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Progress Report

Revamping the Game

Apparently the site deleted my blog that I worked on for 10 minutes. The admins didn't delete it, it was the site, it errored and erased...EVERYTHING!

I am just going to show you some images of what has happened to the game thus far.

We changed the maps and refined the textures
We added the 8 directional system
We also added new faces to the character roster!
As well some nice music that bests our prototype ten fold.
Here are the following materials you can feast your eyes upon!

Refining the textures one pixel at a time!

Some new faces to the game. Playing an important role in making players question their decision.

Well that concludes today's blog. It's been a long day, and I couldn't believe I lost 10 - 20 minutes of work in a single click. Lifes tough guys! But keep pushing, and keep trying!


Progress Report

Tons and Tons of Maps

It's been quite a while. But, rest assured, more maps are on the way.
This is rework with some fresher tiles...
Apparently the more you make maps, the faster you can do it. Put yourself in the characters shoe, and see what it would feel like to walk around these settings.

that is it for now, more coming soon!

Progress Report

The Start Screen

Although not finalized this is what the start screen looks like now

I wanted the start screen to put the player at ease, because the game will be very, very, very (redacted)

but other than that, I guess that's it. Its still January, a month after the Game has been Greenlit and released out to the public.

We can only hope for the best

with any games, it always good to take it one step at a time, and most of all. enjoy it to the fullest.


Also, maybe, I have a few questions on this website: How do I get this game featured or reviewed? It seems that no ones been reviewing it as of late...
but maybe that's just me


Progress Report

Anthalia Lu' Venesia

Our very own protagonist now has a clearer face...

A stern one.

Heck she's supposed to be stern. It's her character. We hope players find her similar to Troy, because of plot reasons.

Also, we are planning to port the game over to MV and refine some things here and there

That's that for today! Thank You!

Progress Report

Resources Update!

Really, in any good game we ought to have good resources.
Apparently my faithful artist sent me these kinds of trees and suggested we used them.

Also, my other artist sent a small update for our third protagonist

Let me know what you guys think. It's gonna be just fun!
Work seasons coming up, it's gonna be a rough, tough, but exciting journey!


Game Download has been updated.

For everyone who has already downloaded (40 of you) You can download the latest version of the game. I have fixed some issues that some users have been having...

Hopefully this time around this works for you!

Other than that, have a good day! Stay tuned for more updates.


The game got Greenlit....in 10 days.

It's been quite a long time of waiting, but we finally got greenlit!
It's a strange experience, but it's daunting at most. The responsibility of completing this game for the masses seems so overwhelming.

Furthermore, I want to address why I marked this game as commercial (since some of you look at it and churn in disgust)
I am not in it for the money, nor do I make a living off this little game. This is a story I want to bring to life for the masses, nothing more, nothing less.

Getting the game greenlit is a small stepping stone to a bigger cause. This IS my first game, and, it's one I've been working on for the past four months to complete. College drove me nuts, but, I am still an able 19 year old boy dreaming that one day this little thing might just turn out well.

Other than that, It's been a long night, super tired at the moment.

I wish you all the best!


Also here's the certificate/email that I got greenlit lols.

Ciao Peeps! As always, never stop running.


Game Prototype is up!

Thanks everyone for approving my game to be posted on this site. I've just posted a prototype of it on a google doc so that way people can easily access it. I am not entirely sure why it wouldnt let me upload the original file.
In any case, I am looking forward to hearing reviews and feedback from the community.

I wish you all the best, and
A warm (near) new year.

Any questions just give me a call! :D
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