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Dev notes

I've been fiddling with enemy HP and general damage values. At this juncture, Engineers and Scouts fall a bit to quickly for my taste, and a critical shot from Lenneth will kill a character. Suffice it to say, more tweaking is in order. Though, to be fair, I was just testing the Lenneth fight, so, I have no idea how Troopers stand right now. They will probably follow suit with whatever I come up with in regards to everything else because I'm lazy like that.

I also played around with the idea of Lenneth calling in reinforcements. I would like the spawned unit to be within a 2-or3-tile radius of Lenneth. However, with the way I've got it set up, it's looking at it's base position rather than it's current position. Not quite sure what I need to do to get it to reference the correct object, but, for now, I'll live with it. Thanks again to pianotm for the tip about the workaround!

Also of note, the choice of simulations will be taking a page from the Teleport Orb from Okiku, Star Apprentice. I only want the list to total six items, so, really, only two items more than the regular Show Choice command. However, from the tests I've done, the system seems to function as it should. Can I have an "Aw yeah!" for that? Screw it. I'm doing it anyway.

Awwwwwww yeaaaaaaah!

Er, anyway, I have also done a bit of writing for the intro. The first draft felt a bit long (and boring), while the second draft feels really, really short. I like the idea of giving control to the player early, so, my current thought is to have a bit of dialog between the members of the away team (probably Naora, Gennai, and Kichi) before D-Enemy shows up and a fight begins. Maybe not the kind of control I'm used to giving to players, but, as I may have mentioned elsewhere, this game is an experiment.


More fiddling with GTBS, a demo, aaaaannnnd... hiatus!

First, I taught poodles how to fly messed with resurrection skills. I mostly wanted to see if the AI would use it in conjunction with an enemy that spawns other enemies (or being the method by which new units are spawned). As far as I can tell, the AI does not use resurrection skills at all. Though, it might be possible that the fact that there was no damage formula (the restoration was all percentile based in the skill features). Another possibility is that if they do use resurrection skills, it might require that the system keeps track of where battlers fall (such tiles are considered blocked) and be able to target them that way. Suffice it to say, that option is not enabled with this game, nor is my intention to enable it. On the other side of the spectrum, resurrection skills from a player standpoint, functions swimmingly. They are used much like any other skill, except that you target an otherwise clear tile, which is where the unit would spawn (out of lack of another term to use).

Second, I've given some thought to what bosses players might fight. The thought I've had is that there will be three bosses that you fight individually, then all three of them at once. So, they should probably play off each other to some extent, but still be able to hold their ground against the crew of the Kamiyama.

Third, I'm still a little ambivalent about the "Space Battle" that is included in the new demo. However, making it a boss fight should give players a taste of what that might look like. Plus get feedback as to how hard the battle actually is.

Lastly, yes, a new demo! Sure! Why not! However, I would like to let it be known that my work schedule for the upcoming fortnight two weeks is pretty hectic. Well, okay, for full disclosure, it's been picking up since January. It's a small miracle that I've been able to come as far as I have with this project. This is, partly, the reason I put this on hiatus. The other reason is that it cannot be a "Marrend game" without going on hiatus at least once.

As a side-note, I've gotta be honest with you guys. The mechs of this game pulling names from Norse myth doesn't actually come from any actual knowledge of Norse myth. I'm going off of whatever rubbed off on me from the Valkyrie Profile series. To say that there is a compulsion to name the three boss-mechs after the Valkyrie in those games (ie: Lenneth, Silmeria, and Hrist) is pretty huge. I might end up doing it. However, I did check out Wikipedia for a list of Valkyrie names (not actually expecting to see one). Of course, that might not even matter in the end, but, I believe it's better to be straightforward about this kind of stuff.


Enemy Types

The idea of giving enemy units classes/roles has occurred to me. Let me go over what I've come up with, and show off some hacked together graphics while I'm at it!


These front-line grunts move in short bursts, and have short-ranged attacks. To compensate for this, their attacks are exceptionally strong, and can take quite a beating before they go down.

Designed more for reconnaissance, they move at quite a clip and can attack from great distances. The strength of their attacks and ability to take damage are about average. However, it should be noted that these mechs are installed with Nano Repair.

Most notable for their ability to repair and/or refuel other mechs. Otherwise, Engineer-type mechs are rather weak, and their movement capabilities are about average.

At this moment, I've some untested stats and skills that could be tweaked depending on how the tests go. Another thing I might want to look into is if there is some way to incorporate line-of-sight for actions. Rather than, you know, being able to shoot through walls. I also wasn't thinking about fighting in space probably/eventually being a thing when I made the above sprites.

Aside: I've been playing too much Valkyria Chronicles.


Demo available!

As the title of this blog suggests, the demo for Nakaishi Wars is up! I'm mainly looking for feedback on how fun the battle system is, and may eventually use Liberty's Comprehensive List in this regard. A few notes about this release:

There is no "end of demo" message, or anything like that. I dunno if that could be considered a point against it, or not, but, I figure I should be up front about it.

The demo requires the VX Ace RTP to run. I have included Tsukihime's resource-checker to help with getting the resources this uses, but, my intention is to not use it until it's done.

The demo is encrypted. Normally, I wouldn't do this! However, I am using the Futuristic Tiles Resource Pack, which is not open-source material!


GTBS and me!

This game is one huge learning experience for me, to be honest. I wouldn't ever dare to call myself an expert coder, but, here I am, messing around with GTBS, and having loads of beautiful headaches and "aha!" moments while I'm at it. Here's a few tidbits.

Does GTBS not like to use TP? I dunno, maybe I was doing it wrong, but, I tried making a skill that recharges TP and MP by a certain percent, and, from what I can tell, the skill did nothing. That, and the weird display errors in regards to the HUD. Seriously, it displays text, then, after moving my cursor over an enemy, it reverted into the bar it was supposed to be in the first place. Eventually, I scrapped TP from the project, because it's just too much effort, and the retrun seems minimal at best.

Can enemies ever use self-targeting skills? As far as I can tell, they do not. Even after enabling the "friendly-only" tag to a skill with 0 range (ie: it targets self), and a high priority, the AI will never, ever use the damn thing. Though, maybe it's a "tactics setting" which is something I haven't messed with too much. Something to look into later on, if I feel inclined.

I changed the experience curve for characters to be very similar to that of Champs of the Bocca, but, it bothers me that I have no idea where it figures out exp gain. I think it might look something like "10 + a.lvl - b.lvl", but, I cannot find where it actually does it for the life of me.

In other, unrelated, news, Ebeth has graciously agreed to let me use some graphics from Myriad Cypher! I'm not exactly sure what all I'm going to use at this juncture, but, a thousand thanks all the same!

Side note: The credits section for this game is going to be... interesting. Tuskihime's resource-checker, Yanfly's messaging system, whoever-all-I-need-to-credit for GTBS, Ebeth, whoever is brave enough to test this monstrosity. Yeeeaaaaahhh.
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