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A Gang of Weirdos is a game made for My First Game Jam on itch.io and acts as my attempt to get used to RPG Maker MV.


"All living things in the universe possess a soul. A world itself possesses a soul, and when that world ends, the remnant of its soul is left behind."

You play as a being that calls themself Mx. Gunslinger, who is part of a people called Astrals. Their world suffered a spiritual death, leaving behind its soul, and being the last known Astral, they're on a quest to revive their world. In order to revive a world, its world soul must be fused with the energy of other world souls from dying worlds.


  • Mx.Gunslinger: A being known as an Astral that has a void under their robe that carries their guns.

  • Herb: A happy Cactus dude that joins up with Mx.Gunslinger as his people die off.

  • Sylvian: A triangle headed scientist whose world went through a glitchy apocalypse, and is hunting down a purple man that wrecked her lab.

  • Mr.Keepe: An NPC shopkeeper whose seemingly only interested in making a profit.


  • A 1-2 hour game.

  • Features the side-view battle system. (I mean I prefer first person but people have little appreciation for Dragon Quest style combat nowadays)

  • Most graphics are self-made.

Latest Blog

v 1.1 Update is Up!

As of yesterday, A Gang of Weirdos is updated! For the most part, the update is pretty minor, but the biggest part of the update is the implementation of Heartbreak61's difficulty plug-in. Aside from that, there isn't any new content, but I hope to add some stuff in in the future!
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  • scitydreamer
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  • 01/15/2016 09:59 PM
  • 05/14/2022 07:08 AM
  • 01/15/2016
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Sorry, trying to add the download but the site's not responding! Until then, if you're interesting look it up on itch.io!

EDIT: It's up now, sorry for the wait!
Saw you mention it in your fanfic. Downloading it now.
And I beat it. It was surprisingly good. A good way to kill a couple hours. Items make the game almost impossible to lose, but the final boss almost had me. Story is simple, but cute and engaging enough. Was fun.
Definitely agree with Lex. Lots of fun! Review pending
The final boss was very hard, yeah. Maybe?
I somehow managed to hit him 2 times in a row with russian roulette.
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