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Game Summary

A group of four ordinary people go on a hunt for a monster they once thought was a myth, They embark on a journey to capture it so they can pay their debts. The hunt for this monster might just tear them apart because the greed starts to eat their inner core. Each person will have to think if the hunt is really worth it in the end and even though their a team the greed might just turn them against each other. Sometimes forbidden magic can be the only thing that keeps them together.


A young treasure hunter with an unlucky streak in treasure. His big wish is to rule the world but his good nature always seems to get in the way. Everyone looks up to him as a leader and Dylan loves it.

The logical one in the group. She tries to keep everyone else from going off and doing something stupid but has very limited success.

Rebecca's twin sister and most often known as a party girl. She loves to go off on wild adventures but would never admit that and other secrets.

A girl who's heart can be won over with a nice amount of destruction. She likes to come up with nicknames for everything and loves the sight of money.

Things of interest
Click here for part 2.

Part 1 .Monster Hunt!. Features
-Item upgrade system, making each item unique.
-Simple battle system, easy to use.
-Mini games such as being a waiter and a teacher.
-Secret characters.
-Armor changes look of characters.
-Transportation system

Latest Blog

Coming Soon

As you all may know, I've been working on the sequel to Monster Hunt. I found the stories between them didn't make much sense and that monster hunt is easily overshadowed. So at some point I'm going to do a Major update to this game.

Here's a list of features I want to add.

-Updated menu (Make it the same menu as the sequel)
-Update all character designs to better match their sequel's look
-Much smoother story
-Menu portrait's for each character
-Remove secret characters and instead make the four main characters have more customization
-Add back in the cut dungeon (Mines)
-Possibly add more enemies, items, weapons etc

Here is a sneak peak of Rebecca's new look along side her look in the sequel

  • Completed
  • midnightzelda
  • RPG Maker MV
  • RPG
  • 01/21/2016 08:18 PM
  • 03/14/2019 08:05 PM
  • 04/29/2016
  • 71903
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Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Well, since my all time favorite game is The Legend of Zelda, I would be very happy to take part in testing your game.
I'm not a game maker but I've played many game from RMN so know how to look into jars for potions and gold :)

Let me know if your interested....
Legend of Zelda is my favorite especially ocarina of time :)

Test it all you want, any type of feedback is great.
Midnightzelda and Linkis? I feel like I need to change my avatar to Ganondorf to fit in with you guys! Allow me to help out with a little constructive feedback.

I was able to play up to the sliding crate puzzle, but unfortunately I was unable to find any conceivable way to proceed, since the crates I needed to push to get through were unmovable (and believe me, I tried!).

First let me say that the bar job minigame was both clever and well evented, reminds me of the one from Persona 3 only more engaging. Unfortunately, everything in the game is fairly expensive, and monsters drop minuscule amounts of gold. While the bar minigame was fun, I don't think I'd want to do it for an hour to be able to afford decent weapons.

On the subject of money, healing was also a bit of an issue. I was getting $1 drops off of monster battles, and the only way I could find to heal was to either buy expensive recovery items or return to the nurse's office in town and buy another ticket to the ruins for $6. Personally I'd rather beat the tar out of enemies and get exp and money simultaneously than spam the bar minigame and only grind up cash.

In regards to the battles, I found that my attacks were missing quite often, while Katherine was pretty much useless due to her inability to inflict damage with her attack. Between the constant misses and the 0's that were popping up whenever Katherine attacked, I often felt like I wasn't getting anywhere during battles and found myself avoiding them. For me, battles are the meat of an rpg, while the story is the potatoes, so making them a fun and streamlined experience is vitally important. Dang, now I've made myself hungry...

One quick suggestion I would make would be to have the player be positioned 1 tile away from the transfer event when entering a room rather than on top of it. That way, the player won't have to move one tile up, then one tile down to exit the room. Also, in the message "This person had the sense to lock there door." You're going to want to change "there" to "their".

