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People have been claiming to see some strange things at the local high school during the late hours of the night. Some have claimed to have spotted a motionless figure standing at the windows of the building. Others swear on their life that they have heard the sounds of a woman's screams coming from inside. But, that's all just childish rumors... Right?

Curious about the supposed paranormal activity at their own school, a group of three friends sneak into the building after hours, in order to see if there is any truth to the stories. By splitting up, they hope to find proof somewhere in the quiet halls of the school.

Unfortunately for them, the building might not be as empty as they originally thought...

Turtle Head is Puzzle/Adventure horror game that draws inspiration from games such as Clock Tower and Ao Oni. The player takes on the role of the character Harriet, who is one of the three students that has come to the school. Game play consists of solving puzzles and running away from certain "threats" that you may come across in your exploration. As well, the player will comes across various notes and documents that tell them the whole story behind this horrific event.

The game is intended for players to go into mostly blind, so most of the plot details will be kept secret. As well if you want to see what the "threat" of the game is, you'll have to play it for yourself.


- Completely original graphics and artwork
- 1-2 Hours of play time
- A horrifying storyline
- Multiple endings: 1 Bad, 1 Normal, and 1 True Ending.
- Chase sequences
- A tense, immersive atmosphere built around the use of silence and sound effects
- Royalty-Free music and custom made sounds (Let's Play friendly)

Latest Blog

Turtle Head is Released!

Hey everyone, so I finished Turtle Head on time, but as some of you may have noticed, RMN was down for the past couple of days. But now that it's back, I'm happy to give you all the the final game! I hope you'll all enjoy it!

You may need the RPG Maker MV RTP to play the game. (Run Time Package) A quick Google search will find it.

Currently, I am writing the walkthrough for the game. Until then, if you get stuck, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try and help you. Please be kind to others and avoid posting spoilers though.

EDIT: I've made a few minor fixes to some spelling and grammar mistakes. I've updated the download section with this new version.
  • Completed
  • Pikasprey
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 01/28/2016 01:57 AM
  • 12/09/2022 12:09 AM
  • 04/30/2016
  • 150720
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Wow! I didn't know you could make games 0.0
I guess I'll be the one to lp your stuff this time ^o^
I've had plenty of idea's floating around in my head, I've just never taken the time to sit down and make one until now.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Haha I meant I didn't know you could use rpg maker X3 It looks really good. I'm pumped!
I'm pretty confident in the horror atmosphere of it so far. I'm hoping to make every person terrified of going into every room as they play it.
Y'know? As much as I'm getting tired of seeing horror RPGs made in RPG maker... I just can't get mad at them~ I mean, I have a weakness for this kind of thing, even more when you put some real work in them. You have my subscription friend.
Y'know? As much as I'm getting tired of seeing horror RPGs made in RPG maker... I just can't get mad at them~ I mean, I have a weakness for this kind of thing, even more when you put some real work in them. You have my subscription friend.

Thanks I appreciate it!

You are right that there are a lot of horror RPG's these days. The main reason I started making Turtle Head in the first place was because I wanted to show that the genre still has so much potential.
*sits here, patiently waiting for the download button*
Not to worry, everything is right on schedule. The game will be out at the end of the month as planned.
Hoping for a good story and plot twists. Nice character interactions/dialogue so that we might actually care about them doesn't hurt either. Is there a set main character or perhaps it goes Corpse Party-style and switches control between them (after they're separated) so that they each have a segment of their own?

That green-haired girl (in images) must not have ever seen HetaOni 'cause everyone knows you shouldn't stand next to unlocked doors while talking!

Hmm, the monster won't get stuck behind obstacles like the Ao Oni, will it? I've seen many chase scenes fail because they got trapped trying to take the most direct path and thus allowing the player to walk away at their leisure.

