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Demo update 01/12

  • Rebezion
  • 12/01/2017 06:51 PM
Hi !

I uploaded the demo on RMN yesterday, since then 6 people downloaded it.

Today, retrogamemage sent me a review of the demo on Facebook and found a bug that I’ve missed. One of the bosses refused to move and the fight didn’t activate. It has since been fixed ;) ! The demo has been updated, DL it normally via RMN downloads.

Let me know if you liked or disliked the demo! :-) I guess not everyone will like the direction of this game.


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Let me know, what you think about the game! You may dislike it, but someone might like it! :-)
Game looks and sounds really good.

The birds on the title screen look a little too much like flying "m"'s.

I don't like the way gold floats. It goes up way too high, sometimes out of my reach. And when I open a chest the gold disappears so fast that I don't always have time to get it all. It shouldn't be that hard to gather.

Some of the enemy placements seem cheap. When I walk from one screen to the next, it's right in my face. Usually when the player walks a screen transition, they will keep holding the button and continue walking right away. Unless I remember it's there and jump right away, I'm going to get hit.

A backstep ability is cool, but this one is too risky. It goes back a bit too far and you can't cancel it. I didn't use it much because of that, I'd find myself getting hit when I use it when there was multiple enemies. Also, I can't attack while I'm doing it and I'm not invincible. So I'm a sitting duck and therefore I didn't use it AT ALL in battle. In SotN I use that move as much as I do jump, but here it seems almost useless. Only in certain circumstances would I use it. What a shame.

There seems to be some kind of climbing of ledges? But it wasn't explained in the tutorial. How does it work? Is it only when I'm standing and I walk into an eye level corner? It would be good to add a little piece to the tutorial for it. Is there any other game mechanics I'm not aware of? heh Oh, I would include in the tutorial that you can hold jump for a higher jump, I think that exists? It's very hard to tell since the tap jump is so high and floaty. I only kind of noticed when I was trying to get gold that was out of my reach, it seemed like if I held jump I went maybe 5 pixels higher and was able to get a few pieces of gold, but overall it didn't seem like holding jump made any difference. Maybe I'm mistaken.

It's a little basic, but it's really polished. The art is the best part. The maps look good, character animations are good if a bit stiff at times. I'm not a fan of games that start out so small, little daggers doing 1 dmg to rats, it's a bit boring, but everything else is smooth enough to get past it. I guess. I really like how adding slime to the weapon changed it's graphic. Nice touch. The dialogue isn't bad, a few chuckles, but it seems like every character is the same. A smart-ass. I don't know if that's good or bad.
I appreciate the input, Link.

1) Floaty gold was fixed in the demo archive that I uploaded today.

2) Enemy placement - I added this to my feedback list, I will adjust monsters in the mansion eventually and I will think of this when doing new monster placemements.

3) Backstep - This is somethíng that can be eventually edited later.

4) There is a small climb step - but it just replaces a jump function. If you stand by small edge/cliff and you hold key towards the wall, A jump will perform a small climbup instead of jump.

5) Yes, I could use more feedback on jump. More the better. Current difference isn't too big when you hold a jump key - I could lower minimum height to create a gap. There is no tutorial that explains you can jump higher by holding a JUMP key. However you wouldn't be able to pass the tutorial area without usage of max. jump.

6) I am not sure about that all characters are the same, what about Balthazar ? Maybe translation was a little bit changed. I don't know how it feels in English now as I am not native speaker and I didn't do translation. However I can tell taht in Czech version characters aren't the same. Maybe there wasn't just opportuntiy to bring in such situation where the characters will prove more.

*I upgraded the slime hammer, so the hit impact has even better visibility now.
-excuse my English and Thank you for playing!

About the characters, I just mean that most characters seemed to be making wise cracks. Being sarcastic. Smart asses. Almost like they all have the same personality traits. I've only played a few minutes and it might be flat out wrong to say that. It was just an observation. There is nothing wrong with a game having that kind of tone throughout. I guess just keep it in mind.
I just tried the demo and I thought it was excellent! The combat feels just right and there were lots of great places to explore and power-ups to find.
I agree that the heroine's dialogue was a bit rough in a few spots, but nothing that overshadowed how polished the gameplay is.
Overall, keep up and the great work, and best of luck with your IndieGoGo campaign!
Thanks! I am working on the new version of combat system right now. I will probably announce it here in blog post as well, it's kinda big rework.
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