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After hitching a ride on a shooting star, four unlikely heroes find themselves in a stone temple floating in the night sky.
The four have agreed to banish every monster sealed in the temple after hearing the plea of Starlet, a star spirit who sadly was unable to come along. This leaves the heroes a bit lost as to what to do next, other than wander around smacking monsters. Luckily, that's something they happen to be very good at. That, and acting like idiots.

Game details:
-4 unique playable characters. Decide whose skills to upgrade first depending on your style.
-Visible encounters. Mostly optional; tackle monsters at your own pace.
-No plot hassle, find out more about your purpose or not, it's up to you.
-Around 2~ hours of gametime.
-Humorous character interactions and lighthearted tone.
(Controls, hints and notes in txt file inside game folder.)

You can find a GERMAN version of the game as translated by Crazy_Leen over here.

The game was originally made as a weekend challenge, but it stretched into a full week. I'm rather happy with the result (for what it is), as this game is a total solo effort, and it was the first time I did every aspect of game dev by myself. It was a great experience, but I'll happily leave my partners to cover anything regarding numbers >_<
I made this a year+ ago and I just realized I never uploaded it here. Oopsie.

The big inspiration for this game was Crazy_Leen's Retro Pixel set, go praise her for her greatness here.

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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 01/20/2016 08:11 PM
  • 01/20/2017 12:26 AM
  • 10/01/2014
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It's about dang time you uploaded this game here. D<

Star's Favour is lots of fun and ya'll should totally play it o3o Plus, lookit, my cute art. (it's only in the ending credits hahahaha)

"wait you made this a career?"
yay this looks super cute!!1
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Karnak looks hot This looks nice <3


edit 2: now that this game is buzzing again i feel the need to apologize for teen frogge, he had tumblr sexyman brainrot
Download added '3'

Also I'm putting this out now: THE GAME HAS NO PLOT. I REPEAT; THE GAME HAS NO PLOT! It's a really silly romp and the weekly dev time definitely shows. Don't come in expecting something grand XD
You're magical to me.
I saw this over at RMW and played a little. Very cute and fun! ^_^ I definitely need to get to finishing it
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I don't really care too much about it not having a plot as long as it has more hot pics of karnak
Gonna play it soon :3
I had fun with this one, and my most memorable moment about this game is the final boss! Everyone make sure you're prepared :)
You're magical to me.
Noticed a small typo in the description: "No plot hassle, find out more about your puspose or not, it's up to you"
*briefly considers leaving mister puspose in there*
Naw fine i'll correct it.
Nice, fun and short game.
Only negative: I couldn't launch the game in full screen. Windowed is very small.
Another typo: some skills should attract the enemy.
I've played your game long time ago when you released this on RMW. <3 It's a very cute game!
*Deeply Thinking*
Karnak looks hot

I second this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Jokes aside, your game looks really fun! I look forward to playing it!

Playing this! Soooooooooooo... the golem boss I found much easier due to it taking 1/3 or less of the time needed for the ogre. The advice cat for that one is really confusing to me, as no more magic is needed.
Feels like I'm just auto-attacking and healing inbetween .. I really hope I get a few more spells soon :/ Or need to use them.

And now to fight a horde of slimes so I can get an item .... eh. Okay. Backstab seems really broken, wow.

EDIT: Okay, you get all spells almost at once. And .. well. The game as a whole was in a word .. boring.
The bantering is nice, but it's a dungeoncrawler where barely any pops up, so *shrug*
LP for the game has been added. Also working on a review. Gotta say... not my favourite of your games though it did have some cool stuff.