On a more positive note, I dig the mapping in this game, and I love the fact that the game doesn't allow you to j-walk. For some reason I found that hilariously awesome. The little hint robots were adorable as well, they kind of remind me of omochao though. *shudder*

To sum up my suggestions:

-More $ from battles
-Lower or no dodge rate
-Either higher atk or another way to inflict damage for Katherine
-Transfer events 1 tile away from the actual event
-A way to heal at the ruins without returning to town

You're off to a good start, keep plugging away on this and I think it will evolve into a very enjoyable game. Best of luck to you!
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
EXACTLY what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

WheelmanZero and I are in the same location, trying to figure out the box puzzle.
But he is right on about the problems with your game.

Still, he is also right that this is an enjoyable game and I would sure like to see you fix the problems and finish the game.
Thanks for the awesome feedback WheelmanZero and Linkis, The warehouse is solvable, But I'm going to tint the movable boxes to make it easier and the mini games make a lot more money as you progress through the story but I'm going to lower the cost of items and make the bed sleep-able in the hut by the warehouse to make it more manageable earlier on. I've had other people test it too and the main issue with the warehouse is the bats getting in the way and moving a movable box to a spot where it blocks the other movable box.

Katherine's attacks are supposed to be that low because she gets really good skills later on that would make her unbalanced. I have other characters so you only have to depend on Katherine in the ruins if you don't like her.

I'll upload the next version fixing these updates either tonight or tomorrow
-Lower bats chase rate in warehouse.
-Tint movable boxes.
-Healing and cheaper items at the hut by the ruins.
-Fix spelling error on the door.
-Change transfer events.
Plugged some more time into the game, so you know what that means. That's right, it's constructive feedback time! I'm happy to say I was able to finally get past that crate puzzle. Making the movable crates open was a good move, and providing an emergency exit was an even better one. Katherine can actually inflict damage now, which is a major plus, making her my second favorite character to use.

Unfortunately, I'm finding the battles to be a bit too tedious for my personal taste. The bats, rats, snakes and spiders have a lot of hp, and give rather meager rewards in terms of exp and gold. Battles are a big part of an rpg of this type, so you have to make the player want to fight. One of the ways you can do this is fine tuning the balance between effort and reward. Now if the enemies had their current level of hp and gave large amounts of exp and gold, they would be worth spending a good amount of time to defeat. Spending 8 hits per enemy excluding misses against a group of 2 monsters for 1 gold, a small chunk of exp, and a healing item feels like too much effort for too small of a reward. What I would suggest would be to lower the enemies hp and greatly increase the amount of gold they drop. That means less time grinding and more time moving forward and reaping the benefits. If there's anything rpg gamers love, it's the feeling of making progress, of growing stronger, of killing that rat in one less hit than it took them before.

The slimes on the path to the ruins were the worst offenders in terms of taking too long to kill. They have monstrous levels of hp (no pun intended), hit hard, and come in very large mobs. These battles felt more like boss fights than common encounters. At eight hits a piece against 5 slimes, it would take 40 successful attacks to clear one of these battles, unless the game blessed you with enough tp to have Dylan use his group attack. (Did I mention that I love Dylan's moveset?) I actually had to end my progress there because the slime mobs were just too tedious to fight.

This isn't to say all the battles in the game were bad. The minotaur/dark fairy combo was an epicly awesome encounter. Casting seduction on the minotaur and watching it slice that annoying little pest to bits was almost too satisfying for words. I'm sure Link would approve.

The bed in the hut by the ruins is greatly appreciated. It allows the player to grind away at the enemies next door without having to make an expensive trek back to town. I'm not sure if you have a "wait" command in the bed event, but if you do, I would recommend shaving a couple seconds off of it, as it takes a little too long for the screen to fade back in after resting. Also, I spotted one more little typo that pops up while speaking to the red-head in the hut after defeating the first boss. "We can handle whats (what's) left."

One last suggestion I'd make is to try and make your boss battles more memorable by adding some sort of gimmick to each one. For example, the lamia boss works alongside two snakes, so perhaps you could have the lamia draw strength from the snakes on occasion. You could give it an attack that decreases one of the snakes stats while increasing its own. Not only would this add a bit of flair to the battle, but it would also emphasize the fact that the lamia is a merciless beast that will feed off its brethren to survive. The reason I loved the minotaur/dark fairy fight was because it gave a sense of cooperation between the two monsters. The frail fairy hiding behind and healing the burly minotaur as he lays the smackdown on their enemies, now THAT'S an epic battle worth fighting! The same goes for the dark/fairy cockatrice mobs. Without something that sets it apart, boss battles are simply normal encounters against enemies with a longer hp bar that hit a bit harder. Giving each boss in your game a gimmick will make them both more enjoyable and more memorable.

