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Beautiful, Wierd, and the Song of Time

This game features nine of your favorite tunes from The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. It is helpful to have all the song patterns from the Ocarina of Time memorized prior to playing this game or you can just copy them down on a paper.

On one hand, I'd prefer if it had it's own unique and memorable tunes. The other hand says that the use of these Zelda tunes allows for accessibility for a a significant portion of the population. I think I'd have to side with the former rather than the latter.

This game isn't like Zelda at all, it just shares those same tunes and a creepy owl.

This is a puzzle game where you have to play the songs to cause things to happen in the environment. Items may spawn that may need to be used to complete other tasks.

Everything is vague and abstract, but a few things do start to make more sense as time passes. This game is very experimental in nature, so I'm not sure what I'd rate it. I find it relaxing and interesting, but mostly just strangely relaxing. The mapping is done in a superb and amazing way, so that it feels alive, yet there is only one map.

The single biggest flaw in this game is not having a hotkey that will open up the Ocarina on command. You'll be opening up your menu and selecting that item countless times. This could easily be improved.

Anyways, there are multiple endings, but I've only made it to what I assume is the easiest ending. I'm not sure I would spend the time attempting other endings, but I'm sure some people would. If I did, it would be far in the future - in which case this game would remind me of Vesper.5, a game which only allows one move per day as a meditation.