We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Random thoughts
its a shame this doesn't use a side view battle system. those battle sprites are pretty.

cant go full screen it stays small :(

olgas "vapor blast" skill seems kind of useless.

karnak and mabs lovey dovey relation ship is nothing compared to merel and Chisa :D! (if you can handle the abusive battles)

General 2H+
as most of this was battles i did not enjoy this experience.
and they can be tedious. each takes some time to win.
i did enjoy all the dialog when we did get some tho.
the humor was pretty amusing

on the bright side of the battles most of the skills were actually useful!
and whats better is that when you upgrade or learn new skills you get some dialog to go with it to add some flavor and personality! :D

the mapping was to the point so i loved it! but you could not use full screen
and i am glad it ended when it did.

it was...good
recommend if your fine with turn based battles
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I'm fine with turn-based battles, so I think I'll like this!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Played it. My night was ruined, mostly because I wanted to get this game over with, to talk about it, instead of playing something else.

> To start off with what's good, I love complex battle mechanics! A shame it doesn't really show until later on in the game. I liked the visual style of everything, but hey, crazy leen is pretty awesome. I like how you separated focus on combat and exploration so that the game doesn't feel too stressful or overly-reliant on preparing yourself with resources. The storyline was cute, but even that could have been better.

> The major problem with this game is that every. single. battle. takes. WAY. too long! This would be fine if there were constant interactions going on in each battle, but at the beginning, your pool of skills is extremely limited and you really only have one viable strategy to every fight: Buff your peeps with shields, buff your peeps with raised attacks, mash your only damaging skill at things and pray they die in a timely manner. Enemies simply have way too much HP for what little they actually contribute to a battle, and combined with the lack of strategic diversity, the game gets repetitive and boring real fast. This goes on for so long before you find your first gold slime, that I've actually started making mistakes only out of pure sensory deprivation rather than a lack of skill.

> In that regard, why not introduce those gold slimes earlier? Like, the game finally got interesting once I started to get more skills that interacted with the entire party in nice ways, yet before all of that you have a TON of encounters you have to go through (especially if you like to explore every nook to get bonuses/treasure) fighting streams of enemies in the same, boring fashion. Another idea: Why not let every party member have their entire skill book? The sense of progression is already made up for with the silver slime bonus, the equipment and EXP, so I don't think that aspect would be hurt much. Also, it would better sell your game that it's supposed to be played strategically right off the bat.

> To use one instance for context, you have a fight against a small scorpion and a big scorpion. I buff my entire party with Mab and Olga's skills, I take care of the small scorp easy, so next was the big scorp. All this dumb thing does is attack a single target, and with the buffs it felt kind of trivial, so I egg on it. Yet, the damn thing never goes down until about five minutes of me attacking, healing off its damage to a single member, taking a hit, attacking more, scorp repeating the same pattern, rinse and repeat. See what's going on, here? The only way I could make the fight go faster at this stage of the game is to use an attack buff, and the enemy isn't doing anything that's making me worth considering it as a threat. Thus, the battle feels like it overstays its welcome.

> Mab and Karnak's sex obsession was funny for the first two times, then it got old pretty darn fast. Keep in mind, I LOVE quirky sexual humor, but the problem here is that it's done so often that it becomes predictable, sucking away at the story's charm as a result. I'm sure these characters have more definable traits than their sex interests, so more expansion to that would have been welcome.

> I have mixed feelings about the final boss. The fact that he slept for a while before attacking allowed for an interesting change of pace, then... He just became a regular enemy with a predictable attack pattern and nothing else up his sleeve. I think my satisfaction came more from knowing that the game would be over.

EDIT: I forgot to mention there is an oversight:

This item is stated to give +20 MAT, but it increases attack and defense instead.

So yeah, this game has quite a bit of flaws that really ruined the experience. Doesn't help that you can't go fullscreen in this game (I swear to god whoever made that resolution changing script a lot of Ace games are sporting nowadays and thought it was a cool idea needs to be punched square in the face). Still, for the week you had, you still managed to get something impressive-looking and full of nice ideas. Sadly, none of that helped this game from feeling like a chore to play.
Glad to see this here. And it got 4 reviews already. Thats kinda Crazy_
Glad to see this here. And it got 4 reviews already. Thats kinda Crazy_
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