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It’s Mars’s first day at a new school. Except every day is his first day at a new school. Every night the world ends.
Mars Underground is an apocalyptic adventure game in which the player relives the same day over and over.
The player attempts to solve the brain damaging mysteries and uncover multiple potential endings as they explore the possibilities of this time loop.

Take experimental prescription drugs. Talk to a toilet. Get hit by a car. Humiliate yourself repeatedly.
All in the name of figuring out what on earth is going on.

  • Unique time loop premise that explores the possibilities of branching stories and multiple endings in interactive fiction.

  • Game design that mixes classic adventure game conventions with sandbox-style gameplay. As the player discovers new topics and acquires new items the world opens up and they can try more things each day.

  • All original, dynamic music soundtrack.

  • Simple, easy to grasp gameplay that can be fully played with either mouse, keyboard, controller or touch input.

Explore Phobos City
Solve the mysteries of Phobos City and try to escape the timeloop!

Interact with the charming and witty citizens! Make friends!

Relive the same day over and over: almost as tedious as real life!

Lets Play Videos

Play online demo at indiexpo!


Old School Modern, Fall Tiles and Time Fantasy by Jason Perry
Pop! Horror City by Vexed Enigma
RPG Maker DS+
Modern Shop by Lunarea

TerraxLighting: Terrax
MVCommons: Zalerian, Ramiro, Hudell, Dekita
TDDP PreloadManager and FluidTimestep: Tor Damian Design / Galenmereth
WebAudioCache and AdvancedMenus: orlando
ChangeTileSize and MV Smart Path: Shaz
DMV Core and DMV MapButtons: Dekita (www.dekyde.com)
Copyright (C) 2015 - Dekyde Studios
Dekyde Studios Developer: Dekita - dekita(at)dekyde.com
YEP CoreEngine, MainMenuManager, RegionRestrictions, MessageCore and X-ExtMesPack1: Yanfly
SilvSkipTitle: Silver
MBS SmoothScroll and MapZoom: Masked
TTKC EventBaloonAlert and TTK ChoicesCursor: Fogomax
Orange EventHitboxes and InstantTrigger: Orange
Hime ConditionalChoices, HiddenChoiceConditions, LargeChoices and DisabledChoiceConditions: Hime --> HimeWorks (http://himeworks.com)

Xeliard by Alex G.

Latest Blog

Updated Demo 7-July-2016

-Can play through the entire day!
-More locations. More things to do. More music. More everything.
-Can travel on bus. Reach locations: Phobos City, Pac Street, Moloch Headquarters
-Use of Jay’s VariableMix plugin for dynamic music crossfades
-Removed icon pop-ups
-Dialogue choices now use HMSChoiceDisplayMode
-Note: Current web demo does not run well on mobile devices
  • Production
  • Commercial
  • KilgoreTrout
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 01/19/2016 11:41 PM
  • 11/19/2016 12:55 AM
  • 09/30/2017
  • 99397
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"wait you made this a career?"
Looks like a fun little game, I really don't suggest using lighting scripts for the game though especially with the graphic style, just do recolors.
Hey thanks. What about lighting effects do you feel clashes with the style of graphics?
I know you really want the lighting effects, but to be honest they like weird, and clash with the graphics because of the old school style, and you defiantly don't want that. Other than that that this game looks nice.
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