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This is a world full of aberrants, individuals of a paranormal nature. As an immortal, Luanne Xī Seng is one of them. Through an ancient pact she was bound to serve a bloodline of extreme power. However, through recent events the last in this bloodline has now fallen. With her pact now broken, Luanne finds herself on her own.

The late master’s last will directs Luanne to the state of Washington, where she may take the lead of a project initiated before his passing. In an early effort to start integrating aberrant individuals into society, Luanne is appointed as guidance counselor of a community center for paranormal elderly, youth, and most importantly, children. Throughout most of her rather prolonged track record, Luanne knows quite well what it means to combat the paranormal. Offering guidance to them may prove to be her greatest challenge yet.

She’s not alone in Washington however. Reports on aberrant crime and public disturbances have increased. Through a sting operation, an underground market auctioning supernatural artifacts was uncovered. All contraband was recovered, save for one: a fragment of ancient alabaster. Authorities have increased staff on the investigation, and there are rumors that they may be seeking any and all “assistance” they can get their hands on.

Whatever the case, Luanne takes the responsibility of teaching these paranormal children a path on discovering what it means to be an aberrant, to be a community member, to be a kid.

  • Interact with a wide cast, travel alongside numerous companions with unique abilities and personalities. Converse with various dialog options with multiple ways to uncover additional options as well.

  • Develop diverse skills for your characters, granting various options for battle encounters and even how you explore locations.

  • Utilize the enrichment center as a base of operations, with resources, upgrades and even options to personalize at your disposal. Engage in activities throughout the facility, and assign staff to work various positions. Depending on how you customize the facility, manage staff and what resources are available to you can bring about rewards and bonuses.

  • Explore regions across the Puget Sound, with branching paths and different ways to get in and out of locations. Some straightforward, and some that may require a bit of ingenuity.

  • Take advantage of an in-game time system. With a world responding to in-game days and hours, certain actions may use up more time than others. It will be up to players on how they prioritize the activities and hours available to them.

  • Original sprite art, parallax backgrounds, and character portraits.

  • Original soundtrack.

  • Fully animated battle encounters.

Feel free to contact me or ask questions by clicking either of the images above, and be sure to check out the development blog both here and at tumblr for weekly updates!

Banner art by Babakinkin


Latest Blog

Quick map process overview

Thought I'd share some basic process pics of my approach to the game's maps. There's some other things like animations that you don't see here quite yet, but overall I'm still trying to get as efficient as I can with this process. I'm starting to like these more recent results more than with the approach I took in the initial screenshots, particularly with the coloring process. But yeah, this is where things are at so far, a couple more "eye candy" posts after this one, and then some stuff on mechanics and story. Ya know, the fun stuff!

Till then!

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  • 01/18/2016 01:33 AM
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  • 09/01/2016
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The graphics and style are really well done. Subscribed.
This looks amazing and I'm totally digging the premise.
Hi everyone, thank you so much for checking out the project! I know it's a little empty right now, but I'm definitely hard at work and excited to show some more content/details about the project. If there's anything in particular you guys are curious about/would like to see feel free to ask!
Thanks again!
My mind is full of fuck.
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