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Hello everyone.
I want to announce the relaunch of my game "Brain in Flame"(Jan.2016), now with a new name:
I am ambidextrous.

Prepare for an ambidexterity test.
"I am ambidextrous" is a puzzle game with simple mechanics and simple task.
Your objective is guide Bob Righty Blue and Joey Lefty Yellowish in the circuits to their corresponding colors.
Use the left/right hand with coordination and speed to control two characters at once.
Collect all the green coins.
Get all stars.
Train your non-dominant hand through four levels.
Own graphics and music.
No need RTP.
Automatic save system.

Ready for an ambidextrous challenge?

Warning: the game uses active parallax in the background. This can cause lag on some PCs. Playing in window mode can solve the problem.

Have a bug report or suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Personal Bests
Chronometer: 169 Seconds
Versus Time: Stage 11
Hi thesacredlobo. Thank you for making the video. I laughed a lot while watching your video. My record is:
Stage 1: 101 seconds
Stage 2: 128 seconds
Stage 3: 109 seconds
So first time was 156 seconds and stage 15.
Sadly, apparantly you need to be really really good to advance to the next stage.

A really simple but really fun game! I tried to see how well someone used to coordinating hands does with it, but sadly my mother's gaming skills (she's a professional musician) make it rather unintuitive and too slow by default, haha.

I'll just have to repeat it a couple of time I suppose. Can't really review it like that. But seems impossible for now, lol.
Hi Kylaila, thanks for playing. In the begin is really hard (is easy to be angry and give up, lol). But the brain learn each level with repetition, repetition...
I think this game is like a brain training about an ability not developed.
Dank für Spiel.
Yeah, but I would have liked it to be a more general practice for interacting better rather than memorization - procceeding to the next stage gives you more variety to play around with. If the advancing portions were just tied to their respective mode, that would work very well too.
Repeating things until you remember them by heart is certainly good practice, but not sure if that's the ideal practice for using both hands interdependently. And having practiced piano for a little bit, that IS a skill you can definitely practice.
Still, it's a challenge. I'll just see how it goes.

Gern geschehen ~
I played the game. It's really well-designed. ^o^

+ Cute pixel art
+ Good music!
+ Nice level design

Aww, my brain...
I played the game. It's really well-designed. ^o^

+ Cute pixel art
+ Good music!
+ Nice level design

Aww, my brain...

Hi dsiver144. Thank you. My brain too. :)
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