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First, allow me to apologize profusely for this game's perpetual hiatus. I'm not going to tell you how much good stuff has been done with this game in the background, because there is no news to tell. However, I will do as much with this game as possible, and aim to be finished by the end of the first quarter of the year, as per my resolution! I hope this is acceptable.

As something of an aside, I've not been entirely idle just mostly so. For an idea of what I've been up to, allow me to refer you to this thread.


Stream of coniousness - terms

Some time ago, there was a thread that...well, to be honest, I forget a lot of details! However, it involved asking how to go about doing a science fiction game. I definitely recall adding a comment to the thread, and pointing to this game. My memory continues to be fuzzy, but, the portion of response that I remember most is a comment about "religious overtones" in this game.

Which made me quirk an eyebrow then, wondering what the hell the guy was even talking about. It's slowly occurring to me that term "God Nakaishi" might be what he was talking about, which... well, it's not intended to be a reference to religion at all! It's more the term is a delineation of the difference between, like, say, a Gear versus an Omnigear in Xenogears, or a mobile suit make out of a Gundanium (or alloy thereof) versus one that isn't in Gundam.

Maybe this is merely an additional instance of me being worried about nothing, but, the thought has occurred to me to change the term. A few ideas have started floating in my head, which I will now share with you.

  • Omninakaiashi

This idea takes it's queues from the Xenogears "upgrade" from Gear to Omnigear. On closer inspection, this term... might be a bit much!

  • Galax

This idea takes it's queue from Gundam, in which the metal the nakaishi is made out of is what sepreates it from the rest. Though, wait, aren't all nakaishi made out of this stuff, or an alloy thereof? So, maybe it's a matter of what the galaxium-to-steel ratio of the alloy used?

  • Galax-Nakaishi

This term could either be considered a combination of the previous two ideas, or as an extension of the second idea.

  • ????

I'm absolutely open for suggestions/comments in this regard, even if it's "Marrend, you worry to much". Let me know what you think!


Stream of consiousness - Missions and programs

To be completely honest, I have made had zero progress on Mission 2. However, I have managed to figure out programs! My notes about them can be found under the hide-tag.

Defense Break
20EN; Melee; Range: 1; Applies "Def Down"

Nano Repair
15EN; Melee; Range: 2-0; Restore AR

AP Rounds
25EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Ignores Def.

Acid Rounds
20EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Applies "Corrosive"

Weapon Break
30EN; Melee; Range: 1; Applies "Atk Down"

25EN; Melee; Range: 2-0; Restore AR; Removes "Corrosive", "Fuel Leak"

Movement Inhibitor
35EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Applies "Can't Move"

Drain Shot
30EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Applies "Fuel Leak"

Battery Buster
35EN; Melee; Range: 1; EN Damage

40EN; Melee; Range: 2-1; AR Restore; Removes "Defeated"

40EN; Beam; Range 3-1; EN Restore

Particle Shot
45EN; Beam; Range 5-3; AOE: 2

Foe Cleaver
60EN; Melee; Range: 1; Ignores Def.

60EN; Melee; Range: 4-0; AR Restore; Removes "Atk Down", "Def Down", "Corrosive", "Fuel Leak", "Can't Move", "Can't Act"

Action Inhibitor
55EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Applies "Can't Act"

Stellar Burst
65EN; Beam; Range: 7-5; AOE: 3

The database has been significantly altered because of this, so, save files will probably not be transferable between demos. As a side-note, Redeploy has the most uncertainty behind it, as does Battery Buster, though to a lesser degree.

As for Mission 2, and missions that come after it, I sometimes think that I should give players a bit more free reign during missions. There's also a sub-thought that there could be very basic items with which players can use in-battle to clear states, or recover lost armor. These items would probably be not as effective as programs that serve a similar purpose (and therefore cheap), and available for sale in Toshie's shop in the hangar.

So, why is there no thought to an item that could recover lost battery? My theory is that the "Guard"/"Recharge"/"RECHARGE!" action covers this. Though, it might depend on how the items are defined. If the recovery is based on percentage, I think players would generally use the "Recharge" or "RECHARGE!" action over using an item. However, if it's a flat number, maybe it could work?


Don't mind me. I'm just thinking out loud.

So, this game. One of the reasons I set it aside is because I have space in the database for 18 more Programs that the party can acquire (and the skills associated with them), but, the data for them is essentially empty. This blog seeks to rack my brain for ideas, and maybe even get feedback on them.

What about an ability that creates a drone? This creates a myriad of questions onto itself. From what I can tell, I cannot spawn something in the Troop tab to be player-controlled, or even be on the same side of the player characters. Wouldn't that mean drones would have to be a separate Actor/Class tabs? Can there be duplicates of the same actor in battle? Would they be considered separate objects? Would they be more literal duplicates, and essentially share Health? Would the game just plain crash if I even try to make a duplicate?