The monster should probably pull out some tricks to catch you 'cause plain ol' running right after you doesn't work if you both move at the same speed. I've seen variations like the ability to move through walls/obstacles, gaining speed when lunging (which forces you to dodge; can't only move straight), things falling over to block your path and slow you down. In theory, the monster melting into the shadows and then traveling ahead of you and then reforming to cut you off sounds effective. Flashlight chase sounds fun too. It's where the room is dark but there are occasional flashes of light (lightning works nicely). Whenever it flashes, the monster will disappear and you'll be unnerved at where it went... only for it to reappear in your path in the next flash! If you're not fast enough, you'll run right into it!

You probably already have your own ideas finalized but I'll put these on the table anyway (please let there be no spike traps or wires that cut off your head if you run through them). Here's to hoping it's good enough to get people to make fanart and obtain coverage from somewhat notable Let's Players!

Oh, and having multiple character headshots for different emotions/reactions would definitely add to the experience if you haven't done that already. Though I suppose it is a lot of extra work.
Thanks for the feedback.

The game will only be having the player control Harriet the entire time.

As for the story, I'm sure people will like it. But one of the biggest challenges for horror games (At least in my opinion) is about how you show the story through the gameplay. As a first time developer, it's even more difficult to have an outside perspective and to be able to look at my work objectively. I can confidently say though, that I've been putting in quite a lot of effort into polishing this, and I think RPG horror fans will like it.

I know what it's like to have a chase scene ruined by having the pursuer get stuck on an obstacle, so I've been trying to avoid having that happen. (And I believe I'm succeeding.) And while I'd like to make these scenes as grand and creative as possible, I wouldn't call them the life blood of the game. I'm more so focused on the atmosphere, puzzles, and art. (Not to imply that I didn't give these scenes my all or anything though.)

And don't worry, there are no unfair death traps you can run into.

As for multiple head shots, I considered this, but I didn't feel it was necessary for Turtle Head. On top of that, since this is a one man project, it would probably take me too much extra time to put in. If I thought the game needed it, I wouldn't mind, but I don't think it does.
I can still see that the students are still suffering I thought two 'still's was redundant

The urinals in the bathroom are a bit... high. You'd have to be quite tall or need to step on a stool to reach them.

his turned-head towards me his head turned towards

the cabinet is filled with a few a books

Although, it's not the like the current building

Teacher's lounge: The shelf is filled with dictionaries textbooks. dictionary

Thoughts so far (spoilers)
Hmm, so Harriet is a silent protag. The player doesn't ever see what they say but the characters understand her.

The lack of background music and being able to hear doors slamming is definitely reminiscent of Ao Oni.

No, not Mason! I loved his humor. He can't die! I'm gonna see if I can snag that first aid kit and heal him somehow. Though it'd be tricky with Turtle Head chasing me at the same time.

Man, the noises and laughter that Turtle Head made while I was hiding in the closet were disturbing. I was kind of expecting it to rip open the doors with how long it took to leave. It's like how in the game Neverending Nightmares, one monster shook the closet you were hiding in.

Kind of lost right now running around trying to find the toolbox.
Well, I'll post more when I get farther.
Yeah, I've had a few grammar issues pointed out to me so far. The game just came out, so I'm waiting a little bit to see how many can be found so I can fix them all in one update. (As well as any glitches people may come across.)
Finished the game. Shorter than I expected. SPOILERS:
A combonation is required.

Memo from Custodian: I also noticed that there were some

Library: You don't recognize very many I looked up 'very many' and it seems it can be grammatically correct? Eh, I only mention this 'cause I find the 'very' unnecessary but it's your call.

Many large books that collect works of classic literature. collect-->contain?

ever since Mason transferred in

took it upon herself to become friends

Derp, didn't notice I picked up the key for opening the double doors. So the reason I couldn't find a tool kit was because I kept trying to find it in the rooms already available.

That "bathroom surprise" is the equivalent of reading the paper in Misao that says 'You're dead.' except not random 'cause you have got to be gullible to listen to what a note written by the killer says.

