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Veritas cancelled.

My first game I submitted to this site is now officially cancelled.

Something happened the other day. I have two computers, a big one and a lil' one. The lil' one, a laptop, is fine. On the laptop, I have all of my RPG Maker VX Ace titles. On my big computer, a desktop, I had my RPG Maker MV titles. The screen resolution is nice and big and allows me to put in a lot of work in its pixel art. Unfortunately, the big one had a hard drive failure, and I had to do a complete reformat and restore in order to get it working again.

Now thankfully I had several games backed up, so I still have data to pull from in case I ever return to developing. However, this was one of the games that was lost.

I didn't back up Veritas, and I think a part of the reason is that I was never particularly proud of it. The gameplay was lackluster, I overreached for an epic saga without a valid scope, and eventually the project entered the graveyard, never to be heard from again. It was my first project. I hadn't yet learned how to make pixel art, so there was no custom artwork. I hadn't read a single article or played other combat-focused RPG Maker games, so the gameplay left a lot to be desired. I did have custom music, and I'm still happy with it, but there's far better music out there I'd use in the future (Newgrounds has a surprisingly large number of great tracks for games, some of which are non-commercially licensed).

I haven't been around lately, and I don't think I have any time to return to game development, but I thought it would only be fair to mention that this game is cancelled, for the few people who may have had their eye on it.

To those who were subscribed and looking forward to the complete game: I'm sorry, it's gone. At least there's a demo that will remain on this page.


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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Just a thought; maybe you can come back to it eventually and revamp it into something you could be proud of?
That is a good idea. All of the data is gone so I'd be starting from scratch. However I do make art for my own games now, so maybe I can remake it into something else entirely? Maybe something real small.

I've got some time off in a couple months, so I may have a little time to work on a game by then.
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