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The story of Anastasia Rune Valeria, a side character from the game Wild Arms 2. In a world faced with annihilation by the hands of an ancient demonic entity, an ordinary girl's unexpected bond with the reclusive deity of desire will set in motion a journey that will remain legend for thousands of years. With the help of Luther Bernadette, a ARMS marksman trained since childhood to prevent the return of the Metal Demons, Faust, an enigmatic sorcerer that knows the true origins of the demon Lord Blazer, and Marivel Armitage, an ageless technological genius, Anastasia will face the greatest scourge her world has ever known, and learn the tragic destiny of those who inherit the title of hero.

I recently started reworking on it after a 7 year hiatus (I thought I lost the rpg to a virus before I changed computers, but found a old backup in oct 2015) and after extensive testing I finally uploaded what I worked on so far on dec 26 2015.

The three beginning scenarios (one for each main character, each with a dungeon and boss) are 100% complete and there's a good 2 hours of gameplay ready so far. After the three scenarios are done, there's a epilogue that Wild Arms 2 fans can understand (since they already know the ending and how the memory maze works). What I plan to do in the future is bridge the story and gameplay gap in between, it's a bit unorthodox.

The trailer 7 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgCeyLXK00Y
The new trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPRbJAMylHc

It's not very impressive programming wise but I tried my best to edit the sprites and animations, and there's a lot of heart in the story and dialogue. Hope you can appreciate the polish and effort I put into it.

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oh, you've already imported your project to the new rm2k3?
I'm using the same rm2k3 than the one about 12 years ago, I wasn't aware there's a new one, thanks for the heads up. I mostly liked the old program, except how I couldn't use high res pictures. It was also really limiting that you can't have more than 1 condition on a character, it would have allowed me to do a more complex skill and battle system. The video and fullscreen options look nice, the game looked terrible on fullscreen and it was the default.
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