Derp moment: I spent several minutes trying to figure out the library computer password because I capitalized 'c' in citrus on instinct. When none of the 4-num codes worked, I came to the conclusion that the memo was telling me that the sum of the numbers equals 10 and that I had to pluck the numbers from the 3 codes. Just proof of my leap of logic.
3+2+1+4= 10

Self-reminder: 1026

Well, did the coward end. Having seen Ao Oni, I expected something to go wrong. In that game, running away leads to death since the monster is waiting for you. But going back to tell your friend and coming back ends up with the monster having eaten the rope ladder and then killing your friend when they trip trying to escape. So was not surprised when Emma fell through the floor.

Thought I was locked in and was gonna die when I realized the room with the blue stone had no knob on the other side, meaning I'd starve or die from lack of oxygen (stench). Fortunately it wasn't one of those types of death traps. You know, "poison-gas seeping into the room and killing you if you didn't have the items/means to escape before you entered".

Authorities are at a loss after the recent disappearence

The pair were last seen walking home from school together on Firday

happened to them
missing period

Keep out room: There are some clues

Into the Night (End): there will always be one thing that would always sticks

Truth End: At the very least, was kind of enough to leave us the proof we needed.

Not gonna lie, reading Lily's journal was pretty eye-opening when it revealed that she bought a frog plushie for her cousin Harriet's birthday.

The fake-out gameover didn't scare me (neither did the room of turtles when you look at the picture). I've seen enough horror RPGmaker to expect doors to be lock behind you when you have such a long hallway. 'No one is going to save you' didn't really have an effect. Though I admit that I kind of thought it was gonna be a never-ending hallway considering how I had to go through three of them just to get to the end. If I were in such a place in real life, I would be panicking due to claustrophobia. The feeling of running away but not making any progress...

Actually, most of the game wasn't really that horrific. I won't be having trouble sleeping or fear that there's a monster in the dark, that's for sure. The frog shadow through window trick was unsettling but not that bad.

Why wasn't Turtle Head more frightening to me? Well, the chase to the library was kind of humorous considering it got caught on the lockers while I was unlocking the door. It will also try to follow me "through the wall" if the place has a U-shape which became especially pronounced when I quickly made a sharp turn during the final chase in the room right before the card scanner.

What actually disturbed me was not the creature chasing me but the noises it made, the sound of it moving around and opening doors in the otherwise silent school. Heck, even the radio static was unsettling until you entered the room and realized where that horrible sound was coming from. The maintenance tunnel made me feel that I was trapped considering how its structure would all but guarantee you would get caught if you were chased there, Turtle Head looking at you through the walls, and the noises it makes.

Words written on the wall when you hide were a nice touch though. Deadend/I know (you hid there). Though the latter makes me wonder why it didn't bother checking if it knew...

The final chase I had to redo a few times 'cause I either overextended or forget which direction I'm supposed to turn when I get to the next area.

Hmm, if the Turtle Head chasing me at the end wasn't the principal or his son, that would mean it's a real ghost? But the basis of such a ghost is the frog plushie and I doubt Harriet's cousin--Marina Lily--wanted to kill her, assuming she came back for that purpose. Would that make all the frogs blocking the wrong ways to be the victims then? Though they don't seem to be able to kill you if they're vengeful and jealous of the living. If anything, you can think of them as helpful since they make sure you go the right way. In the end, I suppose it's still a mystery.

Right when Harriet shot Turtle Head, I ended up with another logic leap and came to the conclusion that the reason Mason's body was missing was because he was the killer. It's always the reserved ones I was thinking 'Oh god, please tell me that sweet boy isn't actually an evil psychopath'. I have never been more happy to be wrong.

The story was nicely told through notes you find. At the very least, the endings are happy. Unlike Seven Mysteries by sanggameboy which has a similar 'supernatural school' premise. Seriously, that game successfully made me upset at the fate of the characters. Well, actually I only cared about Tuan (who is the main character) but who wouldn't? Consider playing or watching a Let's Play of it if you haven't already.

