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Oh, hey, have a thing!

  • Marrend
  • 04/17/2016 01:53 PM
As much as I would like to say that I've been silently working on this since last blog, this is simply not the case. However, I have, more recently, managed to buckle down and bring out a new demo, being uploaded as I type available now!

Probably the most obvious change is Naora having speaking lines now. Some of the character blats have changed to reflect this, though, maybe they could still be improved?

I've also changed Zenko's blats on each of the 'bots. Mostly I removed the information regarding the default programs they come with. The idea was for him to have a separate break-down of each of the available programs, and let players decide, but, I dunno if that's actually gonna happen. Probably because of the next item.

Also new to this demo is if a weapon or armor grants a skill, there is a quick reference as to the skill does. So, for example, the Laser Rifle's description now reads something like...
+5% Beam. Adds "Laser Rifle" skill.
(Beam; Damage: 175; Range: 5-3.)

...this. My hope is that players will use this information for comparative analysis, particularly in regards to programs, which only grant skills.

That said, the amount of content after the inital sequences is still very much nil. This demo relays the prologue of the game, and the first "real" mission is still very much not even close to being started in the works.