Alright, that's enough rambling, this is a post, not a blog. To sum up my suggestions:
-either less hp and more gold or same hp and more gold+exp for enemies
-memorable gimmicks for boss battles (who cares if its been done before, all that matters is that it's fun!)

And that's it for now. I'll pop in for some more suggestions once I've gotten past those blasted slime mobs. Also, don't feel pressured to mold your game to my personal tastes. At the end of the day, this is your baby, and what it becomes is entirely up to you. I just hope my rambling can be of help to you somehow. Once again, good luck!
I agree on the battles being way to long, So I'm going to shrink the health bars of all my enemies and I'll fix that wait time. I did have a gimmick for the Lamia but I took it out due to making it to hard. I'll have to lower her defense to make her fight able still. I'll work on spotting some more spelling errors. I will probably tweak the hit rate while I'm at it. I'll upload the next version and hopefully a demo to part 2 today if I can. I have also been fixing my 2nd part thanks to your help :)

The feedback is really appreciated. I have had friends of mine try it too and they tend to be on the same page as you.
Awesome stuff midnightzelda, awesome stuff indeed! I finally made it past those accursed slimes and met with the second boss for a climactic showdown.I actually had her on the ropes, then suddenly she was healing 500+ hp every turn. She used heal on herself no less than 6 times, instantly erasing all the hard earned progress I had made on whittling down her hp bar over and over again. Seduction was too inconsistent a status effect to rely on, and my party bit the dust after taking one too many icebergs to the face. In my opinion, bosses that heal can be fun, but when they spam healing moves over and over, they become tedious and frustrating.

I just barely managed to defeat the boss on my second attempt, but the battle had expended all my resources and left me with only 1 half-dead party member. Problem is, I am now forced to backtrack through several maps filled with nearly unavoidable encounters that will undoubtedly finish me off. An easy fix for this would be to set up a teleport event that sends you back to a safe area once the boss is defeated. Backtracking tends to rub a lot of gamers the wrong way, so I'd suggest avoiding it whenever you can unless it contributes something worthwhile to the game.

One more little piece of advice I'd give would be to avoid putting encounters in puzzle and boss rooms. When dealing with a puzzle, it's best to have the player focus only on the puzzle without any distractions. Had I taken on the two wandering encounters before the second boss, I'm sure they would've exhausted my resources to the point that she would have whooped my butt without breaking a sweat. Many rpg's set up heal points before boss battles because they know the player needs to be in top form to conquer the upcoming challenge. The two encounters before the second boss have the opposite effect, and hurt your chances of defeating what is already a formidable enemy.

Alright, that's enough of the negative! I gotta say the mapping in this game is top notch. The second boss room especially gives off a "oh snap, things just got real, time to get serious!" sort of vibe. It's probably one of the best things about the game, so keep it up!

Welp, that's it for now. You're doing great,keep going, I'll be looking forward to watching this game grow and evolve even more! (And yes, that was a pokemon pun. Sue me.)
Ok yeah, um, that Lamia fight is brutally unfair. Confusion, Charm AND she can heal herself. For a first boss it's a bit much, even for me. Like, it's your game and this is just my feedback, but my personal philosophy is don't overwhelm players with too much at once. She was healing every other round and confusing my party way too often.

I don't know what your intended difficulty is, but it's a bit... high at the moment.
If I can offer a bit of advice, the best way to improve your game is to playtest it into the ground. Yeah, it can get tedious at times, but it's a great way to spot issues. If any part of your game seems even the slightest bit unfun to play, play that part over and over and tweak it until it's just right. When working on a map, a random counter, a boss fight, a cutscene, anything, think of it as its own little world and focus solely on it until it's perfect.

