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v 1.1 Update is Up!

As of yesterday, A Gang of Weirdos is updated! For the most part, the update is pretty minor, but the biggest part of the update is the implementation of Heartbreak61's difficulty plug-in. Aside from that, there isn't any new content, but I hope to add some stuff in in the future!

Progress Report

Future Update!

A minor update to the game will be coming soon! I'm going to add a few things and fix some pre-existing problems. The list of things coming to the update are as follows:

  • An actual title screen.

  • Heartbreak61's Difficulty plug-in is going to be added. There will be three difficulty levels that get chosen at the beginning of the game. Normal difficulty will be the game's difficulty in its normal state. Easy will lower the stats of enemies for people that just want to blaze through. Hard will slightly increase enemy stats, but will also decrease gold drops as well.

  • Minor fixes - such as getting rid of the stray pixels in Herb's face portrait. My goodness how have I ignored that.

I aim to have this update out by next week!
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