"Resurrection" might not be an appropriate term, but, let me consider the concept as it could relate to this game. When a unit is defeated, it is removed from the map/battle. As far as party members are concerned, the character/unit is still removed, but, can be deployed in another battle. So, it probably could work, I just need a term for it that makes sense, given the nature of the units, and the game.

This might be among the higher-tier programs, but the idea of abilities that use up all of a unit's energy for immense power, probably in the from of an attack, appeals to me. I'd have to refer to The Blue Hood, my entry in RMN's 9th birthday event, to refresh my memory as to how that works.

So far, I've avoided area-of-effect abilities. However, there is a Fireball spell in Might be Magic, and it pretty much works they way I thought it would. If they exist in this game at all, I figure they would be higher-tier abilities.

Status or debuff removal? Well, there could be one ability that does one, a different ability that does the other, and another that does both. Or... something?

Speaking of statuses and debuffs, I could probably use more of those. I suppose there could be an "Energy Leak" status that boils down to "MP Poison". There's already a "Def Down" that reduces both Melee Defense and Beam Defense. So, an "Atk Down" status to reduce the attack stats seems appropriate.

That's all I have for now. Which is still more than I thought I'd come up with!


Moving on???

So, rather than work on advancing the story, the idea that has occurred to me most recently is to set up the menu so that all six possible party members can appear there, rather than only the default four.

The question that is beginning to occur to me with this thought is if I'm setting myself up for a Suikoden-like game despite having no desire to actually do so. I've made a duel system, not to mention the shop script. I've used the duel-system in three different places, but, the most up-to-date instance (Oracle of Askigaga's duel-demo) was never actually used. The shop system is certainly newer, granted. However, it's nowhere to be found in my projects.

I mean, I would tie spells/abilities to what essentially amounts to an accessory. The biggest hurdles would be figuring out how to do Unite attacks (Darigaaz, that might be three-and-a-half headaches), or weapon ranges (I might totally ignore this for the sake of simplicity). Whither or not I'll follow through with all that is something else, though!

Or, I could be looking for a reason to drop this entirely, slap an ugly, red "Cancelled" sign on this game, and move on to something that excites me more. I dunno. This game has been a pretty "meh" experience for me (with the comments I've seen, others as well), and I just absolutely fail see how it can get any better.


Excuse the vent

What, exactly, can I do, or for, to this game? I'm not sure I can do a heck of a lot in regards to the AI doing hit-and-run tactics. That's been a fairly consistent point against this game, and the only answer I can think of is to reduce the enemy's movement by one? I'm aware that GubiD's script does allow for some customization of AI behavior, and I'm almost sure I played around with it during various tests. I might need to re-visit this possibility. My initial tweaks/tests might not have been enough to make a difference, which might be why I chose not to bother with customizing the AI.

As for making abilities interesting, my hands are tied there as well. I've never seen enemies target themselves with ally-targeting abilities and what self-only abilities I've attempted to make for them have never been seen either. This propensity was mentioned in my first blog, and I've done my best to plan around it. However, it's still exceptionally frustrating when I see an Engineer, or Scout, use an armor-restoration skill on something else, when that Engineer, or Scout, is at critical damage. It's not that the unit that it's targeting might not need it, but, the logic of "never target self ever" just... URRRRRRRGGGGGH!

Anyway, this is the only game I've got on my palette now. I'm not sure what the second mission will consist of, or what kinds of things I should give players in regards to a set of programs that would unlock after the first mission succeeds. Those two factors will be the bare minimum for a new release to come out. The other factors I mentioned here? I've done some pretty crazy things, and some solutions I enjoyed doing/implementing less than others. Maybe whatever I come up will fall into the "solutions I dislike" category. Maybe it won't. I suppose we'll just see, when a solution comes, even if whatever I come up with boils down to "Welp, I guess I'll just have to work around this pile of jank!"


A small present, from me to RMN!

It might be my birthday today, however, rather than accept presents, I have come prepared to give presents. For the most part, this comes as a release of this game, with content up to the end of Mission 1. However, as awkward as it might be to such a minor release, I want to take a few moments to give a big thank-you to my fellow RMNers, RMNetts, and RMNannas, that I've run across in the past six years (as of May 7th!) since I've joined this site.

RMN Staff

The A is for ADMINISTRATOR AWESOME! A humble thank-you for being in charge of the everything that is RMN for... has it been as long as I've been around? Possibly!


A real behind-the-scenes hero of RMN, you deserve all the thanks for all the hard work you've put in!


I sometimes think you take on more than you can chew. I dunno. You're definitely a hard worker, and I have a lot of respect for you!


Thanks, Captain Reviewer! Thanks for saving the day, one review at a time!

Former team-mates

It's been about two-ish years since we've messed with Veil of Darkness, and I kinda don't see us getting back to it. Also, I don't really see you around that much to begin with! Maybe the best thing to do would be to leave it as-is, and just move on to newer (and better?) projects.

