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Stream of consiousness - Missions and programs

  • Marrend
  • 10/08/2016 11:43 AM
To be completely honest, I have made had zero progress on Mission 2. However, I have managed to figure out programs! My notes about them can be found under the hide-tag.

Defense Break
20EN; Melee; Range: 1; Applies "Def Down"

Nano Repair
15EN; Melee; Range: 2-0; Restore AR

AP Rounds
25EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Ignores Def.

Acid Rounds
20EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Applies "Corrosive"

Weapon Break
30EN; Melee; Range: 1; Applies "Atk Down"

25EN; Melee; Range: 2-0; Restore AR; Removes "Corrosive", "Fuel Leak"

Movement Inhibitor
35EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Applies "Can't Move"

Drain Shot
30EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Applies "Fuel Leak"

Battery Buster
35EN; Melee; Range: 1; EN Damage

40EN; Melee; Range: 2-1; AR Restore; Removes "Defeated"

40EN; Beam; Range 3-1; EN Restore

Particle Shot
45EN; Beam; Range 5-3; AOE: 2

Foe Cleaver
60EN; Melee; Range: 1; Ignores Def.

60EN; Melee; Range: 4-0; AR Restore; Removes "Atk Down", "Def Down", "Corrosive", "Fuel Leak", "Can't Move", "Can't Act"

Action Inhibitor
55EN; Beam; Range: 4-2; Applies "Can't Act"

Stellar Burst
65EN; Beam; Range: 7-5; AOE: 3

The database has been significantly altered because of this, so, save files will probably not be transferable between demos. As a side-note, Redeploy has the most uncertainty behind it, as does Battery Buster, though to a lesser degree.

As for Mission 2, and missions that come after it, I sometimes think that I should give players a bit more free reign during missions. There's also a sub-thought that there could be very basic items with which players can use in-battle to clear states, or recover lost armor. These items would probably be not as effective as programs that serve a similar purpose (and therefore cheap), and available for sale in Toshie's shop in the hangar.

So, why is there no thought to an item that could recover lost battery? My theory is that the "Guard"/"Recharge"/"RECHARGE!" action covers this. Though, it might depend on how the items are defined. If the recovery is based on percentage, I think players would generally use the "Recharge" or "RECHARGE!" action over using an item. However, if it's a flat number, maybe it could work?


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Guardian of the Description Thread
I've been thinking about the Misao prediction thread and the Anti-Procrastination Event. If I get myself together like I did during the Anti-Procrastination event, I would have another complete game available for the Misaos this year. Not that I'm expecting any nominations, much less win anything, but, hey, there's a non-zero chance!

There is some question about what I would do after this game is done. There is this worry that I have that I have nothing left to give. Or, at least, no further ideas to make games from. There was a half-thought of doing Uchioniko in MV, if that counts? There was also the idea of mixing VN elements with RPG gameplay that was... kinda the basis for Might be Magic.
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