Boss battles in particular are something you need to test repeatedly to make sure they're both fair and fun. Bosses that spam heal are particularly frustrating, so if they're going to use it, I'd suggest having them use it only once or twice per battle. In the case of the Lamia, perhaps you can have it heal only by sacrificing one of its minions once its health reaches a certain point. Just stick with it and I know you'll keep improving!
Thanks for the feedback once again, I do like the idea of the lamia using the minions for health and when I have a chance I'm going to playtest it more but life is keeping me busy at the moment .

I'll try to get an update out to fix that battle once again but it won't be until next week as I won't have free time until then.

Also on another note my demo for the second part is almost complete. So I'm looking forward to your feedback on that as well once its out. :)
Hey just to let you guys know I'm still active just have been really busy lately. Since they updated RPG MAKER, I released an update that fixes all the errors that came with the program originally. I had also tweaked the Lamia but I strive to release a new update changing more by the end of the weekend. Thanks for playing :)
Victory and escape rate has been fixed for anyone having that issue, thank you for your patience.
This link to your Dropbox is really awkward. Why don't you host the download on RMN's servers instead?
It won't let me upload it, probably due to file size. I'm currently going through spelling mistakes and grammar errors and will compress the next updated version. So I'm hoping it will work. It did with my other game so I have hope.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Gonna download and try it out and hopefully have enough to maybe submit a review!

EDIT: Ahh, sorry. I can't play MV games. They lag for my waaaay too much. Sorry!
I have reached the mine, but I can't seem to be able to find the entrance.
After talking to the fairy, I entered a room with chests and no monsters. There's also no doorways inside said room. Did you forget to put the entrance somewhere?

I enjoyed the battles, though I do feel there are too many monsters and they are too crowded. Maybe you don't want to put them too close to each other. Perhaps make the paths wider. The paths are just not wide enough for all the monsters and me. Forcing players to engage in battles totally undermines the purpose of having visible monsters. Monsters are pretty. Are they RTP?

Mapping looks nice, but the story is pretty weak. It needs a bit more work. Music sounds so noisy, but it could be just me.
Love the battle animation. Is that MV RTP too? Or did you draw them? Cute.

Overall, it's a fun game. Good work.

ps. The title screen lags big time for some reason.
The mine was actually scrapped, so I just put a couple items in there. The fairy tells you to go to the laboratory (I haven't made my fortune teller that tells you what to do if you forget) my bad.

It is meant to be overcrowded but I did avoid putting them on the main path usually, I like the concept of endurance especially in the desert, I find it fun in games, when you have to survive countless battles on a limited amount of items. because of this the placement of monsters isn't likely to change, I already modified the monsters a lot to make it easier.

Everything is RTP. I wanted to make something simple so I didn't put effort into the art. I always end up getting overwhelmed and never finish the game. I'm very happy to finally finish a game. I do a lot of editing though in my next game.

When it comes to the story, I'm aware that it is weak but I fix that in the next game. I made the game for me and my friends but ended up liking the work I did from it so I put it online. I might go back and fix the story one day but I'm going to finish my other game first before that happens.

I noticed the title screen lagging. I'm pretty sure it's from the plugin that gives you the option to exit but I'll probably modify the plugin to create less lag and if not veto the plugin all together.

Thank you for putting in the time to try out my game. I'm curious though, did you find my game too hard or too easy, I've been having trouble gauging the difficulty for the average player.
Thank you for putting in the time to try out my game. I'm curious though, did you find my game too hard or too easy, I've been having trouble gauging the difficulty for the average player.

The difficulty as it is now is fine, to me, at least. It could very from person to person, of course. It would help to have the choice of easy, normal, and difficult, naturally. I'd say it is in the range of normal, again, to me. Assuming this is your first game, it is much better balanced than a lot of first games I've played already. I wouldn't worry about it. On the other hand, the whole game is about dungeons and battles, it is easy to over level the characters, which I did, in the arena.

There's this place to the right of Katherine's place (if you pay 3000 you can do something in there. I never did anything in there because I never had 3000 to spare). If you enter, you can't get out. It's a glitch.

OK. I found the lab in town. But there's nothing inside.

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