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Don't mind me. I'm just thinking out loud.

  • Marrend
  • 09/21/2016 01:40 PM
So, this game. One of the reasons I set it aside is because I have space in the database for 18 more Programs that the party can acquire (and the skills associated with them), but, the data for them is essentially empty. This blog seeks to rack my brain for ideas, and maybe even get feedback on them.

What about an ability that creates a drone? This creates a myriad of questions onto itself. From what I can tell, I cannot spawn something in the Troop tab to be player-controlled, or even be on the same side of the player characters. Wouldn't that mean drones would have to be a separate Actor/Class tabs? Can there be duplicates of the same actor in battle? Would they be considered separate objects? Would they be more literal duplicates, and essentially share Health? Would the game just plain crash if I even try to make a duplicate?

"Resurrection" might not be an appropriate term, but, let me consider the concept as it could relate to this game. When a unit is defeated, it is removed from the map/battle. As far as party members are concerned, the character/unit is still removed, but, can be deployed in another battle. So, it probably could work, I just need a term for it that makes sense, given the nature of the units, and the game.

This might be among the higher-tier programs, but the idea of abilities that use up all of a unit's energy for immense power, probably in the from of an attack, appeals to me. I'd have to refer to The Blue Hood, my entry in RMN's 9th birthday event, to refresh my memory as to how that works.

So far, I've avoided area-of-effect abilities. However, there is a Fireball spell in Might be Magic, and it pretty much works they way I thought it would. If they exist in this game at all, I figure they would be higher-tier abilities.

Status or debuff removal? Well, there could be one ability that does one, a different ability that does the other, and another that does both. Or... something?

Speaking of statuses and debuffs, I could probably use more of those. I suppose there could be an "Energy Leak" status that boils down to "MP Poison". There's already a "Def Down" that reduces both Melee Defense and Beam Defense. So, an "Atk Down" status to reduce the attack stats seems appropriate.

That's all I have for now. Which is still more than I thought I'd come up with!


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Guardian of the Description Thread
Did a little bit of testing/fiddling with some of these ideas. I was most curious about how to go about spawning a drone. I tried calling a modified spawn function from the damage formula, but it didn't seem to spawn a unit. Though, I could have had an incorrect value for which side the unit spawned for? I didn't look at what I did for when Naora joined mid-battle for the prologue mission, so, maybe...

I'm also very much considering reducing the number of programs that exist, just to make my life easier. The original plan was to have 24 programs, but, I'm starting to think 16 is going to be my target.

*Edit: Sure enough. The value that's in the event for Naora is "actor", and I had "party". WELP, LET'S TRY THAT AGAIN!
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