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Now Available in Spanish!!

Now available in Spanish thanks to the wonderful mamcmx!
Please check it out!!


Update[ iguess?]

With my senior film coming to a close, I'm going start having a lot free time out! I've been planning to rescript the dialogue in game and fix some things to make HOME run smoother! I'm not sure WHEN a rescripted version will be available but I'll begin rewriting in the next couple weeks! looking forward to it!




Home is finally ready for release!!

Progress Report

Coming Soon!

I'm 99% finished with dialogue, I'm tying up some loose ends here and there, and having someone do a quick run of the run of the game! It'll be up soon!

Progress Report

Quick Heads Up

Just finished up all the maps and sprite work!!

Progress Report

Getting Close

I'm wrapping up somethings and hopefully Home will be available soon!
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