I wonder if the game would have turned out differently if Harriet knew to check for a pulse to make sure that Mason was actually dead. I was thinking that my actions could have prevented Mason from "dying", though there was actually no way for me to follow him through those doors which kind of frustrated me until I learned the Truth. So my expectations of Turtle Head being like Killer Bear/Nira Oni where there are different endings based on who managed to survive to the end/specific actions was completely off. I suppose it doesn't really matter since Mason lives and isn't actually one of those characters whose death is set in stone.

The only complaint I really have is that the game was not very long and there wasn't as much character development as I'd have liked. Or maybe I'm just upset that Mason was indisposed right near the start? Not that Emma who avoided that fate says much of anything "important". Heck, that teacher's journal describing her in comparison to Harriet and Mason was more informative of her personality. Mason pretty much wins the 'Best NPC of this game' award (not that there was much competition) due to his reveal at the end. While it's kind of cruel for him to leave without saying goodbye and making them think he died--he even admits as much--it is logical for him to do that if he can't trust those two girls to keep his identity a secret.

Heh, now I'm imaging that he has to cut his hair or dye his hair considering everyone at that school would know what he looks like.

I suppose one way to have more character interaction is to do in flashbacks. I remember Mad Father has Aya reminiscing whenever she found certain objects. I suppose it doesn't really matter in the scheme of things but it'd make the experience more enjoyable if players cared about the characters?

By the way, it says something when my first thought when seeing the gap separating me from the other side where the key card scanner is 'Am I gonna find a floorboard to make a bridge at some point?'. Corpse Party still lingers in my head after so many months. >___<

Still think the urinals are illogically high. Actually, the doors and chalkboards felt that way too considering how Harriet's sprite isn't proportionate to them. So she ends up seeming quite short to me when she's half the height of a door. Though I suppose the only thing you can really do is lower the height of the urinals/chalkboards.
Thanks for pointing out all of grammar issues for me. I thought I had did good job when going over all of the game's text, but I clearly missed some things.

One thing I will admit it that the final chase scene is clunky. I wasn't originally going to have it in the game, so obviously all of the game's maps weren't designed with it in mind. As for him getting stuck, that was something I couldn't avoid in some areas. If I adjusted his speed to the point where he was fast enough to avoid that happening, he'd become too fast for it to be fair. But I'm not familiar with how to do any advanced scripting with MV, so at the end of the day, this is all on my lack of experience for how it turned out.

As for the characters, I also think I could have done better with them. I don't like doing flashbacks, and I didn't want the game to be too text heavy. I don't plan on doing any story changes in any future updates, but I will be considering my approach to this better in my next projects.
How do I get the true ending? I already get the other 2 endings.
How do I get the true ending? I already get the other 2 endings.

How to get the True Ending
You need to meet two requirements

1. Have the building storage key. (The key required to reach Emma in the basement.)

2. Inside of the "Keep Out" room there is a door boarded up. Once you have the crowbar, open it and read the diary inside.

Once both of these conditions have been met, return to the area of the basement just outside of where Emma is trapped. There will be a suitcase in the center of the room, and a note on the table. Follow what the note says, and you will get the true ending.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is

Are all the graphics done by you?
How do i open the toolbox and what's the use of the batteries and the chalks pointer?

Are all the graphics done by you?

Yes they are.

How do i open the toolbox and what's the use of the batteries and the chalks pointer?

Uh, I'm confused. I thought you said you've already gotten the other two endings? You couldn't have gotten that far without having already figured all of that out.

But okay...
Chalkboard pointer is for the locked stall in the girl's bathroom. Batteries are for the flashlight in the nurse's room.
Huh, interesting...
I replayed the final chase and I gave my fingers a little break at the u-bend in the old school where Turtle Head got stuck but then white ones spawned and killed me when I took too long.
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