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Revamping the Game

Apparently the site deleted my blog that I worked on for 10 minutes. The admins didn't delete it, it was the site, it errored and erased...EVERYTHING!

I am just going to show you some images of what has happened to the game thus far.

We changed the maps and refined the textures
We added the 8 directional system
We also added new faces to the character roster!
As well some nice music that bests our prototype ten fold.
Here are the following materials you can feast your eyes upon!

Refining the textures one pixel at a time!

Some new faces to the game. Playing an important role in making players question their decision.

Well that concludes today's blog. It's been a long day, and I couldn't believe I lost 10 - 20 minutes of work in a single click. Lifes tough guys! But keep pushing, and keep trying!