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Hey everyone,

my 2k3 game DEEP 8 has been out there for quite a while and I'm currently testing a new demo running on easyrpg.
Guess, I've written it in the games description but I'm gonna try crowdfunding this game to finally be able to complete. This is appoximately gonna start in april 2019 and for quite a while I've been thinking about the concept how to approach this and I published it in a german community a while a go already, but of course I totally rely on you guys here too!

So I thought I'd show what I got for now.


- the goal is gonna be around 30000 €
- for the most part this is gonna enable me to live for ~2 time of developing
- but I'm also looking for a coworker, I feel the project is too massive to complete it all on my own, also in the indiegogo tips is stated that campaigns with at least to teammembers are more likely successful
- also I need to pay someone to translate, unless I'd find an english native team member, then maybe we could handle this :D
- perks, betatesters etc.

Possible Perks

Of course there are a lot of "standard" perks that I will most likely have like credit entry, NPC, sidequest design etc., but that's fair enough.

Poster (which is pretty standard too but at least something I can show ^^):
I recently started doing my artworks for the game in blender. And I also created this poster for the crowdfunding:

In the campaign of Rise of the third power I've seen that they offer different qualities of paper, which I guess is a smart idea.

Melings Underwear
As a real j-rpg an japan-fan you would of course be chasing after a hot characters underwear!

Okay, this is obviously more like a joke, but tell me what you think.


Next thing would be the novel in digital or physical form, but unfortunately it is currently only in german. I was thinking about making the translation a stretch goal. But I couldn't offer it to you guys right now. :/ How do you feel about that?

Meling plaster cast

This is a big thing I'm working on right now. It was actually the main reason I got into blender: to create a 3D-printable model!
This is how it looks digital:

This I had printed once, but printing is too expensive to do all copies.
That's why I created a silicon form, that looks like this.

And it enables me to create as many of them as I want to. However right now I aspire to do 20. Every single one takes at least 2 hours to produce, and then they still have to be painted. ^^
This is the first one I took out of the form:

Soon I'm gonna start painting the first bunch. They're currently standing around here like this:

Right now I wanna paint them more or less realistically. But I'm open for your suggestions here. Was thinking of making like monochrom versions, too.

Well now it is time for you to let me know, what you think. Any suggestions or critique are welcome. :)