent to kill and purge villagers because they were deemed unworthy. He now seeks redemption, and atonement for his sins.

Roland Greshmund
A cunning, well composed, and cool headed hunter who lives in the village near the Hallandor kingdom. He lives to hunt, and would do any means to survive the daily cold. He had always wanted a world without fear, and has aspired to be brave and courages in the darkest of times. After hearing the declaration of Imperialism by the Navai Emperor Claudio, he prepares himself every day in case the time would come for the Holy Lands to attack.

Gabriella Lusantana
Troy's childhood friend who also joins the army with him. She is an adventerous lady who strongly believes in equality. Seeing her own home land declare war throughout the world made her uneasy, and she has ever since plotted a way to escape the iron grasp of Claudio Lanphastar

Early Concept Arts for future Protagonists

This is the early concept of our protagonist who is important to the game. She isn't available at the demo as of now.

We hope you like what you see, and we sincerely hope you would want to try this game out!

Update 1/1/2016
The games running a campaign! We hope some of you peeps support us! The page also talks about the game in more depth.
Check it out!

Latest Blog

Revamping the Game

Apparently the site deleted my blog that I worked on for 10 minutes. The admins didn't delete it, it was the site, it errored and erased...EVERYTHING!

I am just going to show you some images of what has happened to the game thus far.

We changed the maps and refined the textures
We added the 8 directional system
We also added new faces to the character roster!
As well some nice music that bests our prototype ten fold.
Here are the following materials you can feast your eyes upon!

Refining the textures one pixel at a time!

Some new faces to the game. Playing an important role in making players question their decision.

Well that concludes today's blog. It's been a long day, and I couldn't believe I lost 10 - 20 minutes of work in a single click. Lifes tough guys! But keep pushing, and keep trying!



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This game looks very nice. Did you draw the characters? They look very nice too.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Agreed. Especially Roland.
Hey ya'll

Nope, I couldn't have done it without my friends. I just make the maps.
Please do try the demo out! Thanks for the early feedback.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts
the graphics are beautiful!

the menu is really nice

i love the quest board!

its s shame one you pick a path in the sphere you cant change it :(

soul beasts are unlikely to be sentient but this one has lost its humanity?
that means they are/were human. something doesn't fit here.

Troy is funny. the term innocent does not apply to humans.

the mystery behind troy is intriguing

the hype for that boss was real!

i wish it had the name of the character when someones talking.

That special challenge :D...he violates noobs :D

General 1H 17M
This was a rather enjoyable experience.the custom graphics was a really refreshing change from rtp which does get pretty tiring at times.
and it has a lot of nifty features(quest board,menu,battle system)
outside of some grammar that could be improved.
i would say my biggest issue with this would be equipping gear.
while it looks pretty, i do prefer the classic style that immediately tells you what the stat benefits are rather then needing extra menus to figure it out.

could benefit from some minor improvements. but overall great game i would highly recommend this!
Thank you for your thoughts! Yes, there are some issues regarding equipping some gear and issues with the dialogue, but they will all change in due time.

It's good you enjoyed it! I am glad you really liked it. Stay tuned for more updates, and, the full game will be coming soon this year...
Looks awesome. :D Will be sure to check this out soon.

Thank you for your input. Be sure to leave feedback and criticisms...

This game looks so good! I envy the sprites!
Also, I really love the battle system even though it took a couple of seconds to understand.
Lastly, this is really fun to play.

Thank you for your kind words! The game will recieve a major revamp in the coming days...

in the moment, do have fun with the demo!

Thank you for your kind words! The game will recieve a major revamp in the coming days...

in the moment, do have fun with the demo!

Will do!
The character designs are simply beautiful, and everything is looking great!

just wait till you see the FULL game. : ) I'll have a revamped Demo by this June.
its going to be bigger, and more detailed.
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