Merchants of Venus (Jeroen_Sol, Ebeth, Glasses)

It was grand working with you three, and would be happy to help you with any and all projects you might be working on! Just send a PM, and we can go from there!

team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team team (CashmereCat, Ratty524, captainregal)

We had a number of post-jam plans in relation to Champs of the Bocca, but, things seemed to kinda fizzle. I was mostly the code-guy for this team, but, if there is any interest in coming back to this, let me know!

Everybody else

I cannot thank you enough for all the in-the-background cheering-up you've done for me. Not to mention other matters that you've helped me with. If there is anything you need, anything at all, my PM box awaits you!


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, know that Heartache 101 is in good hands. I wish you well in... whatever it is that you are doing.


You're a magical person to me, unity. I mean, you and your games just have this positive energy about them. I'm almost jealous! Still, your games are a joy to play, and you're a joy to have around, and I wouldn't have it any other way!


I don't think our design philosophies are the same page, but, I absolutely respect you, and your games!


I know I already said this in the complement thread, but, I am totally a closet-fan of yours! I seriously need to play more of your stuff!

To those I forgot about

I'm sorry that my memory sucks! In any event, if you are reading this, this thanks is for you!

Saying that, I believe I should put this on hiatus. Part of my reasoning is that I have absolutely zero plans/ideas for what occurs on Mission 2. The other part is that I kinda recall having ideas for Oracle of Askigaga, and that game won't make itself! Let's hope I wrote them down somewhere!


Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

You'll have to excuse the stream of consciousness here, but, I seem to think better/clearer this way.

So, during RMN's down-time, I tried to piece together the first mission. Now, for reference purposes, there is a a bit of a story-skip, but, suffice to say, the Kamiyama is in orbit of the fifth planet of the Lintis system. Which is absolutely a reference to the protagonist of a certain other sci-fi game on RMN.

Anyway, the mission details that I've written say that there's an excavation site nearby an enemy outpost, and the party is to avoid a fight. Of course, that's not going to happen. In fact, I'm sorta planning on having two fights here. One involves the outpost being altered to the away team's presence, and another after they try to leave.

It's an okay plan, but, I just need to get off my lazy butt make all the maps involved. The thing that hangs me up the most is how to handle the first fight. Where is it going to be located? If it's an interior fight, that probably means that they are fighting in the outpost itself. I would need to figure out what a D-Enemy base looks like, and to keep in mind that it would be drawn to nakaishi scale. If it's exterior, that probably means reinforcements from the outpost, and whatever terrain features this planet has. I suppose one could argue that I do both (ie: the first fight is inside the base while the second fight occurs outside) and just be done with it already.

Though, I sometimes think I'd enjoy being more of a support person (such as tester, or what-not) than gammak. It's a thought that has occurred to me on several occasions, despite developing games with varying degrees of success (not to mention quality) since my Commodore 64 days. So, like, since I was 7. I figure I should at least finish the two games I've got floating, then I can seriously consider that thought.


Oh, hey, have a thing!

As much as I would like to say that I've been silently working on this since last blog, this is simply not the case. However, I have, more recently, managed to buckle down and bring out a new demo, being uploaded as I type available now!

Probably the most obvious change is Naora having speaking lines now. Some of the character blats have changed to reflect this, though, maybe they could still be improved?

I've also changed Zenko's blats on each of the 'bots. Mostly I removed the information regarding the default programs they come with. The idea was for him to have a separate break-down of each of the available programs, and let players decide, but, I dunno if that's actually gonna happen. Probably because of the next item.

Also new to this demo is if a weapon or armor grants a skill, there is a quick reference as to the skill does. So, for example, the Laser Rifle's description now reads something like...
+5% Beam. Adds "Laser Rifle" skill.
(Beam; Damage: 175; Range: 5-3.)

...this. My hope is that players will use this information for comparative analysis, particularly in regards to programs, which only grant skills.

That said, the amount of content after the inital sequences is still very much nil. This demo relays the prologue of the game, and the first "real" mission is still very much not even close to being started in the works.


Have at this new demo!

As I mentioned on my status, this release still doesn't include much story. It's still very much a tech-demo.

Maybe I'm being silly, but, I really like how Lenneth's call for reinforcements is working. Also, I don't recall if it was done last release, but, the ripped music has been tossed in favor of pieces by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech. Though, I must admit that the old music still has a place in my heart this game as far as concept is concerned.

Of particular concern is game-balance, as always. Again, the majority of my playtesting has been in the fight against Lenneth, and there was certainly at least one test-play where one of my mechs was downed. It was a strange feeling of both accomplishment (as a developer) and annoyance/failure (as a player).

I'm not really sure what I'll do for the mech graphics. Probably nothing, as I'll totally admit that they were made on the cheap, and I'm embarrassingly proud of how they turned out.

Anywho, give this humble release a go, let me know what you think, and all that good stuffs!
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